Top 10 Digital Signage Myths Debunked

Here is a clear analysis of some of the most common myths associated with the digital signage network.

Myth # 1 It is complex and difficult to understand

It works on the simple formula of publication of promotional content on plasma TV screens on a arena of large-scale projection. Signal handling is not rocket science and all that needs to be heard is the methodology. It does not matter the number of screens used, the content can be updated remotely and can be flashed to several screens simultaneously.

Myth # 2 Web-based software used can be precarious

The technology can be dangerous and protect our systems online bug encryption are used on all transaction pages. In this way, the entire network management system digital display and is set to operate safely through the web.

Myth # 3 It requires massive and expensive investment is

There is a minimum investment in the installation of digital signage. Apart from that there are no additional costs involved compared to the diffusion and print advertising as selling space etc.

Myth # 4 It runs on a single IP address

It only works on the internet, however, it does not require either a static system. The content can be controlled manually and the network can also be changed as and when needed. Apart from this, to cut spending on using the Internet, data storage devices are made that can be played accordingly.

Myth # 5 Signage software runs on a single hardware / drive

There are many companies that could address this problem of execution digital display on the player software; However, the simple solution is to have Flash and Java runtime installed on the system hardware that you use on environment. There are no other requirements to be met to run the software.

Myth # 6 is necessary routers and transmitters are expensive

To make use of a digital signage network while that it takes is a display, a computer system, wiring and normal Internet connection. There is no need for any other device other than to boost the connection.

Myth # 7 Digital Signage requires a constant Internet connection

The delivery of content and ads on digital screens has nothing to view with continuous access to the Internet. Yes, the Internet is a way to flash the content, but there is no compulsion for continuous connectivity. Content can be managed effectively offline as well and that playlists are used with storage devices such as USB keys back.

Myth # 8 Upgradation of software is done every year

Whenever there is a release of a new and updated software it can be upgraded, then and there. We do not have to wait a year to do so.

Myth # 9 Costs of LCD / Plasma screens for display are high

As we all know the scope of the digital display growing day by day and so is the demand for LCD and plasma TV, so prices are falling. Moreover, it is an investment of time.

Myth # 10 Digital Signage is the only way out-of-home-advertising today

With digital displays, print media also Outdoor advertising door to the use of banners and posters, however, the trend of digital signage network recovers quickly.

Author has vast experience in the dynamic digital display software and various other digital signage solutions.

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