Top Online Print Shop 4OVER4.COM Launches New Magnetic Notepads Printing Product

Astoria, NY (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

4OVER4.COM, a leading services” nofollow “print including flyer printing ” nofollow “ banner printing , booklet printing and other custom printing applications nofollow is now offering a new product printing magnetic notebook for business.

A must cardinal for companies is to have their brand and promoted as much as possible, whenever possible identity. Investment in corporate gifts PR is a strong brand strategy that ensures this goal when applied consistently and appropriately. Items such as notebooks magnetic appeal to all target groups and make great gifts PR – kids love the staff they need and visitors love to collect them for friends and family – which actually a marketing solution all-in-one in some respects. Magnetic notepads are not only useful for writing contact information and work on the road; they are also useful as assistants, and even for the general reading.

As leaves become more established as tools of traditional public relations and general gift items in different industries and sectors, magnetic notepads are also increasing in demand and continue to be used on bulletin boards, doors refrigerator, cabinets, and other places where hands using notepad free may be necessary. Magnetic notepads are steadily increasing their use as tools of public relations firms in the network (seminars, conferences, workshops), marketing (various target applications) and promotion (General PR, PR gifts) – and are controlled by service providers in the various sectors of plant restaurants, and the fact that they have the “X-Factor” is magnetic making them a preferred alternative to single sheets. With greater applicability and other potential deployment locations, magnetic notepads are clearly here to stay and will continue to be the subject of numerous campaigns targeted creative public relations.

4OVER4.COM customers can now enjoy the new 4OVER4 0.030 “high strength magnets product of magnetic notepad. Additionally, 4OVER4.COM now offers notepads 70 # uncoated text and more sizes including 4.25 “x 5.5”, 3.5 “x 8.5”, 5.5 “x 8.5” and 8.5 “x 11”. Also, 4OVER4.COM customers can now order of 25 to 5000 prints at a time.

“Our products Magnetic notepads are truly one-of-a-kind and make a great addition to our quality stationery offers by 4OVER4.COM. Now our customers can easily use their notebooks in outdoor or industrial environments, “says 4OVER4.COM Principal Taso Panagiotopoulos.

For more information about printing magnetic notepad 4OVER4.COM updates or questions, please visit, email support (at ) 4OVER4 (dot) com or call the 4OVER4.COM customer care line on 1-718-932-2700.

About 4OVER4.COM


Online 4OVER4.COM printing, business printing New York, is a green printing company that serves tens of thousands of clients nationally and whose printing New York facility began operations in 1999.4OVER4.COM provides technical support and unparalleled customer and instant online pricing and ordering for full color printing services since 1999, 4OVER4.COM has offered free file review board and free online proofs without any obligation to purchase. As a green printing company, we are strongly oriented towards sustainable environmental renewal, and we are happy to lead the way with environmentally and socially responsible printing practices and projects among national as well as the New York printers.

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MediaMax Online Launches Social Buzz Media Monitoring

Burbank, Calif. (PRWEB) December 03, 2013

MediaMax Online, a leading provider of electronic press kits and media monitoring services, today announced the launch of their new product, Social Buzz Social Media Monitoring.

Social Buzz Social Media Monitoring provides clients a simple, effective way to listen to what customers, critics, supporters and competitors are saying about their brands, and the insight necessary to respond to that behavior. Social Buzz monitors data from over 200 million blogs, six million forums and message boards, Twitter, Facebook, consumer review/shopping sites (e.g. Amazon, Best Buy), News sites, YouTube and Wikis. Clients will be able to view all the information in intelligently designed reports filtered to their specifications.

Among its many features, Social Buzz enables users to:

Monitor posts for any campaign across various media segments and identify top trends and perceptions.
Create custom dashboards and reporting without the need to self-administer technical software interfaces
Compare the sentiment for any campaign to competitors’ campaigns over a specified timeframe.
Gain actionable insight into the positive, negative, mixed, or neutral tones of authors’ posts concerning a campaign.

Unlike other social media monitoring services, Social Buzz offers clients a dedicated account manager to assist clients with administration and competitive analysis at no additional charge.

“Social Buzz is a unique complement to our traditional monitoring service, Daily Buzz. Like Daily Buzz, Social Buzz Media Monitoring includes dedicated account management to deliver results with the best accuracy and data integrity on the market. Our customers will have the ability to tap into a significant amount of social intelligence, and use that information to drive meaningful, more focused media campaigns. We’re excited to offer Social Buzz to our clients and hope it will prove a key part of their day-to-day processes,” says John Libby, President of MediaMax Online.

About MediaMax Online

MediaMax Online provides technology-driven distribution and analysis solutions for the marketing and publicity of primarily entertainment industry properties, such as theatrical film releases, television, cable, home entertainment, music labels, talent and industry executives. MediaMax Online provides unique distribution services for electronic press kits, promos, toolkits, spots, public service announcements and television shows. The company’s publicity monitoring service, Daily Buzz service is unmatched in quality and performance. MediaMax Online is a DVS InteleStream company, a leading provider of media content supply chain services. For more information on DVS InteleStream, please visit

Estes Park Medical Center Selects Summit Healthcare to Integrate Meditech HCIS and MEDHOST EDIS System

Braintree, Mass. (PRWEB) December 11, 2013

Estes Park Medical Center (EPMC) has selected Summit Healthcare as their vendor partner to streamline integration between their Meditech HCIS and MEDHOST EDIS. EPMC is a 25-bed critical-access acute-care hospital located in Estes Park, Colorado.

Health information technology has dramatically improved the quality of healthcare delivery, increased patient safety, and decreased medical errors. However, to accomplish these improvements, organizations must find the strongest system integration possible. Estes Park Medical Center uses Meditech 6.0 as their main hospital information system (HCIS) and is implementing MEDHOST as their emergency department information system (EDIS), with a planned go-live of March 4, 2014. The different systems pose unique challenges related to the integration of emergency department data with the hospital’s electronic medical record. Information such as orders, results, and medications administered must be integrated between the HCIS and the EDIS to give clinicians rapid access to critical patient data.

EPMC looked to Summit Healthcare as an integration leader and for Summit’s experience with Meditech and MEDHOST to handle this unique integration. Leveraging the Summit Interoperability technology platform and expertise, Summit Healthcare will be tasked with ensuring the integration is seamless between the systems. The Summit EDIS integration solution goes well beyond simply establishing and managing EDIS integration projects by providing increased efficiencies, better patient outcomes, and helping to create a complete electronic medical record.

The integration process between the systems will be near real-time including the ability to process critical messages between the systems within one minute of being received. The first focus will be to integrate Laboratory results, Radiology reports, and in/outbound ADT feeds.

“As we embark on integrating our Meditech HCIS with our MEDHOST EDIS, working with Summit Healthcare is the clear solution with their strong technology offering and unique expertise. We look forward to working toward a successful live date,” said Gary Hall, Chief Information Officer, Estes Park Medical Center.

“As EPMC faces the challenge of integrating their Meditech HCIS with their MEDHOST EDIS, Summit Healthcare is eager to step up to the challenge of this unique project,” said Ted Rossi, CEO, Summit Healthcare. “This tighter level of integration will allow for better patient care and safety which are crucial factors for all hospitals today. Summit Healthcare is committed to helping organizations continue to march forward in supporting all levels of integration.”



Summit Healthcare delivers the right results- every time, guaranteed. Offering an easy-to-use, flexible and robust technology platform with proven industry experience, Summit Healthcare is the smart choice. With a complete toolset for addressing integration, workflow automation and business continuity needs, taking control of your healthcare systems has never been easier. Since 1999, we have worked to provide the industry with the most flexible technology with complimentary tailored services and solutions.

Summit Healthcare values true partnership with over 1,000 clients worldwide, including complementary technology and value-added resellers. Visit us at


Estes Park Medical Center is a 25-bed critical-access hospital with a 24-hour emergency department, 24-hour Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service, medical/surgical services, obstetrics, and home health and hospice services. Emergency air transport services are available from our healthcare associates in the Colorado Front Range communities. Estes Park Medical Center’s physicians are board-certified in many different areas and specialties. EPMC has served the Estes Valley and surrounding areas since 1975, and is designated as a Level IV Trauma Center. EPMC has a full-service laboratory, diagnostic imaging department, and a 60-bed nursing home, and provides services to the residents of and visitors to our beautiful valley. We are a community-initiated and community-nurtured organization dedicated to promoting wellness and providing the highest level of quality health care that ensures the confidence and loyalty of our patients.

Award-Winning Digital Design Agency Launches Website Service for Schools and Colleges

Colchester, Essex (PRWEB UK) 24 July 2014

Surprisingly, it is not just teenagers who are computer savvy. New data from Futuresource Consulting shows that 44% of British children aged between three and 12 now own a tablet, with 30% of the infant age age of three to four.

As we move up in age, the smartphone becomes the instrument of choice and we see 25% of every nine to ten years have one, to 46% for 11-12 years. By the time we reach 16 to 24 years, the proportion of owning a smartphone is 77%, with the average consumer in the UK now have 5.4 mobile devices.

There is a clear message here for the education sector: the commitment of paper is a thing of the past, and if you want to reach and connect with your audience, digital communications are the way forward and your website is an important investment <. / P>

According to Alex Ward, head of digital awards at Zero above, the technology agency of web design is at its best when they are well planned. “The key to doing it right is to focus on users,” says Alex. “It is very important to engage at all levels, students, parents, staff and the wider bodies.”

“What public Age, gender and cultural diversity play an important role in determining the type of interaction that you design to make the initial research to get it right is extremely important;?. Technology can do almost anything, but if your users are not engaged, it’s a waste of time. ”

With the increasing constraints on resources in the education sector, being able to automate tasks and create paperless information flow can be useful in the search for the profitability of a website. Having forms online for download, the real-time creation of new ads and display event calendars, key information and online calendars and manage payments online can save valuable resources such as time of administration, paper and printing and relieves the issue of lost forms.

In the broader context, a can do much more, as Alex explains well designed: “Technically, you can do almost anything, managing payments line for meals and school activities to create online forums and portals interactive assignments. School announcements can be made via the website and delivered via email, MMS and SMS, with real-time monitoring on messages received and actioned. “

It has a great concern for the safety of interactive websites in the education sector and Alex says it’s an important part of the initial planning. “Access is critical, so we expect different levels of access and overall safety in the initial planning stages. Along with the visible presence on the Web, we can add multiple layers of security for personnel access, online payments and restricted documents. We use safeguards incredibly resilient that offer a lot of strengthening the security of a locked cabinet in the school office. “

For more information on a website for your nursery, school or college contacts above zero on 01787 267 949 or visit .

About Zero above:

Zero above is a multi-award winning sustainable design agency based in Essex which was balanced in carbon since its inception two and a half years ago. Established by its working partners, each sharing a vision for sustainable business, the agency offers comprehensive services for the brand and marketing strategy, digital marketing, design and printing, web design and development, exposure and signage, and of course the mobile application development.

Zero above approaches each project as a unique work for its clients, and with the skills, commitment and experience of the team, they are able to offer a multidisciplinary service designed to provide excellent results each time.

“We call Develop-Design-Deliver -., We can offer you the entire process from beginning to end, or any stage of isolation to suit your needs”

Visit http: // www. tweetszeroabove or for more information.

Surveillance carbon App (CMA):

This innovative marketing tool has been developed by zero above to create something completely unique that no other agency had done before, while at the same time spreading their sustainable business philosophy through United Kingdom.

In the philosophy of “simple adult could use it to hire someone wants”, the application allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to monitor and improve their carbon footprint. This in turn will help to:

Improving efficiency and streamlining processes
Gain a competitive advantage
Risk management and responsibility and compliance with environmental legislation
Attract socially responsible investment
Improve communication with employees, customers, investors, regulators and other
Reducing emissions and reducing costs

Quick and easy to use, monitoring carbon App focuses on the three key areas of home, work, and travel, while providing useful tips on improve your carbon footprint. After verifying your energy consumption, you can track how you are doing and even share via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Download track carbon App through the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace, or visit for more information.


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Live Social Data Visualization Sculpture the H

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

The [email protected], a state of the art inflatable social space with the ability to display a variety of, real-time social connections and data visualizations inspiring you to “Look Up” will be located inside The Entrepreneurship Conference Headquarters, 149 Kent Avenue at North 5th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The HÜ[email protected] is the social town square and meeting place that connects innovators by enabling them to use social media to connect in a live environment, with others with similar interests. Contained inside the HÜB will be special events, a pitch space, and unique content not available at other festival venues such as one on one interviews, autograph sessions and contests. Inspired by the need to make meaningful connections at live events.

The HÜB has partnered with award-winning social discovery app Sonar to power a real-life, real-time social network among conference attendees. Sonar is the best way to connect and share with people nearby, and they share the HÜB’s vision for inspiring people to “Look Up” from mobile devices and connect face-to-face. 

You can download Sonar before you arrive at Northside, to know more about and connect with the other people around–people you’re already friends with and people who share your interests and connections.

“We wanted to curate a better way of connecting with others in the context of a live conferences. We asked ourselves, how can we help participants find their next co-founder, funder, or client and make sure they shake hands and not just tweet about it? How many times have we all stared at our mobile devices, endlessly looking for that magic connection, almost like a modern version of the Magic 8-Ball? How can we make sure they leave a venue with a connection that is truly valuable to them? The HÜB is our answer.” – Peter E Raymond – CEO ÜBERANGST

The HÜB will be unveiled at the Northside Festival, NYC’s largest and most accessible discovery festival. Hundreds of bands, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, innovators, and over 80,000 fans converge on Brooklyn over eight days to witness the most incredible showcase of “what’s next” in music, film, entrepreneurship, and art.

The Northside Entrepreneurship Conference is focused on design, technology, and business innovation. It consists of a series of major keynotes as well as over 50 panel discussions, a trade show pavalion, and the Startup Campus at NYU-Poly. Hear stories from the CTO of Etsy, Bre Pettis of Makerbot, Brett Martin CEO of Sonar, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, Charlie O’Donnel of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, and GZA founding member of Wu-Tang Clan. Meet network, interact, and collaborate with the names and faces of design, innovation and tech in NYC.

Some of the unique content that the HÜ[email protected] will curate are specific trending Twitter hashtags; living tag clouds, brilliant real time social data visualizations; curated festival film, music and art content; attendee submitted content “mashed up” live; networking & meet-ups, a live Pintrest bulletin board; and more.  The HÜ[email protected] is accepting submissions through its website to showcase the new innovators and unique startups of NYC.

As part of the special content being curated, the HÜB will accept speakers and content on-site during its “Feasibility Slam”: A hour long, heads up low-risk high-yield ideation event that enables participants to leverage their intellectual capital, while orchestrating and recontextualizing mission statements in a real time/live crowd sourced social network.  Project and implement thoughts on how to seamlessly fuse branded customer interactions with holistic content creators like yourself in the evolving cloud ecosystem. Learn how to fast track key enablers and analyze performance enhancing matrices. Understand how SEO keyword rich trend tracking can lead to ROI while on-boarding the pain points of your stakeholders . This out-of-the-box, non-proprietary, open sourced event with no brandcuffs, absolutely no brandcuffs that will produce concept deliverables via a mash-up, in a real time, live gameifed feasibility slam curated into a compressed format of 30-second intervals. Audience engagement will rearward additional time units. This streamlined format allows for tip of the iceberg thinking, with user-centric cross functionality, agnostic of A-B testing paradigms. This event is sure to be a win-win, best-of-breed, world-class event that is the tipping point among outliers that increases your bandwith and will drive the bottom line.

Really? No, but If you can’t stand the jargon above come and talk about it, you have 30 sec to pitch or bitch, gain more time if the crowd likes you and become the next trendsetter.

After Northside the HÜ[email protected] will continue to curate connections at other conferences and special events such as SxSW, AllThingsD, Comic-Con, CES, international auto shows, consumer and industry event and other unique venues around the globe.

THE HÜ[email protected] is Made in NYC and is a project of Brooklyn-based ÜBERANGST and Human Condition, in collaboration with Brooklyn-based Northside Media Group during The Entrepreneur Conference of the Northside Festival from June 14-15. HÜB partners include, Sonar, East River Ferry & Clear Wireless.

Learn more:


ÜBERANGST is a high-end design, production and App agency. We push the envelope,  and need to be challenged. We have digitally brought the Mojave to Brooklyn and raced cars through Times Square. We design the future of consumer interaction. We are reinventing vehicle navigation. We are designing augmented reality glasses to change the way we view the world. We develop innovative brand and product interactions for Fortune 500 clients, sometimes even simulators.  We design custom apps for our clients and games for ourselves. / @uberhub_hub / @uberangst

About Human Condition:

We are an innovation, R&D, think and do tank.

We steer the strategy of innovation through communication, R&D, and technology. We work with the socially conscious enterprise large and small, universities, governments, and nonprofits to solve their pressing challenges.

Human Condition is certified as a emerging biotechlology company by the City of New York. / @hcxdesigntweets

About Northside Media Group:

Brooklyn has become an international adjective meaning “What’s next.” The Northside Media Group’s mission is to define and showcase that adjective through media, digital and large-scale events. / @northsidefest

For media inquiries please contact:

Jesse Wachtel

Executive Producer – ÜBERANGST

jesse (at) uberangst (dot) com



Improving Research Insight Through Collaboration – Tesco Poland Holds Strategic Workshop with DigitalMR and Other Major Research Agencies

(PRWEB UK) 14 June 2012

For Polish translation click here.

The workshop was very collaborative in nature, with the purpose of pooling research findings and ideas to further improve understanding of retail shopping in Poland. The two day workshop comprised a series of presentations, discussion groups, breakout exercises and brainstorming.

Topics for discussion and analysis were wide-ranging. They included issues such as shopping trends and retail environment in Poland across Europe and globally. Participants were able to explore customer needs in greater depth and examine complex issues such as shopper experience.

Piotr Idzik, DigitalMR country director for Poland, said “It is refreshing to have a client like Tesco Poland that is willing to facilitate these types of discussions. We were delighted to work together in order to pool our expertise and exchange ideas.”

Joanna Lorenz, Customer Insight Manager at Tesco Poland, said “We found the workshop a highly productive way to kick start our strategy thinking. It allows us to condense ideas faster in order achieve our ongoing objective of delivering a better shopping experience to our customers.”

About DigitalMR

DigitalMR understands what people think and feel when they share views online. It is a specialist agency which provides a holistic approach to web based market research. It specialises in utilising social media research, especially active web-listening, and online communities to enhance its business consulting approach. The agency has pioneered new methods in online focus groups alongside tools such as video diaries, bulletin boards and online ethnography. DigitalMR is headed by founder and MD, Michalis Michael and has offices in London UK, Nicosia Cyprus, Warsaw Poland and Columbus Ohio, in the US.

CAYIN Digital Signage Facilitate Meeting Management for New SABIC Academy in Riyadh

Taipei, Taiwan (PRWEB) June 26, 2012

The new SABIC Academy in Riyadh utilizes CAYIN’s digital signage solutions to convey timely information throughout 38 LCD screens in the main entrance, meeting rooms, auditorium, and conference halls. Multiple state-of-the-art technologies were introduced to the new Academy to accomplish this smart building.

SABIC Academy is the new learning center of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation in Riyadh. The new academy has become the benchmark of education facilities in the Kingdom. CAYIN’s digital signage solution is introduced in this project by SMARTECH AV, CAYIN’s premium partners in Saudi Arabia, to replace old-fashioned bulletin boards and create a speedy digital information channel.

“This is the first learning center in Saudi Arabia to use this technology to manage all meeting rooms completely,” said Mr.Yousef Abdul Hadi Projects Manager of SMARTECH AV Co. “We are honored to be selected as the main partner to supply all AV and Digital Signage with room schedule systems for the first smart learning academy in Saudi Arabia.”

The new Academy contains 30 meeting rooms and hosts a wide variety of learning programs, including workshops, summits and training classes every day. Instead of using bulletin boards, SABIC deploys 17” LCD screens (Flush Mount) in the wall outside 30 meeting rooms, along with CAYIN’s digital signage solutions. The screen clearly indicates the meeting topic, start time, and duration of the meeting. Therefore, enrolled trainees can locate the correct class and meeting room easily.

Each screen connects to one CAYIN SMP-WEB4 digital signage player and is managed centrally via CAYIN’s meetingPost software. Equipped with a room booking system, meetingPost enables administrators to process online booking for meeting and banquet rooms.

Therefore, SABIC Academy can edit a meeting list for each meeting room in advance. For impromptu meetings or room changes, the administrator can also input meeting information remotely in the office without running back and forth in the building to change the post.

In addition to meeting rooms, SABIC Academy also installs three 51” LCD screens in the main entrance, two for the auditorium, and two for the multipurpose hall to increase the reach of the Academy’s public announcements. With the help of CAYIN lobbyPost software, SABIC can select a template, enter data, and immediately show high quality video, tickers, web pages, pictures, weather information, and even live TV programs from the satellite.

SABIC Academy is an important education facility for the nation to develop industry leaders in the petrochemical industry. World-class leaders and courses, accompanied by world-class learning facilities successfully enhance the level of education and training and add a new dimension to the advancement of the Kingdom.

Please download the complete case study from CAYIN’s website.

About SABIC Academy

SABIC Academy is the new learning center of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation in Riyadh. It provides solid training courses for both SABIC employees and leaders of various government sectors in the Kingdom. The academy is constructed on an area of 11,000 square meters and can accommodate around 450 people. It includes libraries, offices, IT laboratories, meeting rooms, and conference halls equipped with the latest audiovisual technology. SABIC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and metals. It fosters many generations of industry leaders in the petrochemical industry in Saudi Arabia.

About CAYIN Technology

CAYIN Technology offers a complete portfolio of appliance-based digital signage solutions, including media players, servers, and software, for various commercial applications, such as education, transportation, retail, hospitality, corporate use, and financial and public institutions. CAYIN is dedicated to being a reliable partner to its clients worldwide, and has successfully set up various application references globally. In order to best facilitate the deployment of CAYIN products, the company also provides tailored services to satisfy the ascending market demand for almost limitless applications.

Sunrise Digital Presents Full Color Custom Table Throws

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 24, 2014

Sunrise Digital offers high quality professional grade table throws. They start with soft polyester white fabric that is soft, drapes well and machine washable. They print using 6-color full color digital printing that can be printed to match any corporate colors. Sunrise is a G7 Qualified Master Printer which ensures the highest standards of color accuracy and consistency are met during production. The templates are perfectly sized for standard 6′ and 8 tables. Images can be placed on all four sides plus top. Sunrise can accommodate quick deadlines with their fast 3-4 day production time upon proof approval.

Table throws from Sunrise Digital are a no-brainer for any tradeshow or convention display. These custom tablecloths add a personal touch to your trade show booth system and are especially effective at capturing the attention of passersby. Graphic tablecloths from Sunrise are sized such that only a few inches of material drape over the backside. This allows for employees to sit behind the table, or allow for additional storage space. Printed table covers are great marketing tools for trade shows, meeting, school functions, and other events.

About Sunrise Hitek Group, LLC.

Sunrise Hitek Group, LLC. is an Inc. 5000 company established in 1988 and employs the most advanced equipment and technology, such as G7-certified HP Indigo and UV flatbed presses, laser engraving, and digital die-cutting, to create best-in-class color printing, short-run packaging, P.O.P. retail displays, and signage products. A privately-owned enterprise, the company is based in Chicago and sells products worldwide.