Digital Menu Board Systems Are Available To Everybody

The digital display is a giant type of dynamic picture frame with a twist, as these screens can also be on view video presentations; The unit is intended for indoor dynamic advertising and calls to a company that has a meeting where prospects or potentials may see advertising.

Understanding the difference is essential between a digital display and a digital menu board, let us illustrate the common factors. They both can be installed in either landscape or portrait mode.

These can be placed at strategic points throughout the development and can be used to market the current available space, recycling facilities for tenants, the cost per unit and even meetings local.

On the other side of advertising the benefits of your new building to potential tenants and guests, there is an opportunity for existing tenants to sell their services or develop contracts that they won on the LED panel message, it will increase their customer base and at the same time be used by the property management company.

Sports venues also recognize that digital menu boards at their kiosks increase sales and allow the supply of food and drink to be easily modified to suit different demographics attracted by different events.

At almost any stage you will notice the ample amounts of electronic displays and neon everywhere you look. Here is an example of a graphic and signage by concessionaire Aramark also ushered in digital menu boards. Both 24 concession stands of the stadium and its range of mobile carts now have 42-inch screens, mostly displaying menus and offers, although some show information and entertainment to occupy customers waiting in line. So no matter what is displayed you are constantly market a product or another.

Tables digital menu are a perfect solution for large marketing from Tokyo to Las Vegas. This is perhaps the newest and easiest Innovated Marketing for the 21st Century. The sky is the limit to what companies are taking advantage of this situation.

If you had the chance to visit a hotel and used the concierge service, you will know they have contacts in all places, now a digital menu board can be programmed to a same work, but certainly not the connections of a real service concierge.

The digital displays can have the leisure activities from theater, live actors on stage, the dinner reservations at exclusive restaurants. These posters can be resident in the division of customer service in this way all information displayed bright neon writing.

For example, a reservation for 4 at an exclusive restaurant can be displayed on a part while the other part can be displayed to show the different types of promotions menu. In this way, you are able to divide the map into sections and market all the amenities your hotel offers.

Lari Smith has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. Specialize in flashing board items. If you need more neon and outdoor signage , please reference .

Marketing Maven Leaders Host Business Communication Workshop for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles CHAMP Interns

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 28, 2013

Marketing Maven CEO, Lindsey Carnett, and Human Resources Generalist, Elicia Hildreth, hosted a workshop titled “Business Communication 101” on May 7, 2013 engaging Careers in Health and Mentorship Program (CHAMP) interns with professional development skills.

This workshop is the second held by Marketing Maven in collaboration with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles youth development programs. The CHAMP initiative centers on helping college students pursuing a non-clinical career in health care. As the demand in non-clinical careers increases, CHAMP aims to help young adults in Los Angeles develop critical skills for entry-level development.

“We value CHAMP’s commitment to help students learn about leadership through self-development,” said Carnett. “Becoming an entrepreneur was pivotal to broadening my professional development. Our business communication workshop is meant to challenge students and help them continue to challenge themselves to be well-rounded professionals.”

During the “Business Communication 101” workshop, Carnett defined business communication and how it relates to internal communication including subsets of web-based, non-verbal, and email communication. Carnett helped CHAMP interns reflect on their career goals by asking them to define how they define professionalism in their own lives and what they considered to be their niche or area of expertise.

Carnett also helped CHAMP interns understand the nuances of social media in a work environment by introducing them to social media policies. Hildreth provided an outline of how to arrive prepared for an interview and how to communicate appropriately to reflect a professional demeanor and a well-organized resume.

Business communication involves impromptu speaking; Carnett and Hildreth connected public speaking skills with business communication by interacting CHAMP interns in a debate surrounding multiple controversial topics. They also highlighted the importance of body language by practicing firm handshakes and mock interviews.

As seen in the Forbes Most Powerful Woman Business Leader issue, Carnett has taken her business expertise globally, enlightening her marketing peers and those new to the industry about accountable publicity and positive online reputation. Having spoken at Electronic Retailing Association D2C, California Polytechnic University, and at the Electronic Retailing Association’s Great Ideas Summit, Carnett has gained the reputation as an expert in the field of marketing and public relations.

Hildreth’s human resources experience, along with her Board of Directors position for the non-profit organization, Women of Substance & Men of Honor, Inc., provides her with the tools and experience for business development and communication.

For more information about Carnett, Hildreth, and Marketing Maven, please visit

To learn more about Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ CHAMP internship, please visit

About Marketing Maven

Bicoastal PR firm, Marketing Maven is an innovative and exclusive public relations agency that under promises and over performs. Founded by Lindsey Carnett in 2009, the agency specializes in lifestyle and consumer products, companies and events. Additional services include hospitality and gaming PR, social media campaigns, reputation management, direct response marketing, SEO, celebrity gifting and Spanish PR. Marketing Maven develops newsworthy mainstream issues relevant to the clients’ product or service. With offices in New York, the agency then creates media interest and delivers the clients’ message to the masses, creating a demand from the target demographic.

Marketing Maven also has an expertise in Direct to Consumer marketing as well as product development and PR for supplements and ingredients. The agency has the ability to earn product distribution at retail and helps find funding for national product launches. With representatives across the globe, the Marketing Maven team has strong relationships with local, national and international media. Visit for more information about the company.

Evermore New Media Develops Advanced CakePHP Website for

Amsterdam, Netherlands (PRWEB) October 31, 2011

The wheels never stop turning at — a successful collaboration between Projekt 45, G Design Studio and Evermore New Media . Designed by expats, for expats, the site was envisioned by four business students when they met in Amsterdam and brought to life over the course of the next year, using talents from all around the world. Evermore’s role in this project was to convert the designs provided by G Design Studio into a fully functional website. While Evermore offers design services too, its role in this project was to incorporate cutting-edge technology, social media integration and cross-platform discussion forums, enabling connectivity with services such as Facebook and Twitter.

All in all, Evermore built a scalable, stable website with plenty of power under the hood, with the kind of clear, clean user interface and minimalist design that benefits a successful, feature packed website that’s easy-to-use. Behind the scenes, Evermore’s development team produced a site capable of handling multiple databases, daily uploads of content, user forums and an ever-growing base of content and traffic. Using collaborative tools of the trade such as 37signals’ Basecamp and the Scrum methodology, Evermore was able to work in collaboration with teams and individuals around the world to deliver a complicated, custom website using CakePHP, an open source web application framework, to create a resilent content management system.

It’s hard work building, maintaining and developing a site the size of That’s where Marina, Evermore’s project manager, comes in. Her role is to organize the team and ensure work gets done on-schedule. Using the Agile approach, the team is able to work on the project incrementally, while still working on the same goal, deliver critical and strategically important functionality first, and ensure that communication is always the top priority. Evermore has used the same methodology to produce other large websites to ensure work gets done — but working with so many people across the world has been Marina’s biggest challenge and an extremely fun adventure at the same time!

Working with people across the globe, Evermore team’s development, project management and coding skills helped to ensure the success of A typical day in IamExpat:

Omsk, Russia, 9am: Maxim, technical lead, logs in at the office. Ahead of him lies a hard day’s work incorporating feedback from the latest project testing and taking care of the next development sprint. contains over 10.000 lines of custom code, built from scratch to suit its content management requirements.

Amsterdam, 11am: Marina logs on to Evermore’s Campfire chat room and begins the daily Scrum catch-up. As the project manager, it’s her task to make sure everyone knows what they’re doing, and when.

Macau, South China, 3pm: Stelios, founder of Evermore New Media, receives a message from Marina asking for clarification on some of the day’s issues. Immediately, Stelios gets to work.

Athens, 7pm: Alexandros refines the latest designs and discusses with the IamExpat Team to ensure that the IamExpat brand identity is well incorporated in and clearly reflected on the website.

Amsterdam, 10pm: Panos logs on, approves the day’s work, and switches out the lights in the office. – created by expats, for expats. was established by four friends who came to the Netherlands for different reasons but found the same reasons to work together. Starting out as students at the Rotterdam School of Management and Tilburg University, they decided to demonstrate their entrepreneurial side and give something back to the country they’d fallen in love with. As they graduated and found work across the globe, they invested their capital in forming the first version of, which has gone from strength to strength since then. Now, with the launch of the new version, is ready to become the most popular media platform for internationals in the Netherlands and even further..

Using the latest technology, the team has created an easy-to-use, intuitive, user-friendly website that enables customisable user profiles, commenting options, as well as social media integration. It was designed based on feedback from its members, who were consulted at every step of the design process.

Redesigning the site was based on the team’s decision to provide content on a daily basis – in other words, making sure never gets old. But building a more active site required a substantial update to the site’s framework. Evermore’s role was to create a reliable website capable of handling a diverse and active user base and a regularly updated database of content, as well as converting G Design Studio’s innovative design into a working website using the CakePHP framework.

About CakePHP

CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP that provides an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications. Using commonly known design patterns like MVC and ORM within the convention over configuration paradigm, CakePHP reduces development costs and helps developers write less code.

About IamExpat is a community-driven, online media platform dedicated to providing up-to-date, “inside” information, dutch news, services and lifestyle suggestions for all English speaking internationals in the Netherlands.

About Evermore

Evermore New Media, founded in 2004, is a full-service digital agency specializing in solutions for Small Businesses. Evermore New Media – Providing cutting edge web solutions across the globe. For more information on Evermore, visit Connect with Evermore on Facebook: and Twitter:

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Eight Healthcare Startups Selected for Rare Opportunity to Pitch Healthcare CIOs and Investors, June 10th at the Emerging Healthcare Technology Conference

Madison, WI (PRWEB) May 31, 2013

Eight in technology companies diversified health-start Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and Minnesota, will present five minutes “elevator” pitches health care responsible for Information Officer (CIO), investors and healthcare leaders to “Start Me Up” Day care technology emerging health ( ) as part of the 11th Annual Conference June 10-12 Digital Healthcare Center for Executive Education Fluno.

“The biggest challenge for young IT companies in health before the scene becomes makers,” said Jonathan Baran, founder and CEO of healthfinch. “Start Me Up is a win-win situation for both start-ups and policy makers. Start-ups have access to a large number of decision makers in a small period of time. The makers have access to controlled companies that stimulate innovation in their organizations. ”

An independent advisory board of physicians, investors and health leaders selected the eight companies “shop.” WTN Media produces the conference in collaboration with WTN News. These entrepreneurs show how the technology of their business to improve the delivery of health care, quality and patient safety. health leaders will also hear from CIOs about the best approach to start-ups for pilot projects.

Dan Wilson, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Moxe Health, said: “The region is primed to be a leader in innovation in advanced health and partnerships with WTN Media to host the event Start Me Up Inaugural offer a phenomenal opportunity to spotlight some of the startups scene the most promising in the Midwest. We are delighted to continue our collaboration with industry leaders to advance the start-up ecosystem health in Wisconsin and beyond. This is just the beginning! “

The financing of information technology in health (IT) increased dramatically in 2012 and continues to grow. Today, there are huge opportunities for entrepreneurs to transform health care.

“However, the emerging health information technology providers face many technical and commercial challenges of partnership and integration with leading electronic medical records developers,” said Mike Klein, CEO Conference and editor. “Start Me Up function will informative and interactive discussion on how to develop and sell products for use by health professionals.”

The 2013 “Healthcare Technology Showcase” includes the companies listed below. Each CEO will present their business technology executives Health and investors. Reporters wishing to contact individual companies and CEO can do it through the media by calling 608-438-1007 WTN. More information on each of these companies is available at http: //www.startuphit .com.

healthfinch – Madison, WI.
CenterX – Madison, WI.
Wellbe – Madison, WI.
Health group before – Madison, WI.
Elli Health – Bloomington MN.
Catalyze – Milwaukee, WI.
Health Clinic – Minneapolis, MN.
SA Ignite – Chicago, IL.

“The big question is” Who pays for these things? ‘”Said Promod Haque A, a partner at Norwest Venture Partners.” If you are selling services to health care providers for large business, you must convince them that there will be a rapid return on investment and then investors are interested. ” There is a general awareness among institutional investors and strategic companies that vertical health is very important for the future, according to an article in VentureBeat.

In addition to targeting health leaders, the conference also includes a session to work with suppliers. Tim Thompson, a specialist in Epic supplier relations, Verona, Wisconsin – provider-based electronic medical records, will lead the session,

“Building partnerships and integration with third party providers of HIT.”

The registration fee is $ 25 for representatives of emerging companies, healthcare IT start-ups and entrepreneurs who have been in business for less than two years, and $ 50 for investors and other interested parties. You can register for the event at http: //www.startuphit com . For more information on the Digital Healthcare Conference href=”” onclick=”linkClick(this.href)” see http: //www.dhc2013. com .

About WTN Media:

WTN Media is a global business-to-business media that helps clients to establish strategic relationships with high-level management online, print and conferences and symposia. WTN Media allows you to convey your brand message and brings you closer to your customers and prospects. With an update of the online offer, WTN Media is a valuable partner for your marketing efforts.

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New Instant Notification System App for Bomb Squad Response and Investigation Now Available for Download

Randolph, Vermont (PRWEB) June 04, 2013

The TSWG IED Instant Notification App (INS) is now available free to all United States bomb technicians. The App designed by the Force Protection product group of Applied Research Associates was unveiled during the April gathering of the National Bomb Squad Advisory Board (NBSCAB), as well as to representatives from the ATF, FBI, DHS, DoD, and the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG). The App will also be on display at the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI) Training Conference and Expo June 10-14 in Dallas, Texas.

The INS App provides a way for bomb technicians responding to a suspect device or vehicle to share relevant information with fellow bomb squads while en-route or at the incident site. Information can be updated with a few clicks on a smartphone dropdown menu upon resolution of the incident or during ongoing investigations. The launch of this App represents the first time in the history of U.S. bomb disposal that bomb technicians have been able to share threat, incident, and device information instantaneously.

“Enabling consistent communication is a challenge that our bomb squads face daily.” said Dr. Ed Bundy, Program Manager for Improvised Device Defeat at the Technical Support Working Group. “The INS App provides bomb technicians the ability to quickly and efficiently share information while remaining focused on their real mission, which is dealing with the device and returning the scene to normalcy. Rather than having to answer their phone in the middle of an incident to field questions, the App makes their smartphone work for them, pushing out relevant information to those who really need it. The day will soon be over where bomb technicians on the East Coast only find out about an incident on the West Coast days later, and only because it made the nightly news.”

There are currently 467 active bomb squads in the United States. TSWG has licensed the INS App for download by every certified Public Safety Bomb Technician and NBSCAB account user. The App is now available for download on the Google Play store, and will be available for download on the iPhone in June. The App allows users to define in what geographic area they receive alerts, over what period of time, with what other squads they want to collaborate (mutual aid with other agencies), and what additional information (event category, event location, instant messaging notes, etc.) they wish to share. INS supports not only the teams directly involved in a response by providing a consistent electronic record of incidents and events, but also notifies the Bomb Arson Tracking System (BATS) database, making this information more readily available to investigators nationwide.

“As more smartphones make their way into the hands of our first responders, we’re focused on delivering technology that streamlines processes to save time and lives,” said Matthew Fordham, ARA Unmanned Systems and Security Products Group Leader. “Bomb technicians nationwide can now download and use the INS App to improve their fast paced inter-team communication and ongoing bomb squad community sharing of information.”


ARA Force Protection is the leader in providing fixed, mobile, and aerial perimeter and situational awareness solutions for military, first responder, critical personnel, commercial assets and property. The company serves multiple branches of the U.S. military and coalition forces, first responder police, fire, SWAT and bomb squads as well as security services at a variety of critical infrastructure locations.

Since 1995, ARA Force Protection has delivered leading-edge security and reconnaissance products and services to military and civilian customers worldwide. Their products and systems scale from providing mobile high-value target protection to large scale facility intrusion detection. Many are available through the GSA schedule.

ARA Force Protection products are developed by Applied Research Associates (ARA), headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. Founded in 1979, ARA is an employee-owned scientific research and engineering company dedicated to solving the most critical national security problems.

Basics of Outdoor Digital Signage

The world of advertising is one that is naturally tied to technology. Indeed, it seems that advertisers are always at the mercy of the latest advertising and promotional mediums. In case you don’t know, one of the latest advertising channels nowadays is the so-called outdoor digital signage.

These things are everywhere nowadays. Wherever there is a large amount of human traffic, there is sure to be an outdoor digital signage right at their midst. You can also see them on the street and even on highways. If you want to know the basics of outdoor digital signage, then you have come to the right place. It is important that you get to know the facts about this medium before you start using it.

The benefits

Of course, you need to know the benefits of outdoor electronic signage. This type of advertising medium has the capacity to reach a lot of people in a very short span of time. All you need to do is to put it in a location that gets high foot and car traffic. Just imagine putting a digital signage in a theater lobby, for example. Your ad will be exposed to everyone who watches a movie in that theater.

Night time advertising

Another great benefit of outdoor electronic signage is the fact that it is perfect for night time advertising. This is because it is able to show ads with bright colors that will definitely catch the attention of people. And in this day and age where a million and one things are vying for the attention of the public, having an attractive and eye catching ad means everything to advertisers.

Low cost

Some people have the impression that using outdoor digital signage is very expensive. This is not true. In fact, you can save money from this medium. This is mainly because of the efficiency that it provides. With this new way of advertising, you can even say goodbye to the other types of advertising that you are doing. Using this technology is definitely much less expensive than using conventional mass media advertising methods such as placing ads in magazines, newspapers or television. And since this medium has been touted as the future of advertising, many players are seen to enter the industry. This will surely result in the medium becoming more and more affordable in the years to come.

Now that you know the basics of outdoor digital signage, do you think you are ready for it?

Want to maximize the power of outdoor digital signage? Then visit us today! We offer different digital signage solutions that can be useful for your business.

Communication 102 ? Getting the Message Across

Ralph Waldo Emerson said:.. “Who are you talking so loudly I can not hear what you say” The man was right The words we use matter, we convey the message that begins and ends with what is in the heart. When it comes to communication, the heart will always prevail on the brain.

With this in mind, it becomes clear that even before we begin to formulate a message mentally, care and attention should be paid to the motivation of communication and fun feelings to the recipient of this message.

This is particularly important when trying to . The seller sell something must question the underlying motivation of the sale The question must be asked. “Is what I want to make that sale to earn a commission or is my basic pattern to be useful to the person who buys my product? ”

The same reasoning must be used at any time that we try to influence someone else. The question then becomes: “Who will benefit from this message? I’m looking after my own interests I or am I trying to help the person I’m talking about? “Better yet,” How can we both benefit from what I am about to propose? ”

The ideal ground for this type of communication is where a win-win situation is required. Most people are mature enough to understand that a mutually beneficial proposal is generally better than the status quo.

Once this preparatory phase of a communication is the second step would be to explore and find the best possible way that the object of the message can be easily understood by the listener. Just because we understand the purpose of our message, it does not mean that our auditor find it easy to understand what we mean.

Before a concept can be understood, it must be supported by references. These references are known a priori. A priori is a reference obtained from past experiences that can be used as a basis for understanding a concept that is new to the person. For example, if we wanted to explain what a tree was a person who has never seen one, you could say it was like a giant plant. Now, if this person had seen a plant before it would be easy enough to understand what looks like a tree. In this case, the plant would a priori.

As we have said before, the words are meaningless if the beneficiary of these words to understand what we are talking about. It seems that this is obvious. Unfortunately, it is not. Most of us can recall an incident where our accountant trying to explain something to us. Not being very familiar with words like, share interests, and value or more compounds, the message of the accountant was questionable. In other words, it was useless unless care was taken to see if we understood the meaning of these technical terms.

It is said that the value of communication is determined by the response it receives. There is no other obvious way to judge the quality of our communications. However, if it is kept in mind that it is almost impossible to convey a message perfectly, chances are that we will take the necessary steps to be close to perfection as possible.

Finally, you should never assume that we understand. Questions should be asked to verify if the received message is pretty close to the message conveyed. Otherwise, another explanation is needed. In other words, if we want to be understood.

As a reminder, the heart speaks louder than the brain. Others do not share are wealth of experience will therefore interpret the words, concepts and ideas differently. And finally, never assume; ask.

Dr. Raymond Comeau aka Shamou administrator is the owner of Personal Development for Personal Success Forums.

Apple Continues to Dominate Consumer Sentiment for Tablet PCs with a 38% Share of Positive Customer Comments Online

London, UK (PRWEB) November 02, 2011

Online market research specialist DigitalMR releases latest findings on what customers are saying about tablet PCs on the internet.

The overwhelming majority of customers are highly positive in their views on tablet PCs as expressed on the internet. DigitalMR measured thousands of comments for slate devices across July-August 2011. Three quarters of all views measured were positive with only 25% negative. Apple recorded a 38% share of all positive comments and 33% of the smaller pool of negative ones. Next placed is HTC with 17% of positive mentions and 22% of negative.

Results are based on comments posted by consumers on the major tablet brands made by: Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, LG, HP, ASUS, Archos and Fusion Garage, across July-August 2011.

DigitalMR’s analysis (powered by SocialNuggets) is based on comments posted via a range of relevant websites and open access social media platforms. It measures, not only the number of comments posted by consumers on the internet, but also their sentiment – whether posts are positive or negative in nature.

Managing Director of DigitalMR, Michalis Michael commented: “Apple is still the main player in the tablet PC online space. It will be interesting to see if some of the new entrants can emulate the smatphone market and implement successful strategies to increase their online share of voice.”

All the brands measured, achieve a positive Net Sentiment Score (NSS) for Jul-Aug. NSS provides an overall percentage score of net positive posts. A positive score means a tablet attracts a higher proportion of positive than negative posts. The average NSS taken across all brands measured is 50% which is very high compared with other industry sectors.

This is good news for the tablet industry as it shows that generally customers and very satisfied with their products and are happy to spread the word online. Apple has an NSS of 55%, slightly above average, but given its dominant position in the market customer expectations are likely to be higher. Newer entrants to the market that achieve the highest NSS are Archos 75% and Asus with 71%. Brands that are performing significantly below the average NSS of 50% are HTC with 39% and Motorola with 37%.

DigitalMR measures thousands of customer posts across Jul-Aug regarding the features that tablets offer. The most talked about features (both positively and negatively) are “operating system” (18% share of positive comments vs 21% negative) and “application” (18% positive vs 20% negative).

Click here for more data

In their words –customer comments sample


“I bought this thinking to replace my book readers and for an easy way to not lug a lap top around, while I travel. It works great for both purposes, unbelievably light, very responsive and less expensive than the Ipad, etc. The 7 inch size is perfect for me. I had some trouble getting used to the operating system and file transfers etc but had answers for everything I questioned. This unit also replaces an Archos 705 that I’ve had for the last couple of years and while I was impressed with it, this just blows me away.” Source:


“You don’t need to prove anything to me. The Asus Transformer and the future Transformer 2 are the best Android (and IOS) tablets out there. I am patiently awaiting the number 2 but winning the first generation will quench my thirst to possibly hold out for 3!”


Click here for further customers comments and more about the web listening report

About DigitalMR

DigitalMR is a specialist agency which provides a holistic approach to web based market research. It specialises in utilising social media research, especially web-listening, and sophisticated technology platforms to enhance its business consulting approach.

DigitalMR’s solutions also include community panels, access panels, web usability and a distinct focus on qualitative research online. The agency has pioneered new methods in online focus groups alongside tools such as video diaries, bulletin boards and online ethnography.

The agency operates in affiliation with international market research company MASMI DigitalMR is headed by founder and MD, Michalis Michael and has offices in London, UK; Nicosia, Cyprus, and Columbus, Ohio, in the US.

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