Interacting with Customers in Motion

01 London (PRWEB) October 2013

Customers are increasingly using mobile devices to interact with companies. This trend represents a significant opportunity for organizations to develop applications for customer contact that enrich the customer experience. Organizations are also faced with the challenges inherent in the use of mobile devices. The Market Outlook examines mobility in terms of the opportunities and challenges business face when integrating mobility into their customer interaction strategies.

The Rise of Wireless

wireless is becoming the norm in personal communications in North America. Consider these statistics:

• Americaines. market. Frost & amp; amp; Sullivan expects the subscriber base US wireless reachX million in 2017, after increasing by X million in 2011, a compound annual growth rate of X percent. The rate of wireless penetration will reach X percent fromX percent over the same period.

• Canadian market. A similar trend towards wireless is underway in Canada, but at a slower rate than in the United States Frost & amp pace; amp; Sullivan expects penetration Canadian wireless, X percent in 2011, will grow to X percent in 2017.

This preference for wireless devices extends the contact center and interactive voice response. Two examples of vendors in this space:

• West. The company reports that about X percent of all calls it takes for customers of its West Interactive division are customers who use their mobile devices and phones

• LivePerson. The provider of cat reports that XX percent of its traffic comes from cat mobile phones and tablets.

Wireless carriers increased consumer expectations regarding the capacity of terminals and networks. At the same time, companies are able to offer a better service in itself and assisted by an agent on wireless devices. The following features illustrate some of these capabilities.

• Geolocation. Geolocation-the ability to know where users are by tracking their mobile phones with GPS coordinates, its critical importance to mobile devices because it allows businesses to provide location-based services (LBS). Integrated in a mobile business application, LBS can allow customers to find businesses and services that are closest to them, such as ATMs, lodging, gas stations and stores concerned. LBS can also enable companies to locate their customers. For example, it could be used by insurers and tow truck drivers to identify the location of customers requesting roadside assistance. LBS can also be used proactively by companies to create a higher level of service and generate additional revenue. For example, if a client is in a station and recorded their smartphone, or was provided a VIP phone as part of their stay, the resort could push an offer for the unit to a free drink or appetizer to one of their restaurants.

• Photo / Video Capture. Most wireless devices are now equipped with cameras that produce remarkably clear still and video images, while broadband wireless (3G, 4G / LTE) to deliver. Users have become experts in the use of these features to create photos and videos of high quality. These capabilities can be used to enhance the customer service and support. For example, a client still images or video clips can help a sales person to understand what they want in a product that is to say, a carpet to match the decor. At the same time, an insurance agent can tell their client what to take pictures of after an accident, and walk them through a potentially stressful process. Finally, a technical support representative can send images and instructional videos for individual devices.

• Although still images are easy to transmit and receive, there are still barriers to video use. These include rates of support, locally available bandwidth and capabilities of specific devices that vary by model. Especially, the market still can not see many cases of use of mobile video.

• mobile web and mobile applications. Consumers have shown a strong preference for self-service web; Frost & amp; amp; Search Sullivan ranks ahead of all other channels of contact in terms of customer satisfaction. Consumers are taking that choice on the go through their mobile devices in what became known as the mobile web name. Mobile applications are very popular with consumers. Customers engage with mobile optimized websites directly and indirectly with mobile applications. Mobile applications are downloadable software applications that allow users to perform Web interactions as self-service or with the help of the agent on the devices, including voice and chat.

• QR codes. QR codes are “digital hieroglyphics” that appear in a growing number of media such as direct mail, statements, print ads, store displays, and signage. They are essentially an advanced version of bar codes, and can be scanned off the display of the device. QR codes contain detailed information on products and services such as store locations and information websites. They may represent targeted offers or mobile coupons, which are released individuals when they take pictures of the codes with their wireless devices. Companies are finding more for QR codes. For example, airlines are now including them in their emails that customers can scan doors instead of issuing paper boarding passes.

• SMS / text. “SMS” stands for mobile. SMS / text can be and is used by clients and agents to interact with each other, and proactive outbound customer (CPC) contact applications.

Client Login mobile

Many vendors have introduced products that enable and support customer interactions mobiles. Clearly a great deal of research has been devoted to understanding how customers use mobile applications and their preferences for how they want to interact treated, especially when they need help Direct. For example, providers agree that mobility, the model of customer engagement needs to move from the hold music is immediate access to the agent or queue with virtual Xpercent reminder immediate or scheduled. There is also a need for a transport channel context to another. Suppliers have also what is displayed and heard in more usable mobile application, and used the unique properties of mobile devices. The following customer interactions in mobile developments are noteworthy. Solutions representative suppliers are noted in context.

• Multiple device and support of the platform. Solutions are being written for multiple devices and platforms. The Mobile Managed Service solution allows Western and supports mobile optimized websites, smartphones and tablet applications in all major platforms, and mobile messaging such as SMS / MMS push notifications. The platform can speed up Western support for new devices and upgrades of the handle.

• The voice recognition solutions. Speech front ends are essential for mobile interactions, as they automate and reduce calls from live agent. They also allow the use of hands-free devices. Lexee Angel offers a user interface of the conversation, including voice authentication for applications requiring greater security. Nina, developed by Nuance, combines multiple voice technologies, including natural language understanding that improves the flow of conversation and accuracy.

Table of Contents

1 The rise of wireless

2 Mobile Client Login

3 Hear customers and agents

4 Filling the gaps wireless

5 Summary and Recommendations

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Factory Information Points Now Using Digital Signs

Previously in production facilities we have seen the old notice board when you enter the waiting area and even on the factory floor, these have been used to update employees and customers alike about the company.

Now it seems that technology is creating a buzz and the notice board is being replaced by digital signage, many organisations who have a manufacturing facility are deciding to replace the old notice board and put up LCD screens, these are then networked on the same data infrastructure that the computers run off. The digital media is added by the marketing department and it can quickly be changed, for example if a visiting dignitary sends someone because they are sick, within 30 seconds the greeting on the reception sign is changed to the new name and it shows the corporation is on the ball.

This is fine in public areas, however when a customer visits and you wish to show them round your facility, this is an ideal opportunity in enforcing your service brand immediately on your customer, as soon as they see the massive displays in the manufacturing areas they will certainly be impressed, it also shows that the business invests in new technology and is ahead of the game.

But there is one problem even commercial screens are not designed to be used in areas were damaging air borne contaminants are, most factories have some form of corrosive element in the air, from acids to dust particles if these get into the rear of the display it is only a matter of time until the screen fails.

The solution – is to put the screen in a ruggedized LCD case, these provide IP65 protection, so they can even be washed down with high pressure water jets, perfect for any food manufacturing company. These can either be cooled or heated to provide the perfect environment. The LCD enclosure are fitted with a sophisticated cooling system that also incorporates a filtration element, that filters all tiny air borne particles out, so the air entering the unit is fresh, cool air. Then the screen inside the protective case can be mounted to gantries or ceiling mounting using a heavy duty fixings.

Dave owns the worlds leading manufacturer of ruggedized lcd enclosure, having supplied dairies and food processing companies in America, he speaks from experience and with authority. Their LCD monitor enclosure range is one of the most successfully deployed solutions throughout the world.

Global Futurist and Business Forecaster Jack Uldrich to Keynote Sixteen Events in October

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 02, 2013

Following on the heels of successful keynote presentations at SingTel’s CIO Days in Hong Kong, Optus Vision 2013 in Sydney and the European Association of International Educators in Istanbul, popular keynote speaker, renowned global futurist and best-selling author, Jack Uldrich has been selected to deliver sixteen customized keynote presentations in the month of October to the following organizations:

October 1: Industrial Asset Mgmt Council (Salt Lake City)

October 3: BP (formerly British Petroleum) (Mpls, MN)

October 3: United Healthcare (Minneapolis, MN)

October 4: Council for Advancement and Support of Education (San Diego, CA)

October 9: United Healthcare (Dallas, TX)

October 9: Scottish Rite Hospital (Dallas, TX)

October 10: Arkansas Hospital Assoc. (Little Rock, AK)

October 14: IMEX America (Las Vegas, NV)

October 15: Invensys (Dallas, TX)

October 16: Applied Information Management Institute (Kearney, NE)

October 23: Atmos Energy (Dallas, TX)

October 24: Arizona Hospital Association (Phoenix, AZ)

October 25: Board of Trustees of Arizona Hospital Association (Phoenix, AZ)

October 27: The Electronic Component Industry Association (Chicago, IL)

October 28: Franklin Templeton (San Francisco, CA)

October 30: Eaton Corporation (Amelia Island, FL)

The titles of Uldrich’s presentations range from “Why Future Trends Demand Unlearning” and “The Big AHA: How to Future-Proof Your Business” to “Business as Unusual: 19 Ways Unconventional Ways to Succeed Tomorrow” and “The New Normal is Abnormal.” Much of the material for Uldrich’s keynote presentations will be drawn from his two latest books, “Foresight 2020: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow” and “Higher Unlearning: 39 Post-Requisite Lessons for Achieving a Successful Future,” as well as his forthcoming book, “Business as Unusual: 19 Unconventional Ways to Future-Proof Yourself and Your Company.”

Uldrich’s engaging, entertaining and educational presentations will cover trends in information and communication technologies, robotics, cloud computing, next generation mobile and social technologies, artificial intelligence, the “Internet of Things” and “Big Data,” and are designed to provide attendees a solid foundation upon which they can take action to create their own successful futures. A synopsis of some of Uldrich’s ideas on information technologies can be found in this article, 10 Future Mobile Trends for CIO’s to Consider Today.

In addition to covering future trends, Uldrich will also provide an overview of how technological change and enhanced mobility is rapidly changing customer expectations and behavior and, in the process, upending long-standing business models. Uldrich, who has been hailed as “America’s Chief Unlearning Officer,” will conclude his talks by reviewing the consequences of not embracing tomorrow’s changes. Throughout his presentations, Uldrich will use vivid analogies and memorable stories, drawn from a wide spectrum of industries, to ensure his message of change “sticks” with his audience. (A sample of his talk on “unlearning” can be viewed here: Futurist Jack Uldrich on Why Future Trends in Health Care Demand Unlearning.)

In the past year, Uldrich has addressed hundreds of business and trade groups from around the world, including delivering customized keynote presentations at ten McGladrey Emerging Technology Summits across the United States, Case IH, Emerson, the Women’s Food Forum, PepsiCo, United Healthcare, Boston Scientific, Southern Company, Cisco, IBM, WiPro, Parsons Brinckerhoff, and various YPO and WPO groups.

Parties interested in learning more about Jack Uldrich, his books, his daily blog or his speaking availability are encouraged to visit his website at: Media wishing to know more about the events or interviewing Jack Uldrich can contact him directly at 612-267-1212 or jack(at)schoolofunlearning(dot)com.

Uldrich is a renowned global futurist, technology forecaster, best-selling author, editor of the quarterly newsletter, The Exponential Executive, and host of the award-winning website, He is currently represented by a number of professional speakers’ bureaus, including Leading Authorities, Convention Connection, Gold Star Speakers Bureau and Executive Speakers Bureau.

One Seattle Power Mom is Making a Difference at Your Childs School with Cutting-Edge New Fundraising Company, SwopBoard

Seattle, Wash. (PRWEB) October 07, 2013

Local start-up pro and power-Mom Natalie Angelillo (co-founder of Seattle’s award-winning Swink Style Bar) unveils a visionary look into buying, selling, wanting, and giving back with all-new company SwopBoard, an online community marketplace. SwopBoard lets parents put the items they have directly in front of people who really need them, in their schools, neighborhoods, and cities. It provides a trusted network for families to buy and sell, with a portion of each transaction going directly to their schools.

According to the Association of Fundraising Distributors and Suppliers (AFRDS), 94% of principals say their schools rely on fundraising, and Family Circle Magazine reported that many parents “worry that volunteering will require more time than they can commit, so they rule it out altogether,” clearly putting school needs and parent bandwidth at odds. SwopBoard offers parents a revolution, an opportunity to take typical household de-cluttering and turn it into charity. Plus, it’s simple to use.

“You no longer have to wait until spring-cleaning time or garage sales to get rid of old things,” said CEO and Founder Angelillo. “Families can engage in everyday philanthropy, keep things out of the landfill, and strengthen their communities by selling items they no longer need on SwopBoard.”

Unique to its perceived competitors, SwopBoard connects community members who, generally speaking, share similar lifestyles, increasing the chances of finding the right buyer and purchasing what users really need. “Initial users have found excitement in selling large items that cannot be shipped easily, saving on holiday decorations and winter sports gear for fast-growing kids – not to mention earning for their school,” Angelillo commented.

With its easy, good-for-the-planet re-commerce model, SwopBoard makes a difference for schools in three ways:

    Buy: After creating a SwopBoard account, users can access their marketplace and search for items in their school, neighborhood, and/or city. They can email sellers with questions via SwopBoard’s message system, share a listing on social media, and pay for the item on the secure site with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

    Sell: It is free to list an item and there are no shipping fees if users are selling to someone in their immediate community, which also eliminates interactions with strangers. SwopBoard serves as a powerful tool for users selling items that people in their community would want, like uniforms, furniture, textbooks, instruments, electronics, sports equipment, or clothes.

    Want: If users are looking for something specific, they can ask their community by using the simple “I Want” function. If someone sells the item they listed on their Want list, they will be notified via email.

For more information and to begin connecting with community members to benefit schools, visit


SwopBoard was founded in 2013 by startup pro Natalie Angelillo when she needed to sell a large American Girl dollhouse and buy her son ski boots by the end of the week. She was inspired to build a place where users could put items for sale in front of people who actually need them, and donate to their schools in the process.

Angelillo has over 20 years of experience in shaping growth and development strategies, plotting new markets, and securing key venture capital. She is also the founder and co-owner of Swink Style Bar, Seattle’s premier blow dry bar, and has held c-level positions at Getty Images, PhotoDisc, and PhotoZone.


SwopBoard is an online community marketplace that allows users to put the items they have directly in front of the people who need them – in their schools, neighborhoods, and in their cities. Users can buy and sell items in a focused, trusted group of people, with a portion of each transaction going directly to a school on their behalf. Learn more at

For more information, interviews, high-res photos or video footage, please contact:

Michelle Sanders, MSC

(206) 595-1151


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Zypline Releases The Worlds Simplest WYSIWYG Internet Posting System

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) March 09, 2012

Zypline Services announced today the public availability of its Zyppages™ application for individuals and small business owners.

The Zyppages’ patent-pending method instantly uploads documents and establishes the owner’s mobile number as the internet link creating an instant and valuable online presence.

The self-published open-format (wysiwyg) page can be a schedule, party plan, professional service, work availability, recipe, family event, territory served, or even a personal blog. Zyppages enables friends, colleagues, customers to easily get current details on a social event, a business or a service.

A true WYSIWYG process

Web postings always have to conform to the rules of someone else requiring learning and adding confusion. Zyppages users post content the way they want it to be seen. They just create content on a computer, save it, upload and they are done.

Many Simple, Powerful Uses

Zyppages enables users to post important business and social information that is accessed when needed. It enables users to instantly create a valuable internet presence without depending on anyone else.

        A part-time programmer or other service provider can use their business card for identification indicating details available their mobile number on Zyppages.
        Home workers can update a document of new creation and post for customers and followers to get immediate information.
    Bulletin board flyers and newsletter can refer to using phone numbers to get more details; those dangling phone tabs become more valuable.
    Write and post family picnic details and assignments reducing phone time.

Voice Mail Message Becomes Sales Tool

“With Zyppages users can change their voice mail greetings from the usual platitudes of have a nice day to a valuable business tool,” said Ray Kasbarian, CEO of Zypline. “This is one of great uses, it eliminates endless phone tag and protects against losing customers.” A message on busy could say “Sorry I missed your call, please go to Zyppages and enter the number you just called for important detail’”. Details could be that evening’s yoga schedule, the party schedule, the real estate listing or any other important data.

Easy To Use

It only takes a few minutes and a few simple steps to create an initial online page or to edit an existing page.

     Enter mobile number on Zyppages to create or edit flyer:
     Authorize changes via verification code sent to your mobile.
     Upload selected WORD or PDF business flyer or data sheet.

No Account Registration

Users do not have to register, nor provide an email, nor create and retype passwords. The system works totally on one-time SMS verification codes time and can support updates with approver not present.

About Zypline Service

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Zypline provides a connection-engine communications platform for personal brands and their customers. It instantly delivers target pages without unnecessary search and navigation steps. The Company is developing many applications built around its breakthrough patent pending, one-step, connection engine platform that links Proprietary Digital Indexes™ (Personal, Corporate, and Agency) to profiles and other data.

Cheap DSP-100E Digital Signage Players Provided by Famous Digital Signage Software Manufacturer

(PRWEB) August 27, 2014, an expert company that provides a wide range of cloud-based media delivery solutions and products today introduces its newest digital signage solutions. Furthermore, the business is now offering huge price cuts on all its products.

“We are striving to provide the best digital signage solutions for clients who want to expand their business in today’s digital era. As a global leader in the digital signage industry, we spend much energy and money on R&D. It is essential for businesses to find a reliable digital signage software supplier.” The CEO of the company says. ”If anyone requires further information about our newest products and services, please visit the website of now.” has been very popular among worldwide digital signage distributors. The best thing about the company is that all its engineers and sales staff are kind and considerate; they are always working hard to satisfy what clients actually want. As a result, it can always meet the varied requirements of different customers.

IN addition, offers a wide range of digital signage players, (wall-mounted type and floor-standing type) network advertising players and other related products on its website. The 42-inch floor-standing digital signage LCD advertising player and DSP-100E digital signage player are specially in hot sale now.

About has over 8 years of experience in digital signage, allowing displaying rich content quicker, easier, and more effectively than ever before. The company specializes in the manufacturing and wholesale of high-end and middle-end digital signage players, enabling many companies worldwide across all business sectors to benefit from the power of digital media communication. For more details, please view:

Outlook Error Message 554 – Just Found This?

Cyberspace can be of great assistance, even more so when you’re looking to repair Outlook error message 554 – you’ll see what i found in the next few minutes. Why scratch your head looking for reliable answers when i can set you up with some useful knowledge which isn’t usually found without a lot of digging. Benefitting from this helpful information, you’ll soon be able to “revive” your lost Outlook, so pay close attention for a moment or two.

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Actually, you’ll soon have the ability to “revive” your lost Outlook; just read on and i will share my knowledge about what you might need for this. You’re already familiar with the fact that many people don’t know how to backup their .Pst file – alas, this is not an isolated problem and you could encounter other difficulties you might encounter that need to be fixed. Was a solution on the web? after some sleuthing, seeking to establish a solution i could believe in, i believe that i found it with a new repair tool. We all know of course that it’ll recover data from Encrypted files, but is that everything it’ll do for us? No, it’s not. One more rather crucial ability which i found out while i studied this topic: it retrieves all your lost Outlook data.

You might find other’s who boast that they can perform similarly; however, i believe that this one is exactly on target for this issue. Think about it for a minute: are there even more purposes that could be to your advantage and could suit your needs? Here is one idea – use it to detect other Outlook problems you weren’t aware of. To tell the truth, at first glance, i was a little doubtful about its value to me, however, i’ve been amazed that there is almost unlimited potential in it.

When you’re ready to make your move to repair Outlook error message 554, please keep in mind that soon more people will be “jumping on the bandwagon”. I’m sure that you’ll come across a variety of information on this when you’ve finished this report, don’t forget to make any decisions founded on your own intuition and knowledge. No doubt that the area of Data Backup & Restore has lacked good solutions for way too long – fortunately for us, someone has taken this matter on and this is great news for all (and things will only get better after some tweaking). During your searches, perhaps you saw conflicting ideas about this; it is often very hard to confirm some solid and highly credible recommendations that you are searching for. Although it was a quick article, it gives you what you require to locate and put to use the information you were seeking for.

Quickly repair Outlook error message 554 now!

DigitalMR appoints Tom Hogg as commercial director to forge deeper client relationships

London (PRWEB UK) 13 March 2012

Tom’s previous role at Kantar Worldpanel was business development director, where he worked with fresh foods fmcg clients in setting up consumer panel research services to deliver critical business insights.

He joins social media research specialist DigitalMR to implement sales and marketing strategies to promote awareness and drive uptake of its online research portfolio.

DigitalMR has developed a range of social media research tools and techniques since its inception in August 2010. The demand now exists to forge deeper relationships and work in partnership with clients, to share expertise and enable clients to get maximum value from their social market research programmes.

Tom has a global remit and will be based in London, reporting directly into DigitalMR Group MD, Michalis Michael. Commenting on the appointment Michael said “The appointment of Tom marks the next phase of growth for DigitalMR. Building on our continued development of innovative solutions for our clients, we can now give greater focus to bringing these solutions to market.”

Tom brings 8 years of professional experience in market research and strategy consultancy to the company and said of his appointment, “It’s great to join at this important stage of growth and development, at a time when digital research is providing new and innovative types of insights to marketers. The team has developed an impressive range of solutions and I’m looking forward to using them to help our clients use customer engagement to its full potential.”


Michalis A. Michael


tel.: +44 751 571 0370

Notes to Editor

DigitalMR understands what people think and feel when they share views online. It is a specialist agency which provides a holistic approach to web based market research. It specialises in utilising social media research, especially active web-listening, and online communities to enhance its business consulting approach. The agency has pioneered new methods in online focus groups alongside tools such as video diaries, bulletin boards and online ethnography. DigitalMR is headed by founder and Group MD, Michalis Michael and has offices in London UK, Nicosia Cyprus, and Columbus Ohio, in the US.

MI Windows and Doors Improves Team Member Communication With Electronic Bulletin Boards

Gratz, PA (PRWEB) October 08, 2013

As the business continues to grow with the new ownership, MI Windows and Doors has put new energy and effort into updating their employee communication system. Electronic communication boards, dubbed Team Windows, are powered by the Marlin Co. software (, and have been installed in all offices and manufacturing facilities to better inform employees of events, policies, safety tips, and changes to the organization.

“The new electronic bulletin boards have been outstanding tools for communicating success stories and goals in safety, quality and productivity across the organization,” said Mike DeSoto, COO. “It has been especially powerful for introducing new team members to the MIWD Way.”

The content included on the electronic communication boards spans a wide range of subjects from local weather and sports updates to announcements of new hires to safety precautions and policies. Communication throughout the business is essential to its growth – with manufacturing facilities in four locations across the nation (Gratz, PA, Hegins, PA, Prescott Valley, AZ, and Carrollton, TX) information sharing helps to build the MIWD community.

The new Team Windows are part of a continuing strategy of improving communications among team members. “We started messaging with a basic strategy of providing concise information that is visually interesting and boosts employee awareness and education,” stated Sherri Hebda, Human Resources and Team Window Coordinator. “It’s still in the early stages, but we’ve received a lot of positive team member feedback.”

About MIWD

Founded in 1947, MI Windows and Doors is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of energy efficient vinyl, aluminum, and composite windows and doors. With plants across the country, MIWD offers a broad spectrum of windows and doors backed by exemplary customer service. The company’s character, integrity, and commitment are exemplified by the people that represent it nationwide. For more information about MIWD, visit

U.S. Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Ecosystem Market: Digital Signage, Kiosks, Drive Through Terminals, Point of Sales, Handheld devices, Digital Menu Cards

Albany, New York (PRWEB) August 25, 2014

According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research “U.S. Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Ecosystem Market (Digital Signage, Kiosks, Drive through terminals, Point of Sales, Handheld devices, Digital menu cards) – Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 – 2019” the QSR ecosystem market in the U.S. was valued at USD 3,506.9 million in 2012. The market, on the basis of components, is segmented into hardware, software and services, with hardware and software solutions further segmented into various sub-segments. Within hardware components, digital signage was the largest contributor and accounted for 45.6% of the overall hardware segment revenue in 2012. However, kiosk is expected to be the fastest growing segment during the forecast period, growing at a CAGR of 12.3% from 2013 to 2019. This is mainly due to increasing demand for self service options. Within the software segment, billing and management solutions held the largest share in 2012 and is expected to be fastest growing segment owing to increasing demand for customized software tailored to specific needs of the restaurateurs.

Browse the full U.S. Quick Service Restaurant Ecosystem Market report:

QSRs are primarily known for their dynamic setting where orders are taken promptly, payment is made and food is handed over to customers in a short time. The payment mechanism is rapidly changing with the growth of restaurants designed on fast service models. Almost all significant digital changes in quick service restaurants are primarily driven by the growing need of clarity, speed, and accuracy in transactions.

Digital signage held the largest share of QSR ecosystem market. While some QSRs adopted for digital signage to keep customers occupied during rush, others use them to display menus. Over the past few years, the points of sale (PoS) devices have become more compact and efficient. With technological advances, new range of battery powered PoS devices offer wireless access to communication network for payment processing. On the other hand, many customers are interested in self service aspect of QSR. Self service kiosks are expected to grow at faster rate compared to POS devices over the forecast period as they improve accuracy, shorten perceived wait time and allow efficient workforce management.

Browse Full Quick Service Restaurant Ecosystem Market Press Release:

The U.S QSR ecosystem market contain numerous players. Major industry participants include Keywest Technology Inc., Nanonation, Inc. NEC Display Solutions Ltd., Cisco System Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Omnivex Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., LG Display Co. Ltd., and REDYREF Inc. among others.

The report studies the U.S. QSR ecosystem market, and provides estimates and forecast in terms of revenue (USD Million) for the period 2012 to 2019. Market estimates are provided on the basis of component types. The market has been segmented as follows:

U.S. QSR Ecosystem Market, by Component

Signage systems
Drive through terminals
Point of sales (POS)
Handheld devices
Digital menu cards
Billing solutions and management solutions
Analytics software solutions (bid data analytics)

Get report sample PDF copy from here: