Spontbox Extends Social Media Value with Digital Signage Solution

Toronto, Ontraio (PRWEB) November 18, 2014

Now available in the U.S. and Canada, the solution extends the use of existing social marketing resources, adding value to a company’s web content.

Since its soft launch in June 2014, Spontbox acquired nearly 50 clients. Spontbox creates an engaging TV channel for its clients using publicly available social media from product manufacturers and third party reviewers. This custom channel educates the consumer about new products and services and gives them a preview of their social experience as a subscriber to the client’s Facebook page or Youtube channel. Combined with customizable media feeds from reputable entertainment and news sources, Spontbox strengthens its clients’ social outreach.

“Many companies have a wealth of content already posted to social media channels that for one reason or another does not find the appropriate audience.” Spontbox founder Mo Nasseri said of his motivation to start the company. “Much of this social content never reaches their consumer base. Our technology parlays this existing content into digital signage for display within a business to maximize the impact and visibility of its social media efforts.”

Initially targeting dealerships, Spontbox has gained traction in the automotive industry. The company plans to grow with the rebounding U.S. automotive market, which saw a 50% increase in manufacturing sales from 2009 to 2013. Spontbox’s social channel increases consumer awareness of ongoing promotions and news from carmakers, providing benefits to dealerships over traditional TV programming.

Nasseri intends to expand the reach of Spontbox’s technology. The solution offers benefits to any industry where customers spend time shopping or waiting for service, such as hospitals, corporate lobbies, malls, and other retail stores. Accordingly, the company plans to extend its marketing efforts to retail and service providers in the future.

Spontbox is an international SaaS provider for social media digital signage. The company currently supports Facebook and Youtube, but will soon expand its offerings to include Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. The company capitalizes on social media trends to increase the impact of its clients’ social marketing resources. Spontbox uses digital display to simplify social visibility and engage consumers, while strengthening clients’ brand image. With its latest technology solution, Spontbox streamlines content from multiple social channels to turn customers into “followers.”

Visit Spontbox.com or follow the company on Facebook to learn more about Spontbox technology benefits and pricing.

State of Connecticut Selects eiPortal for Healthcare Integration from PilotFish for Meaningful Use Testing

MIDDLETOWN, CT (PRWEB) March 04, 2013

Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, a provider of middleware solutions, announced today that the State of Connecticut has commenced implementation of the PilotFish eiPortal to support reporting requirements for Stage 1 Meaningful Use testing efforts.

The eiPortal, a cloud-based application, provides 24/7 access to all the implementation resources required to build an interface along with a fully automated, self-service, interface testing and validation facility that will be configured for reporting requirements.

Any common or standards-based message can be configured as an eiPortal service. Each service can be associated with a unique set of business rules, data quality checks and other validations. Once a service is configured, data exchange partners can submit messages electronically for automated review. Subsequently, a web-based UI displays immediate, detailed feedback. It also provides simulated responses (synchronous and asynchronous) to inbound messages, again without requiring human intervention or full test environments. Users can refine their interface and achieve conformance without involving their service provider.

“The State of Connecticut is really able to leverage the self-registration and automation capabilities of the eiPortal to perform Stage 1 Meaningful Use testing and HL7 format and content validation. This will enable all hospitals and practices in the State of Connecticut to build interfaces that will conform to healthcare interoperability standards,” said Neil Schappert, Executive Chairman of Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration. “Starting with HL7 immunization messages, the State will configure services for each Meaningful Use reporting requirement. As each organization that is looking for documentation for Stage 1 attestation for reporting meets these requirements, a certificate will be issued through the eiPortal’s automated process. The time savings for State employees will be considerable.”

The eiPortal greatly exceeds the basic Meaningful Use requirements of just capturing and verifying the electronic transmission of this data. It is also capable of certifying the conformance of these messages against national standards and internal processing requirements. This capability positions Connecticut to manage future-stage Meaningful Use testing, and to use the eiPortal as a pre-production, self-service on-boarding tool to greatly benefit Connecticut healthcare providers. The on-boarding tool will ready them to begin the move to full production for Stage 2 reporting.

“We are excited to partner with PilotFish for our Meaningful Use testing,” commented Mark Raymond, CIO for the State of Connecticut. “The eiPortal allows us to eliminate significant human intervention, while providing a higher level of service to our providers, than would otherwise have been possible.”

“States and organizations are spending millions of dollars working with different partners implementing the same message over and over again. It is a repetitive process that is intensely reliant on expensive human capital. The eiPortal provides a unique solution to automating this process. It frees up IT staffs not just in Government, but in Labs, at HIEs and Manufacturers or any entity that offers a standard set of interfaces, file formats or web services for consumption by many customers,” said Neil Schappert. “Meeting this critical need for the State of Connecticut for Meaningful Use certification is just one example. We are thrilled with the opportunity to help our home state be more efficient. We are also pleased to provide the state’s practices and hospitals with an online resource that lets them meet Meaningful Use requirements faster and with far less effort.”

Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration is exhibiting at HiMSS13, March 4-6, 2013, New Orleans, LA, Booth #7941 – see live demos of the eiPortal and eiConsole for Healthcare (an IDE featuring a graphical Assembly Line for configuring interfaces).

About PilotFish

Founded in 2001 and based in Middletown, CT, PilotFish Technology provides middleware software and services to enable the integration of disparate systems. The eiPortal for Healthcare Integration is distributed through Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, Inc. (APHII), a subsidiary of PilotFish Technology. Products are distributed directly to end users and through select channel partners.

Inquiries: Monika Vainius, Vice President, 860-632-9900 x303

Foreign Exchange Rate Display Boards

Exchange Rate display boards are used around the world in thousands of banks, bureau du change, currency dealers and travel outlets. The types of technology on offer can vary widely but can basically be categorized in to two groups namely LED displays and TV style LCD screens.

LED foreign exchange rate boards come in numerous formats for example 6 rows x 1 column right up to 24 rows x 4 columns. The currencies and flags are printed on magnetic strips for easy change.  Some suppliers will generate designs incorporating bank logos and corporate color schemes. Some exchange rate boards feature adjustable brightness with anti-reflective acrylic fascias so as to be clearly visible in all retail environments. Many have time and date display built in as standard. In addition some incorporate a LED scrolling moving message sign on the exchange rate board to enable display of additional information and advertising.  Certain manufacturers offer auto timer on/off and password protection. The boards can be wall mounted, suspended or supplied with stands for free standing.

Programming of the currency rates can be via infra red keypad or computer software. The customer can decide if they want to give local branch control or manage the data centrally from head office. 

LCD foreign exchange rates boards can display exchange rates, bank interest rates and other corporate information and content in more flexible design layouts. Specialist digital signage companies can offer commercial grade LCD screens in all sizes for example 19 inch, 32 inch, 40 or even 55 inch. The system includes a digital sign player that allows the customer to divide the screen into several zones. Each zone can play different media such as video, scrolling text, charts and graphics. Programming of data can be from a local PC. The most advanced technology today allows control from a web browser – so you can control a screen from anywhere in the world via the internet. In fact multiple screens in multiple locations can all be managed from a single PC. 

Some suppliers offer internet on-line sale of standard models only – whilst others offer full consultancy, design, and after sales support.

For more information about rate board for banks, foreign exchangedisplay board please visit:- http://www.jayex.com/

Digital Menu Board ? What Are The Benefits That You Can Get From It?


Digital menu board is considered as one of the best forms of advertising today. As a matter of fact, thousands of business owners from around the world are already using this form of advertising in order to help them promote their business or brand. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners are still unaware of the things that they can get from using digital menu boards. Today, I will be showing you some of the benefits that you and your business can get from it, and how digital menu boards can help your business in its advertising campaign.

One of the best advantages that you can get from using digital menu board is that it will allow you display more information to your audience. Unlike static banners that are limiting the information that you can provide, digital boards will give you an unlimited amount of space which can be used to provide more information. This will also help your digital board to better interact with your customers; thus helping you increase your business’ overall sales.

Another advantage that you can get from digital menu boards is that it will allow you to modify and change the information that you are showing to your audience with a few clicks of a mouse. Unlike static banners that should be reprinted and reinstalled, digital menu boards will allow you to change everything on your board by simply modifying your presentation using a computer and installing it back to the media player.

Finally, digital menu boards will help you save a lot of time. Did you know that you can have your own digital menu boards for as low as $ 300? Unlike static banners that would require you to spend more as you provide more information, digital boards can last for years and you are not required to spend additional cash just to provide the same quality of information. This makes digital boards as the best long-term investment that you can make for your business.

These are some of the benefits that you can get from digital menu boards. Always remember that it would be much better if you are going to look for a company that can help you with the installation procedure for your board. There are a lot of things that you need to consider, and it will be much better if you have someone who can guide you through the process.

Mvix is the leader in providing digital signage solutions, and you will definitely find our service as one of the best. If you are looking for a digital menu boards, then you might want to visit our website now. We have everything that you and your business needs, including standalone and networked digital menu boards. Visit http://www.mvixdigitalsignage.com/digital-menu-boards/ to learn more about our services.

Headquarters U.S. National Guard Bureau at Arlington Hall Virginia Standardizes on Desktop Alert Notification System

Chatham, New Jersey (PRWEB) November 14, 2014

Desktop Alert Inc., the industry leader in ‘less than one minute’ network-centric mass warning notification systems (MWNS) to military, government, healthcare, higher education and industrial organizations, today announced that Headquarters U.S. National Guard Bureau at Arlington Hall Virginia has standardized on the Desktop Alert Notification System.

The Facility serves the Army Readiness Center and the NGB Headquarter Staff. Recently the National Guard Bureau Joint Staff including both Air National Guard and Army National Guard personnel relocated to Arlington Hall. Personnel are now further protected by the Desktop Alert System’s integration with the Fire Safety and Alarm systems.

Desktop Alert can contact thousands of computer users at their desktop and require them to click to confirm receipt of the message flashed on their screen. Those not verified are then listed on a report and/or sent as an integrated “Target Package” to be automatically contacted by other means such as email, sms, texting, smartphone, and personal safety devices.

National Guard Bureau is a channel of communications between the states and the Departments of the Army and the Air Force. For more than 80 years the National Guard Bureau has experienced many changes and important historical events, most notably four wars, the post-World-War-II reorganization of the National Guard, and the creation of a separate Air Force.

Today, the mission of the National Guard Bureau is to participate with the Army and Air Force staffs in programs pertaining to the National Guard. The NGB is responsible for administering programs for the development and maintenance of Army and Air National Guard units in the 50 states, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, and Guam.

“We have served Arlington Hall since 2009. We are very honored that the National Guard Headquarters has finalized its decision and standardized on our mass notification platform. It is our mission at Desktop Alert to provide our customers with reliable ip-based notification systems capable of getting the message to the right people when seconds count. Our integration with Facility Fire Safety provides today’s military with the ideal notification solution for an increasingly challenging environment. It has been well demonstrated that Desktop Alert can deliver notifications at a higher rate of speed with fewer resources than all other notification capabilities previously used by the Department of Defense” said Howard Ryan, CEO Desktop Alert Inc.

About Desktop Alert Inc. http://www.desktopalert.net

Desktop Alert provides an array of end-point integrations with customers public address systems (Giant Voice), intercom systems, commanders channels, e-mail platforms, DSN-based and cloud-based telephony and sms message systems, network desktop alert popups, national weather service zip code based alerts, digital signage, cable tv, numerous social media systems, CAP server alert, external system sensors such as temperature devices and fire alarm systems.

Newest Digital Signage Solutions From Top Signage Software Supplier Digital-Signage-China.com

(PRWEB) November 16, 2014

Digital-Signage-China.com, an expert company that provides a wide range of cloud-based media delivery solutions and products today introduces its newest digital signage solutions. Furthermore, the business is now offering huge price cuts on all its products.

Digital-Signage-China.com has been very popular among worldwide digital signage distributors. The best thing about the company is that all its engineers and sales staff are kind and considerate; they are always working hard to satisfy what clients actually want. As a result, it can always meet the varied requirements of different customers.

“We are striving to provide the best digital signage solutions for clients who want to expand their business in today’s digital era. As a global leader in the digital signage industry, we spend much energy and money on R&D. It is essential for businesses to find a reliable digital signage software supplier.” The CEO of the company says. ”If anyone requires further information about our newest products and services, please visit the website of Digital-Signage-China.com now.”

Moreover, Digital-Signage-China.com has recently updated its website. The company hopes that its current and prospective clients will enjoy its digital signage solutions.

About Digital-Signage-China.com

Digital-Signage-China.com has over 8 years of experience in digital signage, allowing displaying rich content quicker, easier, and more effectively than ever before. The company specializes in the manufacturing and wholesale of high-end and middle-end digital signage players, enabling many companies worldwide across all business sectors to benefit from the power of digital media communication. For more details, please view: http://www.digital-signage-china.com.

Sunrise Digital Announces Custom Aisle Violators

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 14, 2014

Sunrise Digital announces the addition of aisle violators http://eprint123.com/product/aisle-violators to their list of custom products. These small signs go a long way in advertising products. Whether it is a new product to market to consumers or a special offer to promote, getting a shopper to choose that product is often as simple as stopping them in their tracks with an Aisle Violator. It’s virtually in-your-face branding in the media outlet known as the neighborhood supermarket. Given the plethora of merchandise choices, these little gems practically reach out from store shelves to announce their presence.

Literally “violating” the aisle between stacked store shelves, the compact signs are the perfect complement to Shelf Talkers and Shelf Strips. Much like Shelf Talkers, Aisle Violators [aka: Aisle Invaders, Aisle Breakers, Shelf Flags] catch the attention of shoppers with subtle movement, eye-level exposure and bright colors. Since they are double-sided, they can be seen both coming and going; and because they have two sides, they are printed on 15 mil rather than 10 mil vinyl. This heavier weight vinyl provides the necessary opacity to avoid seeing the printing on the reverse side.

About Sunrise Digital

Sunrise Digital is an Inc. 5000 company established in 1988 and employs the most advanced equipment and technology, such as G7-certified HP Indigo and UV flatbed presses, laser engraving, and digital die-cutting, to create best-in-class color printing, short-run packaging, P.O.P. retail displays, and signage products. A privately-owned enterprise, the company is based in Chicago and sells products worldwide.

Recycling Electronic Waste Info

When most of us hear the word “recycling”, what usually comes to mind? For many of us, it’s empty gallons of milk, paper products, and aluminum cans. Little do some know that we can do something about that broken laptop, ruined hard drive, and other electronic products. Recycling electronic waste is an important part of keeping our environment clean. Here are some products you  can recycle that you might not be aware of, as well as some of the environmental effects:

Circuit Boards: Computer circuit boards contain heavy metals that can reach deadly toxicity levels. Chromium, silver, antimony, zinc, copper, tin, and mercury can be found in these machines, all elements that can be harmful. Over one-hundred thousand computers are “left for dead” a day. With such high numbers, not properly disposing of them can add up to some serious consequences in the long run. If these toxins eventually reach our water supply – which they undoubtedly will, if trends don’t change – we could be in serious trouble.

Monitors: Many people don’t realize that their computer monitors contain lead, which helps to shield them from radiation as they sit in front of their screens. It’s no mystery that lead poisoning has had its scares around the world, and how serious it can be at high levels. Landfills certainly are not the place for such things, especially when recycling is such a simple option.

Computer Chips and Semiconductors: This is where you can find cadmium. Cadmium has no positive use for human’s bodies, and can only be poinonous, even at low levels. It can produce extreme sickness, starting with simple headaches and fevers, eventually hitting the respiratory system, causing tracheobronchitis, and sometimes leading to death. The quicker you can recycle these parts of your machines, the better – and avoiding exposure is key.

Batteries: Most educated people are aware of the levels of mercury that are present in batteries, but mercury can also be found in switches and relays. With prolonged exposure, mercury can cause vision loss, hearing loss, and difficulties in speech.

So you see, recycling certainly isn’t limited to common household items that we normally think of. Rather, electronic devices contain plenty of harmful elements that can be recycled and should be recycled. There are plenty of companies that are willing to pick up your used electronic devices, and all it takes is a phone call or quick consultation, leaving very little of the work on your shoulders.

Monitor Recycling NC

Electronics Recycling Charlotte

Gives input and advice on recycling electronic waste.