Signera introduces its new Signera Solo Stick

Signera introduces its new Signera Solo Stick. The stick provides a full computer in a compact size. The Solo will also allow customers to utilize Signera’s existing easy-to-use interface in a single module application. The stick is built on Intel’s tried-and-true hardware. Although small factor, the stick has shown to be a contender to larger systems in agility and ability. The Solo Stick also provides a complete solid-state application, meaning no moving parts, meaning low risk of failure even after

Signera's New Solo Stick

Signera’s New Solo Stick

years in the field. Also since the Solo Stick can run on USB power, it can be installed virtually anywhere or behind anything. Signera took it a step further by removing Windows from the stick and loading a proprietary customized version of Ubuntu Linux to provide a more stable and efficient environment. And since the Stick is 100% managed from the cloud, there is no hard or confusing setup (and no, you don’t need to learn Linux). If you have Wired internet, you literally do no setup on the stick. If you have Wireless, you’ll simply hook a keyboard/mouse to the stick and click the “Setup Wireless” option when the stick boots up.

Signera has already sold out their first run of these sticks. They seem to be flying off the shelves. Signera contacted us to let us know their next stock has just arrived, so they have close to 100 more ready to go. We were able to get our hands on a production version and the stick took everything we threw at it, even video! I think this will change where digital signage is installed, and where it can be used. Opening the door to applications unheard of in the digital signage space until now.

A major digital signage hardware provider [name withheld] announced their version of a Stick Digital Signage Player at the Intel booth at the Digital Signage Expo 2016 (DSE 2016) show this year. But it looks like Signera has beat everyone, including them, to market. Since [name withheld] is the leading provider of hardware to digital signage companies, it’ll be interesting to see how this affects the industry. Signera is the leader to market with a new technology yet again. Signera was also the leader to market back in 2007 when they released their multiple-module SaaS system. The first digital signage software to offer multiple zones or modules on a single-screen powered by a single player.

Signera can offer a free one-on-one demonstration of their system and can answer any questions about the Solo Stick (or their other products) when filling out this form.

Full Disclosure: Signera is one of Digital Signage Report’s advertisers, and provided us with a demo Solo Stick to review for this article.

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Digital Bulletin Board ROLA

¡El escritorio de tu TOSHIBA, como tú lo quieras! Toshiba Bulletin Board es una aplicación fácil de usar que ayuda a tu productividad y la organización del escritorio de tu Toshiba.

Te permite construir un espacio personalizado en tu escritorio, con fotos, documentos, vínculos, notas calendarios y más. Se pueden crear tantos Boards se deseen, cada uno para tareas específicas.

Además, se pueden personalizar los Boards, añadiendo Gadgets y Colores de fondo, incluye un Board programado por Toshiba que notifica de forma instantánea si existen actualizaciones de controladores del Sistema.
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Electronic Sign Advertising – Do You Need an Electronic Message Center?

Drive through any major business district or along a freeway or other major thoroughfare, and you’ll see a wide variety of electronic sign advertising. The bright colors and moving images or scrolling text of these digital signage systems call attention to many different types of businesses or organizations.

What about your own business? Do you need an electronic message center to catch the attention of passersby and potential customers?

There are many options to choose from. Whether you opt for a scrolling text message or a full-motion video, there are animated LED or LCD signs available to fit just about any need or location. Electronic message centers are truly effective attention-getters.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to remember a colorful animated sign than a static billboard. This translates into increased traffic and increased sales. Also, because the electronic sign’s message can be easily changed, passersby won’t get tired or bored with seeing the same message over and over and eventually begin to ignore it. The message will always be new, and an engaging display that changes frequently is more likely to catch the eye than a non-mobile sign. A sign that changes periodically or cycles through a series of messages provides a fresh visual presentation at each change, making it more memorable than one that remains the same.

It’s been said that the moving images or scrolling text of electronic sign advertising can be distracting to automobile drivers passing by. However, research has shown that this has not been the case.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when considering installing an electronic signage system: There are some states that prohibit the use of animated billboards. Some limit the timing of these signs. Plus, a lot of states have banned the use of any flashing red lights on electronic message boards because they are deemed too distracting. So, if you are considering the purchase and installation of digital signage, do your homework first — check to see what your state will allow and will not allow.

Also, different states have different requirements regarding such things as sign size, materials, illumination, placement and installation. Cities, too, may have sign restrictions that you must take into consideration. You should also check out any local or state zoning laws before making your final choice of signage system.

It’s true that costs are higher for electronic message boards than for standard billboards. On the other hand, improved technologies are continually bringing those costs down and making this type of sign more affordable than ever. Also, a more noticeable sign is more likely to bring in more business, which in turn results in increased sales of your products or services.

Whether your company is located along a freeway or other major roadway, electronic sign advertising can set your business apart from all the others. So, do you need an electronic message center to increase your sales potential? Check into the options available today.

The author of this article has vast experience in advertising with signs. The articles written by the author are great resources for those who are looking for custom sign designs. Nothing can replace the custom sign designs in effective advertising. The author knows all about sign manufacturing Colorado as well.

Adventrix Products

At Adventrix, providing you with the perfect signage solutions is always the priority. The company’s portfolio is very versatile, including safety signs, warning signs, but other digital signages as well like whiteboard animations, sign boards, and other outdoor signage that makes Adventrix one of the biggest signage companies in the UAE. Let’s take a more detailed look into the solutions, and even specific products they are providing for their customers.

Product types

– Adventrix is happy to provide various directional signs
– Creating and maintaining entrance signs
– Reception signs
– Various parking signs
– Safety signs
– Directory signs
– Lobby directories (for lifts)
– Level indicators for stairwells
– Internal walls and/or directional signs you can mount on ceilings
– Departmental signs
– Signs for room identification
– Table top signs

The company’s internal sign solutions are very famous within the industry, being one of the top reasons why Adventrix is one of the best digital signage developer company in Dubai. They naturally follow all guidelines during their work, while also using environmentally friendly materials wherever they can, which is coming from recycled or at least sustainable sources. At Adventrix, they focus on creating not only attractive and dependable digital signage solutions, but to create the right impression while doing it, towards the customers and the industry as well.

Those internal signage solutions that the company creates, will allow the customer to create their own, individual signs, signs that can come with various configurations and sizes as well. If the customer wants a highly customizable solution, they’ll get exactly that from Adventrix. The company is able to do that because they can create “themes” using various components during the developing process. This way, they can actually create an entire new system for you and your company, one that highlight yours or your business’ identity wherever they end up being displayed.

Bespoke Signage

Adventrix has developed a new light box technology which in itself is nothing new when it comes to digital signage solutions, but those light boxes come with a thinner design that is also less energy consuming. In addition, those products were also praised for their high functionality.

Shopfront Signage

Adventrix is also a leading force within the industry when it comes digital signage solutions and whiteboard animations regarding shop fronts. Those signs – just like the above mentioned light boxes – come with improved energy consumption, not to mention a longer life span, along with improved lighting.

Sleek Light Boxes

If you are after the ultimate light box experience, the sleek light boxes are the perfect solution for you, those extra thin sign boards are coming in a state of the art design with high functionality and of course improved capabilities, even compared to the company’s otherwise already highly efficient “regular” light boxes. Those thin designs will help you put your company over the top in any environment, people are guaranteed t pay attention to those signs thanks to their perfect lighting and crystal clear visuals.

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