Digital Outside Signage ? Winter Challenges

Out-of-doors digital advertising is very widespread but just think has your recent deployment been thought out? Was it employed in the warmer months? If so there is a chance that the technology will have no winter defense built into the project.

When projects are born and planned for the urgent deployment, a common issue arises and this is one element is sometimes overlooked. This issue does not come to light until later when the advertising solutions has been installed for some time and customers start complaining that the LCD monitors are not operational; this is not through any physical attack, just through Mother Nature.

The main common challenge is when a project is being deployed to a tight deadline and the customer does not understanding the notion of a “lead time” expecting it on site tomorrow.  It only needs one component and the lack of this item could potentially cause a challenge because it has been disregarded or omitted because of the lead time.

One part that cannot be forgotten is an out-of-doors LCD enclosure, otherwise the monitor will fail in the first winter, and with the extra costs of the replacement display this will undoubtedly make this specific project loss-making.

Engineers have been known to disregard an outdoor dynamic marketing cabinet as too much, but the reason of these defending enclosures is to make sure the advertising hardware is in a micro climate, so no matter what the outside conditions are the hardware inside is kept in the most suitable and controlled order. This is done with a mix of air conditioning units, heaters and thermo management system permitting the engineer to set the accurate internal temperature so when the heat inside rises owing to the high external temperature the cooling unit is switched and the air inside is cooled down below the preset, the opposite happens in winter when the temperature drops fast over night, this rapid drop can affect the display dramatically if not sheltered, this is why heaters are deployed to outside LCD housings, as they work to lift the interior temperature to above the preset temperature protecting the machine from frost and sub zero temperatures.

The heaters also stop condensation building up inside the casing as this will cause the machine to sweat, this too can have negative effects on the inside hardware.

The author owns the leading manufacturer of LCD enclosure, these units are supplied throughout the world to integrators of outdoor digital signage. An LCD enclosure offers all the protection needed for outdoor use.

Led Writing Boards Are Very Useful

LED writing boards or electronic message signs are illuminated, electronic advertising media tools that allow you to display messages. They are used both inside and outside, adjusting to every type of business.

Signs are a great way to show messages and ideas that range from community information to business promotions and sales. The messages are usually shown in large fonts and with a variety of animations and colors so that it’s almost impossible not to notice when walking by the reader board sign. LED writing boards or electronic message signs are illuminated, electronic advertising media tools that allow you to display messages in real time. They are used both indoors and outdoors with many purposes within different kinds of businesses.

The Led writing board is the most efficient and cost effective way to spread your message to thousands of people, without any personal contact, coal calling or door to door sales. This new age board is your “voice on the street”. All you have to do is program your message or idea on the sign and turn it on. Once this has been done, sit back and take a look at all the traffic flow this neon board brings in which in turn will boost sales. Display signs are a great way to show messages and ideas that range from community information to business promotions and sales. The messages range in Font size and color that way it’s especially appealing to potential customers walking or driving by.

LED writing boards, which are LED based, are the most efficient and cost effective way to spread your message to thousands of people without any personal interaction on your part. The sign is your “voice on the street”. You just have to program the message on the sign and your ideas, promotions, or any other type of messages will be displayed to everyone that passes by. LED writing boards are extremely eye catching which means your message will definitely be viewed by many potential customers.

The first initial sign board dates back to the 1920′s and its original name was famously known as monograph, which is a news bulletin service. This was first used in the New York Times building during the Hoover vs. Smith presidential election. It was noted that people came to the building just to see the messages being displayed. The demand was so popular it wasn’t long after that other companies started mimicking the boards. Fast forward to today. Neon signs are just about used in every city throughout the USA and even going beyond.

Nowadays, neon sign are used in just about every city in the USA. In indoors environments, they are used in schools, churches, hospitals, office directories, markets, arenas, and movie theaters.

Lari Smith has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. Specialize in business signs articles. If you need more about Advertising signs and Led Writing Board method, please reference

Lettering Delights Gives Free Creative Downloads for Patriot Day

Orem, Utah (PRWEB) September 10, 2006

In honor of heroes and all community heroes 9/11 days Lettering Delights offers free police and firefighters alphabets and designs for web scrapbooking and other creative projects.

The new colorful alphabets Valor and Heroes in blue and matching accents recognize the officers who serve and protect their communities. Alphabets and accents can be used to create titles and to embellish scrapbook pages, newsletters, bulletin boards, maps, brochures and more.

Lettering Delights is also re-release of two alphabets honoring firefighters: JDA JDA Hero Hats and Courage.

All free articles are available from October 31.

To download free articles, visit . The files are available for Windows and Macintosh. The alphabets of high resolution and accents can be used for digital printing or.

To use alphabets and accents Lettering Delights, download the Creative Delights Companion software for free on their website. The license agreement Lettering Delights is also available on its website.

Lettering Delights also sells a variety of patriotic alphabets, accents, fonts and candy wrappers.

About Lettering Delights:

Lettering Delights offers thousands of creative products at a great value. The huge selection includes scrapbooking fonts, colorful alphabets, printable designs and Creative Delights Free software companion. Visit them online at http : // www. .


Sherri Bigby

Lettering Delights


http: //www.LetteringDelights .com

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A Taste of Digital Signage at Kayu Nasi Kandar

Exton, PA (PRWEB) September 13, 2006

Kayu Nasi Kandar restaurant introduces its customers and users to a new flavor; a taste of the digital display, following the implementation of their own visual communication channel to its output Petaling Jaya recently.

Kayu became the first popular local restaurant to jump on the bandwagon of innovative advertising media harnessing the power of SCALA InfoChannel InfoChannel® for its own customized internal network; Channel Kayu.

The clean and spacious restaurant occupies the space of two lots of the shop, with enough space for a comfortable dining atmosphere, and likewise, many strategic locations for the five plasma screens to display the channel Kayu . At the entrance, a plasma towards customers, while another plasma is placed in the conservatory. Two other plasmas are positioned in two corners of the property, while the fifth plasma is placed above the full glass panel in one of the two rooms.

The Kayu channel provides patrons, customers and suppliers of information to date on the restaurant menu, latest food promotions, offers and news. In addition, the channel also serves as a bulletin board for posting ads or emails such as room rental, or cars for sale at a nominal price. Guests are entertained by the media rich content that is visually stimulating and informative.

In addition Revenues from the sale of advertising space on the Channel Kayu. Several options of advertising space are made available to interested advertisers who may choose to display their own advertising in “jpg” or Format “MPG2.” Alternatively, the design and development of advertising is responsible Click Grafix. CR Techmedia Sdn Bhd manages the sale of advertising space on the Channel Kayu.

The content of the Channel Kayu is customized and developed by Click Grafix using Scala InfoChannel Designer 3. The content is then read on five plasma screens through a unit InfoChannel player on the restaurant. Content updates are being downloaded manually from a laptop that runs on Kayu networking plans its multiple outlets via broadband.

The Kayu channel can simply mark the birth of a new technology savvy trend in advertising and culture for many local restaurants in Malaysia, and compliments to Mr. Buruhan, the visionary entrepreneur Nasi Kandar Kayu.

To date the channel runs in restaurants Kayu Kayu in three locations; Petaling Jaya, Kota Tinggi and Aman Suria.

About Click Grafix Sdn Bhd href=”” onclick=”linkClick(this.href)” the http: //

Established in 1995, Click Grafix is ​​firmly established in the Southeast Asia region and the Middle East market and industry as the leading provider and system integrator for digital video, animation and multimedia hardware, software, solutions and services. The company is the regional distributor appointed for NewTek Inc. and holds the concession for the Scala multimedia and visual communication products and Realviz AnarK, Curious Labs Inc. Bauhaus Software and Qarbon products in Malaysia. Currently Click Grafix is ​​represented in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and India.

About CR Techmedia Sdn Bhd l http: //

CR Techmedia Sdn Bhd is an affiliate of its principal, Compurep Pty Ltd based in Sydney, Australia and was established in 1996 with branded products CR Technology. CR Techmedia provides products and services in two main areas namely solutions and customized digital signage Display Systems. The company offers a complete solution for digital signage, which includes hardware, the design of the network infrastructure, software, content creation, implementation and project management. Solutions for display systems offered by CR Techmedia include CRT, LCD and Plasma that are embedded in systems such as gaming machines, information kiosks, automated teller machines (ATM) and other general display systems . CR Techmedia adds value to customized solutions offered by the service, maintenance and upgrades for solutions.

About Scala, Inc. l http: //

Scala, Inc. ( http : // ) is the leading global provider of software for digital signage software used in retail, education, entertainment, government and other industries. Powers of the platform of advanced multimedia software company thousands of digital signs around the world including the digital signage networks of Tesco, Best Buy, T-Mobile, ShopRite, Virgin Megastore, Bloomberg, Burger King, Kiwi, Azizia Panda Supermarket, McKee Foods, Muvico, Santiago Airport, Rabobank and Warner Brothers Movie World. Since InfoChannel is proven, scalable and easy to manage, it is the platform of choice for many digital display networks ranging in size from one screen to thousands of screens with uses including advertising displays, screens tactile, retail TV, LED billboards, lobby signage, digital menu boards, interactive kiosks, and more. Scala, Inc. pioneered the field of digital signage in 1987 and is today headquartered near Philadelphia, PA with operations in California, the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, China and Japan.


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Outlook Error Message 550 – Look What I Found?

Very shortly you are about Fixed Outlook error message 550 and get up to speed on the facts that you should try to absorb. One article is not enough to describe the many elements there is to know about it, but I will certainly provide you with what you were hoping to learn. Make sure you check this useful material because it will definitely help you bring back your lost Pst data.

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To conclude this quick article and it will be very helpful for you to Outlook Fixed error message 550 at the moment and without any delay so that you can get everything it has to offer. Things keep changing in this area and sometimes quite fast; you can easily notice these changes on the Web and at this point you’re probably familiar with the latest news. You can easily spend days surfing the web about recovery information – the solution described here will certainly be useful; the fact of the matter is that many people will soon find useful. Because you’ve got to know this, why wait longer than necessary to take it for a “test drive” and see if it meets your needs – you surely will not regret taking this important step. Finally, I would just remind you quickly that there is of course more on this topic, so I tried to focus on enough to get you going.

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Sitour USA Takes Outdoor Ski Advertising Digital With First Wireless Electronic Message Centers

KINGSTON, NY (PRWEB) October 23, 2006

Sitour ( ), the world leader in advertising and promotions ski, today introduced North America’s first wireless email message industry centers for ski resorts. This new media vehicle allows advertisers to reach the snow sports consumers with personalized real-time messages.

With the new message centers, advertisers can customize and deliver messages with greater frequency to customers waiting in lift lines and basic areas by sponsoring reports that can be instantly updated by ski on trails, traffic, weather, safety, and special events and provide other timely information.

Making his debut in the 2006-07 ski season in the stations nationwide, this large screen color signs that work with calendar software connected to the Internet can display text messages, and logos LED video animation, and are easily seen in direct sunlight and at great distances.

The first advertisers for the centers include Slim Jim, Mini Babybel cheese Bel Group and General Motors ConAngra Snack Foods of the Chevrolet division, with others in the negotiations.

“The message centers do day to communicate to customers or dry erase blackboards to lift a thing of the past,” said Monte Rios, president and CEO of Sitour USA. “This creates enormous opportunities for national and local advertisers as well to really reach the attractive demographics of skiers and snowboarders, who are rich, educated, active, health conscious and committed to the sport. “

The new signs will be installed in Sitour over 80 stations across the country this year, after the successful test facilities. Wintergreen Resort in Virginia is the first US mountain install a complete system covering all areas lift lines, tubing and base.

personalized, timely, frequent announcements

Using technology similar to that employed by the New York State Lottery to update its bulletin boards, ski resort operators can update messages about impending snowstorm, updates traffic for the return trip, trail closures, missing children reports and even sports scores busy day skiing as Super Bowl Sunday that skiers do not have to leave the tracks to see what happens.

Each message center will generate 1.5 million impressions per ad / season. The messages are repeated in the waiting model-based cycles on lifting lines for multiple and lasting impressions.

individual signs in the system can be personalized with messages tailored to achieve the desired demographic; for example, placing ads geared toward parents in the children’s ski area or those for entertainment or dinner near the main lodge.

“The message centers create a highly visible and effective marketing tool to promote current and future events and other activities in the mountains,” said Anthony Lanza, Superintendent Belleayre Mountain in the region of New York Catskills. “The graphics really get the attention of our clients. Targeted impressions we receive from the wireless LED reader boards Sitour offer the best value in advertising. “

Sitour brings a long history of innovating on advertising on the snow, starting with inventing the concept track map over 40 years ago. Since then, he has introduced cards scenic trails and the first advertising packages ski resorts built in the 1980s, multi-purpose ski and snowboard shows in the 1990s and the vertical tower and announcements Wireless LED message centers in the 2000s

About Sitour USA

Sitour USA is a leader in advertising and event promotions to skiers and snowboarders, offering advertisers placements media at 215 stations in many major ski areas in North America and an international network of 900 stations in 11 countries. Sitour reached 70 percent of total market skier visits with advertisements that offer complete saturation both on the mountains and inside the resort lodges. Its customers include General Motors, Dannon, Kraft Foods and other Fortune 500 companies as well as large national and regional companies.

Editor’s Note :. Photos and media interviews are available


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Broadcastvision Entertainment further Expands CAB and Personal Viewing Screen Controller Innovations Cable, Satellite and IPTV Functionality on Cardio Equipment

Longmont, CO (PRWEB) December 10, 2014

Broadcastvision Entertainment – – 3.0 CAB versions to allow the equipment cardio popular series Matrix® 7XE to work with the built-in TV tuner and cable console satellite or IPTV set-top boxes. The CAB provides the club owner flexibility, increased channel line-up, and savings in operating costs of the set-top box and releases exercisers hand held remote controls. The CAB is compatible with most cardio brand appliances including Matrix® 1, 3, 5 and series 7XE, Precor cardio equipment with console commands, Life Fitness® Inspire, Integrity & amp; amp; Discover generation Startrac® 1 & amp; amp; 2 Freemotion® 7 & amp; amp; 11 series and more. Video .

In addition to the ACR (adapter box console) upgrades, universal controller Axcess is the entertainment controller Fitness offers only menu navigation and allows exercisers to run a cable, satellite or IPTV set-top boxes in conjunction with personal viewing any screen manufacturer. This eliminates the remote control unit systems and expensive modulation or MDTA heavy pocket multiplexer. The exerciser gets audio and control personal viewing screen with just the multimeter Axcess.

“late Chief modulate signaling equipment can cost an operator of thousands of dollars club and channel limited selections. The CAB and multimeter operate the cable, satellite or IPTV Set Top Box to provide more channels and HD content at lower cost. “Said Mark Blake COO Broadcastvision Entertainment. Broadcastvision designed the CAB and the universal controller to work with other displays and display controllers of personal branding entertainment as CardioTheater®, and CardioVision® MYE Entertainment®. “Many clubs are modernizing our CAB or multimeter, even if they are not required to have a set-top box for each piece of equipment. They are impressed with the amount of features we offer and feel safe in knowing that the product is proof future if / when they are required to have a set-top box, “Blake said.

Broadcastvision is your complete source for fitness entertainment including AudioFetch (TV audio for Apple® and Android® smartphones) 863MHz / 900MHz Wireless, Wireless FM, big screen televisions and media, sound systems, Digital Signage, Brand Music and messaging and personal viewing screens.

Broadcastvision is a pioneer and innovative leader in the market of entertainment fitness industry.

Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Matrix is ​​a registered trademark of Johnson Health Tech. Precor and CardioTheater are registered trademarks of Precor, Life Fitness Inc. is a registered trademark of Life Fitness, Inc. Startrac is a registered trademark of Startrac, Inc. Freemotion is a registered trademark of fitness Freemotion. Mye Entertainment is a trademark of Mye Entertainment, Inc. CardioVision is a registered trademark of ARG, Inc.

clear = “all” Announces Its Special Offer On Its 46-Inch Floor-Standing Digital Signage LCD Advertising Players

(PRWEB) December 10, 2014

A number sign provides a place for companies to get information to a massive number of people quickly. Today, a leading provider of equipment for digital display advertising, announces special offer on its LCD digital display advertising players floor standing 46 inches.

The software and solutions this company are very flexible. It makes it simple to plan appears, create a list of programs and select channels to view. Everything can be managed as easy as 1-2-3.

“Please visit our website for more information on special offer. Be sure not to miss as the stock will not last forever. We are very pleased to introduce our promotion customers. We have many players digital advertising display in stock. Whether you are a network operator or a marketing brand, you can be more successful through advertising digital display in the information era today, “said the spokesman

As a leading provider of advertising digital signage players offers the most reliable and cost effective products for its global customers. Its products consist of digital signage players, network advertising player (wall type and soil type) and BBS information distribution systems.

The spokesman added: “All the materials we use are quality A, and customers do not need to pay a lot of money to be successful in the digital display advertising. Our collections products are updated monthly, and our dedicated engineering team carefully examine our products before shipment. “

About has over 8 years experience in the digital signage industry, allowing our products to display rich content faster, easier and more efficient than ever. The company specializes in the manufacture and wholesale of high-end and mid-range digital signage players, allowing many companies worldwide in all business sectors to benefit from the power of communicating digital media. For more details, please see

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Brand Building with Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor digital signage has been a boon for brands and generating brand awareness. For many companies building up brand awareness is an integral part of their marketing strategy – a brand is what separates one particular manufacturer or service provider from another. The brand could be the product name, business name, sign, symbol or slogan.

For many industry sectors, the brand is far more important than the product they are attempting to sell, with industries such as fashion and technology heavily reliant on brand identification. So, building up brand awareness is a vital part of ensuring a business, or brand, continues to prosper and to do this requires marketing of the brand to help people identify and begin to trust it.

Generating Brand Awareness

Some companies rely solely on their brand. Many of the sports fashion companies sell products because of their name, not because of the product, as do some famous technology companies that produce phones and tablets.

Outdoor digital signage is a great way of generating brand awareness. Digital signage is not TV, nor is it print – it is a new media which is viewed and engaged with differently. Unlike TV advertisements that last up to 30 seconds, digital signage content is viewed for perhaps 3 seconds maximum – less with outdoor digital signage.

You are, therefore, limited to the amount of content that can be displayed; complicated, multi-product advertisements do not work so well, there is not enough time for people to absorb complicated information like prices, or the main benefits of a feature or product – but there is time a plenty to promote the brand.

Many outdoor digital signage screens do just that; displaying a log or company name with perhaps a brief transition to a slogan; however, some people could deem this as a waste – surely it would be more cost effective to use a print media for such promotion.

Ah, but you are forgetting that digital signage is different enough top be engaged differently. It’s brighter, more eye-catching and with the use of transitions and moving images it draws the eye and is more engaging.

Richard N Williams is a technical author and a specialist in the digital signage industry helping to develop outdoor digital signage and protection for plasmas. Please visit us for more information about LCD Enclosures or other digital signage solutions.

Swedx America Opens Headquarters in Venice Florida

Venice, Florida (PRWEB) December 11, 2014

Swedx America is proud to announce its entry in to North America. Manufactured overseas and headquartered in Venice Florida, Swedx America manufactures and distributes digital signage to companies desiring to modernize and improve their advertising cache. From its award winning digital Blade vertical Kiosk’s to its 174” Matrix walls, Swedx America has an advertising solution for you.

When compared to the competition, Swedx America’s innovative design will save you thousands of dollars over the life of the system. Swedx America’s systems allow easy access to the unit’s module via a small sliding panel in the rear of the system. This allows for fast and simple upgrades or replacement, which eliminates replacing the entire system. No competing brand can boast this innovative feature. Upgrade to the 21st century and the Swedx America line. The Swedx America line is distributed by Synnex or you can contact Swedx America for more information.