Top Ten Outdoor Digital Signage Tips

Using outdoor digital signage poses different challenges to indoor systems, protect the device against the elements to get the content delivered but the benefits of the use of LCD and plasma outdoor for digital advertising and information is that you can reach a lot wider audience. There are of course many pitfalls in implementing outdoor digital signage, here are ten ideas to avoid making costly mistakes:

10. Have a goal – You must have a clear objective to mind. If you are investing in outdoor digital signage systems, you must focus on what you want to achieve, more customers or strengthen your brand or maybe you want to entertain or inform. Set your expectations before investing in any system.

9. Cost Plan – digital display is never cheap, always plan for everything. It surprises me to hear of companies that have spent small fortunes on digital display systems outdoors to have run out of money for things like maintenance or even content.

8. Use the right people to manage your project – often digital signage projects are grown on it. Of course, there are technical aspects DOOH (Digital Home) but it is much more suited to someone with marketing experience. Also make sure you have a clear project manager, there are many aspects to the outdoor digital display and unless someone is able to keep all the facets together your project may soon falter as soon as you hit that first hurdle. Make sure you have someone to manage and update content -. You’d be surprised how often this is overlooked

7. Position -. People can spend huge amounts of money on digital display campaigns but if LCD, plasma or LED screens are in the wrong place this could be money in the tube if no one pays any attention

6. Protection against rain – Outdoors is a totally different environment from within and all signaling device will protect against the elements. Always ensure good quality plasma or LCD houses the device box. Often 4 European standards IP65 or NEMA USA applied for outdoor digital signage enclosures.

5. Choose the right software and tools – Do not get distracted with expensive design tools and often too complicated. Often, simple office desktop tools like PowerPoint will create good quality and innovative content

4. Testing, testing 1, 2, 3 – Good sure check your campaigns. Do not just check that the devices work, the practice of changing the content and implementation of general maintenance such as cleaning, it is often small such practices that can cause failure of a draft outdoor digital display.

3. Be innovative – Do not be afraid to try new things. Look at the different types of LCD or plasma enclosures and see what looks best. Try to place the devices in unusual places or try something new content that it hopes to get noticed. Often, the best digital signage campaigns are those where they were bold in trying something new or something different.

2. Safety – It’s unfortunate, but I know this is the world in which we live and despite lower cost LCD and plasmas they are still attractive objects for thieves. Ensure the device identifier properly protected against theft, but also ensure the LCD enclosure is rugged enough to withstand attack by vandals.

1. Content – The most important aspect of any outdoor digital signage campaign is by far the content. Content is the key, no matter how fancy your outdoor digital signage systems seems they do not display an interesting, informative or entertaining they are wasted. Be innovative and different. If you attempt to generate revenue from advertising and mix in entertainment as people become blind ad will simply ignore the messages.

Keep things interesting and mix and match advertising content more informative entertainment and other things. Make sure to use a lot of colors, moving images and keep things simple. Too many things on the screen, get confused and distracted. Audio works well too but breath on music, it can be quite annoying for many people, especially if they do not like that kind.

outdoor digital signage is a great way to develop a profile of companies, advertising, enhance brand image, to influence customer behavior and generate sales, but only works if you invest the time and effort too long with money.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

Beyond Commerce, Inc Announces New Website and Business Strategy

Henderson, Nevada (PRWEB) March 11, 2010

The new website of Beyond Commerce, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: BYOC) is live today on the World Wide Web and provides the latest news and information on the Company, its products and technologies. The new design integrates easy to use navigation tools for virtual information visits for general visitors and the investment community. Beyond Commerce, Inc. is the first major company to offer social commerce and local customizable and fully integrated advertising solutions for B2B customers and digital properties. The new site will provide virtual press kits, press releases and high-resolution digital images covering its activities Beyond Commerce, with quarterly inactive broadcasts through Ustream, where shareholders can personally interact directly with the CEO Bob McNulty and management.

CEO Bob McNulty said: “We all felt the impact of our activities break; Yes, we continue to weather the storm. Beyond Commerce is currently in the transition state and work diligently through many financial issues. “

As the Company enters the second quarter of fiscal 2010, it will be redefining its business model. The solution, however, will not be quick and it will take time and capital to regain its market value and shareholder confidence. The Company is very optimistic that over time it achieve its goals and recover from a near catastrophe that was deliberately orchestrated by harmful actions of other companies and individuals.

Safe Harbor Statement

Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Act Reform Act of 1995: Except for historical information, the matters discussed in this press release contain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including but not s’ to limit, economic, competitive, governmental and technological factors affecting Beyond Commerce, Inc. operations, markets, products and prices and other factors described in various documents filed by the Company with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Rapid Increase in Data Consumption by Mobile Devices Drives the Global Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) Market, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

San Jose, California (PRWEB) April 24, 2013

Able to provide ultra-fast memory, integrated Multimedia Cards (MEM) are rapidly deployed in mobile computing devices like the Android-based tablets, smartphones, digital book readers, digital cameras, navigation devices and portable terminals, among others. The evolution of embedded systems technologies have played a key role in enabling the eMMC memory architecture to be mounted directly on the circuit board. A eMMC solution typically includes multimedia card interface (MMC), a flash memory component, a flash memory controller with a HS-MMC driver software that controls the eMMC. Embedded memory solution, eMMC enables device manufacturers to reduce product development time and accelerate time-to-market rates. Integration of the component of the memory at the chip simplifies system design and integration and development saving valuable time engineering design.

The use of eMMC also helps to ensure the conformity of the product to the growing demand for greater memory densities . The eMMC memory architecture should attend a high adoption among memory chip designers, since the time to market (TTM) fast time-to-volume (TTV) and time goal profit (TTP) are essential keys to manufacturer competitiveness and customer satisfaction in the electronics industry. Extended data storage capacity; low power consumption; ability to increase memory density; low cost; compact seized; higher bandwidth of data transfer; and flexible configurability are the main benefits of eMMC solutions. The trend towards miniaturization will continue to drive the adoption of eMMC, given that the technology offers a perfect solution for high performance memory products with small form factors.

eMMC market growth will be fueled by technological developments that improve the functionality of the eMMC architecture. Currently developed and marketed is the integrated Multi-Chip Package (CGMP) Architecture memory that incorporates the integrated controller directly on the memory chip eliminating the need to develop separate software interface for NAND memory. PCMC provides the ability to meet the highly integrated modern mobile computing devices miniaturized memory requirements. A key advantage of the memory architecture comprises emcp space conservation, as it allows vertical stacking of a plurality of memory functions. Furthermore, ECP eliminates the need for separate memory expansion slot allowing the development of smaller and thinner devices. eMMC should attend the widespread adoption in low-end smartphones in the coming years as the technology moves up the value chain resulting from lower prices and better performance and functionality. A key factor in the adoption of eMMC in low-end smartphones is the memory of the architecture’s ability to make these smart phones and significantly improve the relationship cost benefit ratio. higher transmission speeds of eMMC allow video and graphics capabilities of superior quality in low-end phones and separate eMMC controller reduces the load on the main processor thus improving the calculation speed no extra cost.

The growth of smartphone sales should benefit the market for eMMC. Factors such as the ubiquity of the mobile Internet, features such as advanced messaging, email, web browsing, browsing, data streaming, and faster 3G / 4G create the need for higher density memory in smartphones. As the amount of data downloaded and stored increases, the demand for eMMC is expected to grow because of its superior memory management capabilities. Benefits such as low cost of advanced memory capacity, longer battery life and a simpler structure design can reduce production costs, promote eMMC adoption in smartphones and tablets. Manufacturers have already begun to incorporate 16GB / 32GB / 64GB eMMC in high-end smartphones and development is underway to accommodate eMMC on mid-range and low-end smartphones as well.

As stated by the new market research report on integrated multimedia card (eMMC) Asia-Pacific represents the largest as well as fastest growing regional market with an expected CAGR of 28.4% over the analysis period. The growth in the region is led by strong economic growth, rising income levels, continuous development of cellular markets, increasing 3G penetration and spiraling sales of smartphones and tablets.

Key market players include Faraday Technology Corporation, Greenliant Systems Ltd., Hynix Inc., Kingston, Micron Technology Inc., Phison Electronics Corporation, Samsung Electronics, SanDisk Corporation, Silicon Motion Technology Corporation, Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. and Transcend Information Inc., among others.

The research report titled “Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC): A Global Strategic Business Report” announced by Global Industry Analysts Inc., provides a comprehensive review of market trends, company profiles, mergers, acquisitions and other strategic industry activities. The report provides market estimates in units for all major geographic markets including the United States, Canada, Japan, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and the rest of Europe) , Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the rest of the world.

For more details about this comprehensive market research report, please visit .

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) is a leading provider of research on off-the-shelf market. Founded in 1987, the company currently employs over 800 people worldwide. Annually, GIA publishes more than 1300 full-scale research reports and analyzes 40,000+ market and technology trends while monitoring more than 126,000 Companies worldwide. Serving over 9500 clients in 27 countries, GIA is recognized today as one of the leading and reputed market research firms in the world.

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Marketing Maven Public Relations Experts Teach St. Marys Academy Students to Talk the Talk

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2013

Marketing Maven Public Relations’ Human Resources Generalist, Elicia Hildreth, and Hispanic Media Manager, Mari Escamilla, hosted an interactive workshop titled “Talk the Talk: How to Be a Better Speaker” on April 9, 2013 from 9:15AM to 11:15AM. This workshop is one in a series held in collaboration with the Health Careers Program at St. Mary’s Academy and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Healthy Ties Program. This unique program provides mentorship opportunities and professional development workshops for high school seniors to link young women with professional women mentors to help prepare them for the workforce.

During this workshop, Hildreth established the importance of building self-confidence through public speaking by outlining the foundational skills necessary for individuals to succeed in a diverse array of careers. By using speaking activities such as impromptu timed speaking on an unknown topic and speaking in groups on a common topic, Hildreth provided an experiential understanding of common public speaking situations.

Escamilla shared her own experience of learning to understand English nuances and communicate properly while growing up in a bilingual household. She reviewed the hurdles she faced and helped students through her own anecdotal experience by posing self-reflective questions: what is your strong point? How can you turn your weakness into a strength? What do you feel most passionately about? What skills can you draw on to strengthen your public speaking skills?

Hildreth and Escamilla also covered the fundamentals of being a better public speaker to help the girls of St. Mary’s Academy build self-confidence and experience. “The number of professional women is continuing to increase and it’s important that they enter the workplace with the self-confidence to present themselves as leaders,” said Hildreth. “To be successful, one must possess the communication skills and strategies that are essential to success. It was a pleasure to work with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and St. Mary’s Academy students and I look forward to seeing these strong women continue to succeed.”

Hildreth’s human resources experience, along with her Board of Directors position for the non-profit organization, Women of Substance & Men of Honor, Inc., provides her with the tools and experience to inspire and engage an audience.

Escamilla recently positioned herself as a thought leader as a moderator of a panel about changing DRTV marketing tactics when reaching the Hispanic demographic at the Electronic Retailing Association’s Direct to Consumer trade show. Escamilla continues to solidify herself a thought leader by sharing her insight as a speaker at the 2013 Great Ideas Summit in Miami. Escamilla was nominated for the 2012 Latino Business Award and recognized by Latino American Who’s Who.

For more information about Hildreth, Escamilla and Marketing Maven Public Relations, please visit

To learn more about the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, please visit

About Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc.

Bicoastal PR firm, Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc. is an innovative and exclusive public relations agency that under promises and over performs. Founded by Lindsey Carnett in 2009, the agency specializes in lifestyle and consumer products, companies and events. Additional services include hospitality and gaming PR, social media campaigns, reputation management, direct response marketing, SEO, celebrity gifting and Spanish media relations. Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc. develops newsworthy mainstream issues relevant to the clients’ product or service. With offices in New York, the agency then creates media interest and delivers the clients’ message to the masses, creating a demand from the target demographic.

Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc. also has an expertise in Direct to Consumer marketing as well as product development and PR for supplements and ingredients. The agency has the ability to earn product distribution at retail and helps find funding for national product launches. With representatives across the globe, the Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc. team has strong relationships with local, national and international media. Visit for more information about the company.

Challenges of Digital Signage Outdoors

Digital signage has begun to infiltrate our daily lives. Digital out of the home advertising and digital signage can be found in many locations, almost everywhere we go.

A growing number of companies are making greater use of digital signage outdoors, where it may potentially be viewed by hundreds more potential customers than were it fixed inside.

Though it is not overly complex technology there are several challenges that have to be addressed when considering using an outdoor digital signage system as part of an advertising or information campaign.

The weather is possibly the biggest challenge to be faced when mounting digital signage. Although some areas may have fairly predictable weather patterns, most do not. Potentially the delicate and expensive LCD or plasma monitor that displays the advertisements will be subjected to both extreme heat and freezing cold, both of which can seriously damage the function of the equipment.

One solution to this problem is to invest in a digital signage enclosure, a sealed unit that encases the monitor and has the capability to cool and heat the delicate digital signage system, as well as keep it safely sealed away from moisture.

These tough, secure LCD enclosures also help address another of the largest concerns that face those who choose to use digital signage outdoors. Vandalism is a fact of life. This is nothing new to the 21st century; vandals have been making mischief forever. By sealing the digital signage system in a good enclosure, the equipment is safe from damage, and even from graffiti, which is on the rise again in many cites. All a would be graffiti artist can affect is the enclosure, not the machinery within.

Placement of the outdoor signage system is another consideration. To be most effective equipment should really be placed within easy eye level of the average adult consumer. If it is a larger display, such as those seen in New Yorks Times Square, those are often catchy enough to be viewed from any height or angle however.

As the equipment and technology needed to make great use of digital signage to promote a business or service decreases in cost, it is certain that we can expect to see many more such signs popping up everywhere, advertising all manner of goods and services, or perhaps just providing the everyday information we need, such as news and the weather (accompanied by advertisements of course)

Dave is an expert in the field of digital signage, he also is the owner of Europe’s leading manufacturer of LCD enclosures, having supplied many top tier digital signage companies with outdoor signage enclosure as well as waterproof and vandal proof TV enclosures.

Keeping Your Digital Signage Protected

The protection of digital signage and advertising systems is often overlooked by keeping them protected screens and running under conditions that are suitable for LCD, is important for you to optimize the cost of their implemented in the first place.

outdoor digital signage developers often turn to securing their digital signage systems from theft and vandalism while preventing rain and other weather elements damaging the screen, some installers within digital advertising eye to the same protection.

But even LCD of trade (and plasma) TV screens are manufactured with the terms of a retail park or shop in mind that most TVs are designed and constructed for the home entertainment market.

The digital display (DS) is not only located in areas that differ from the operating conditions of a room at the front, but the DS screens are left on much longer ( sometimes 24 hours a day).

Protection for digital signage screens must do several things:
First, it must prevent the penetration of all hostile elements. Obviously in outdoor digital signage, this means preventing rainwater damage to the screen, but with interior applications while time can not be other elements concern perhaps.

The dust is common in some areas and too filers block and isolate the digital display. Keep dust from the screen will go a long way to extend the life of the LCD or plasma.

The temperature is another consideration, especially when the DS screen is left on constantly. Ensure that adequate air flow is constantly transferring heat away form the screen is important in the prevention of hotspots to grow. It is also important to prevent damage from direct sunlight, which can also burn the screen.

LCD enclosures are a cost effective solution for the protection of DS systems in both indoor and outdoor environments as cooling and insulation is necessary may be included within the LCD enclosure providing the perfect environment for any standard DS screen to operate.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital advertising industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage enclosures. Please visit us for more information on an LCD enclosure

Presenting The Quartet Q8600 Ideashare Electronic Board

Premium porcelain whiteboard with the electronic imaging technology fully integrated eBeam. Notes and pictures of the map can be saved to a PC or Mac, beamed any PDA handheld with PalmT OS directly printed with the touch of a button (printed not included) or shared live over the Internet or intranet. Has a graphite frame with accessories for tablet, electronic pens, dry erase markers, erasers and electronic standards, stylus (for wireless use of the mouse), software, batteries, power supply and USB cable .dropoff window AC adapter 100-240V, 1.7A. Compatible (other platform users can view meetings via Java applet shared by Java-enabled Web browser) 10 MB hard drive space 256 color VGA or CD-ROM SVGA or Internet connection to install the Software USB port or available serial port. Power Mac Macintosh Mac OS 9.x with a Macintosh Runtime for Java 2.2 or higher and 64 MB of RAM Mac OS X v10.1 or higher 10 MB of hard disk space.

Quick Overview

* Board Size: 6 x 4
* Includes: Accessories / Plateau & amp; amp; Food, 6 x 4
* Accessories included: electronic pens, markers, eraser, pen, software, USB cable (12 ‘)
* Built-in Interfaces: USB
* Use with: PC or Mac, PDA, printer, went to live in a free web meeting
* Capture Notes & amp; amp; images from a

signpost Additional Information

UPC 034138597064 Manufactured in: United States Fabric

Part # q8600 q8600 model

Weight 110 Scheduled ships 5-7 days

Weight 110.0000 Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Dimensions 6 ‘x 4′ ..
Available Yes Included printer stand

No USB Interface Panel

1 Surfaces Paper Type supported printers
Writing Space 72 “W x 48″ H
Supported operating systems Mac OS, Windows

Located in the hustle and bustle of New York City, Mono Machines LLC is an authorized reseller for many manufacturers. Through our unique contracts we are able to ship directly from the manufacturer warehouse, cutting costs and provide the best prices around.

We strive to provide the best service at the lowest possible prices. We have product specialists available for most products. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. We are equipped with highly knowledgeable employees and look forward to meet your needs.

Mono Machines is an authorized dealer! Click the Council q8600 electronic Quartet. Or here for GSA pricing on the q8600 Quartet or here for direct site q8600 Quartet electronic Boad

Sports Venues Score With Digital Menu Boards

Sports venues also recognize that digital menu boards at their concession stands can increase sales and allow the supply of food and drink to be easily modified to fit the varying demographics attracted by different events.

Alamodome 65,000 places in San Antonio, Texas, for example, the revision of food choices, graphics and signage by Aramark dealer this year also launched digital menu boards. The two 24 concession stands of the stadium and its range of mobile carts now have 42-inch screens, displaying most menus and offers, although some show information and entertainment to keep guests waiting in line.

Some other examples of where these billboards are benefited presentation zones trade shows and leisure signs or directional signage stock in your store or office. Improve your stand with inkjet signs rolling showcase your product images. Place them anywhere, attach them to a wall using anchor bolts to label a display or attach them to a custom easel stand in the door to get clients. This is an excellent way to ensure that your customers will have easy access to car parking, comfortable rooms, entrance ways and exhaust dining ways.

They see that digital menu boards at their concession stands can increase sales and allow the food-and-beverage offered to be easily modified to suit varying demographics attracted by different events.

At almost any point you’ll notice sufficient quantities of electronics and neon displays everywhere you look. Here is an example of graphs and signaling dealer Aramark also inaugurated digital menu boards. The two 24 stadium concession stands and its range of mobile carts now have 42-inch screens, displaying most menus and offers, although some show information and entertainment to occupy the customers waiting in line. So regardless of what is displayed you are constantly market a product or another.

If you have a product information that changes frequently, it is the ideal solution for you. Unlike neon tubes of signs that can be programmed easily, you must manually assemble the words or numbers, letter by letter and number by number, which is time consuming and in most cases they are located in elevated areas This makes them more difficult to do. So that was the only way to produce such a luminous effect of time and changing LED Board allows you to change as often as you want without all the hassle.

Lari Smith has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. Specialize in Consulting flashing articles. If you need more display panel and outdoor signage , please reference .dropoff window