Expanding your business with Digital signage

Nowadays when we walk into banks, airports or malls, we can see LCDs and plasma screens flashing important information or instruction and sometimes colorful advertisements of some products are also visible. These are basically digital signs which have replaced static signs seen previously. The advancement in technology has led to an increased use of digital signage for various purposes. They can be commonly seen and many industries are making use of them due to their appeal and functionality. With these signs, all businesses have reaped the benefits in the form of increasing customers and thus expanded considerably.

The digital signs are displayed on LCD, plasma screens, electronic billboards, projectors and LEDs. These signs not only contain texts but can also include images, pictures, animations, music and recordings to make the message more intriguing and attractive. Before understanding the procedure of digital signage, it is vital to comprehend the reasons for its use. Using digital signs can serve a lot of purposes. General information regarding health and safety can be displayed at different public locations. For instance, screens are used in railway stations for showing information about trains etc. The second main purpose of using digital signs is to advertise. This is one of the best forms of advertising as it can rivet people.

Often businesses use digital screen for building brand loyalty amongst people. It is a very effective way of ensuring brand awareness by installing the screens in the right places. Sometimes, these signs can also be installed to enhance the environment. They can display information and advertisement alongside and add to the environment of a particular place. The first thing people need to do for digital signage is to decide suitable locations where they can put the signs. It is essential to select the areas and places where they will reach the targeted customers. People can hire expert firms which can provide specialists services or undertake the task on their own.

People need to connect the display screens to the main computer from which the program is run. Programs such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Flash Players, Keynote etc are some of the necessary tools which are needed to come up with the content which has to be displayed in the advertisement. The content in digital signage can make a huge difference as the right message has to be conveyed. Technical support is also a prerequisite when putting up digital screens. Other applications can also be added to make the advertisement more strong.

There are numerous advantages of using digital signs over traditional signs. Digital signs are more advanced and therefore updating all of them is not hassling. With the computer, people can easily update and change the content or any other aspect. This is time saving and ensures that the correct information is available at the right time. It is also an effective method of getting more and more customers. Furthermore, it is cost effective to install and maintain these systems in the long run. In case of any problems, people can hire professionals for digital signage services and thus improve their business.


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ING Direct is the most popular bank according to customer comments on the Internet, reveals first annual UK Banking Social Media Report by DigitalMR

(PRWEB UK) 22 March 2012

Social media research specialist DigitalMR releases the first ever annual UK Banking Social Media Report on what customers are saying about UK high street banks online. DigitalMR analysed over 200,000 customer comments about high street banks across January to December 2011.

For the first time, UK banks will be able to gauge customer perceptions of their performance against that of their competitors across a range of criteria for the whole of 2011.

DigitalMR Group Managing Director, Michalis Michael commented: “This report provides a national benchmark for how banking brands are perceived by customers online. Banks attracting criticism will be able to use the analysis to find out how they can improve their competitive position.”

Report Highlights

Top 5 Net Sentiment Score

DigitalMR’s report measures, not only the number of comments posted by consumers on the internet, but also sentiment – whether these posts are positive or negative. The difference in the number of positive to negative posts that each bank attracts, provides it with a Net Sentiment Score (NSS). NSS is an overall percentage score of net positive posts. Of the Top 10 banks measured across 2011, the five best performers in terms of achieving the highest NSS were:

1)    ING Direct 57.5%

2)    Halifax 43.3%

3)    Clydesdale Bank 41.7%

4)    Barclays 37.4%

5)    Santander 26.4%

The Royal Bank of Scotland was the only bank from the Top 10, which achieved a negative NSS with (-2.1%). The next lowest was Bank of Ireland with a NSS of 0.5%.

Overall mentions – top 5 UK banks that receive the highest share of online mentions:

1)    HSBC (14.4%)

2)    Lloyds TSB (13.5%)

3)    Halifax (10%)

4)    RBS (9.6%)

5)    Santander UK (9%)

There is a large difference in the positive and negative mentions that some of the banks attract. HSBC (9.5%), Halifax (9.5%) and Lloyds TSB (7.8%) received the highest share of positive posts.

However both HSBC (12.1%) and Lloyds TSB (10.8%) received a relatively higher proportion of negative comments. Conversely Halifax accounted for only 6.2% of negative comments compared with a much larger proportion (9.5%) of positive ones.

The Top 5 most discussed topics across January to December were:


Credit Cards

Customer Care

Online Banking


Loans attracted nearly 15,000 mentions on the internet. However, banks are likely to turn their attention to the topics that attracted a greater number of negative comments. The three most discussed topics with negative mentions were Customer Care, Loans and Bank Employees.

The full report covers:

    Share of voice for all banks.
    Monthly trend for top 10 banks.
    Top 10 Topics by number of mentions.
    The disruptive forces that social network users will have on banks.
    Individual focus of the top 10 banks.
    Social Media presence.
    Recommendations on strategy for the use of Social Media Research.

DigitalMR’s report (powered by SocialNuggets) analysed thousands of customer comments posted via a range of relevant finance related websites and open access social media platforms. It measures, not only the number of comments posted by consumers on the internet, but also sentiment – whether these posts are positive or negative.

Results are based on comments posted by consumers on the major UK banks including: Lloyds TSB, HSBC, Halifax, NatWest, Bank of Ireland, Santander, Barclays, RBS, ING Direct, Clydesdale Bank, Saxo Bank, American Express, First Direct, Bank of Scotland, Abbey, Northern Rock, Northern Bank and Alliance and Leicester.

For more information on the full report, contents and further data click here


For further information on the UK Banking Social Media Report.

Michalis A. Michael


tel: +44 751 571 0370


About DigitalMR

DigitalMR understands what people think and feel when they share views online. It is a specialist agency which provides a holistic approach to web based market research. It specialises in utilising social media research, especially active web-listening, and online communities to enhance its business consulting approach. The agency has pioneered new methods in online focus groups alongside tools such as video diaries, bulletin boards and online ethnography. DigitalMR is headed by founder and Group MD, Michalis Michael and has offices in London UK, Nicosia Cyprus, and Columbus Ohio, in the US.

About SocialNuggets

SocialNuggets technology delivers real-time market intelligence for fast moving industries by analyzing data from various social media sources with a mission to liberate social media data and sentiment analysis for use in real-time research of brands, products and features. SocialNuggets delivers ready to use market intelligence for various industry verticals including consumer electronics and banking. SocialNuggets data is delivered in bite size, ready-to-consume, infographics and is also available in the form of a full access to our data warehouse for analysis and integration with customers’ data. SocialNuggets, a Serendio company, was founded in 2011 with headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. For more information, please visit http://www.SocialNuggets.net

TouchSystems Announces Flagship IDS Series Touch Screens and All-in-Ones

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 21, 2014

TouchSystems today announced the new TouchSystems IDS Series. The company’s flagship line of displays, which include a number of all-in-one solutions, range from 10 to 42 inches, are bezel-free, offer dual touch, and include models ideal for use in desktop, digital signage and customizable open-frame scenarios.

Carol Nordin, president of TouchSystems, said, “TouchSystems brings solutions to market that meet our customers’ needs, both through our partnerships with leading display manufacturers and through innovative touch-enabled displays and all-in-ones under the TouchSystems brand. Our new IDS Series of interactive, digital signage solutions combines a sleek and stylish bezel-free design with dual-touch technology and optional all-in-one functionality at a desirable price point for our customers.”

TouchSystems IDS Series touch screens include:

10.1-inch, 21.5-inch, 32-inch and 42-inch sizes
Sleek, stylish bezel-free design
Dual-touch technology

TouchSystems IDS Series all-in-ones include:

21.5-inch, 32-inch and 42-inch sizes
Intel i3 processor standard, optional i5 processors
4GB memory standard
320GB hard drive
Sleek, stylish bezel-free design
Dual-touch technology

The TouchSystems IDS series of displays and all-in-ones is available through TouchSystems’ distribution partners. Customers can also contact TouchSystems to create custom solutions.

Since 1996, TouchSystems has been a pioneer in display enhancement technologies. TouchSystems works with customers to create innovative solutions such as desktop touch monitors, interactive digital signage, all-in-one systems, kiosks, and industrial controls and peripherals. TouchSystems is based in Hutto, Texas and is a certified woman- and minority-owned small business. For more information, call (512) 846-2424 or visit http://www.touchsystems.com. TouchSystems also can be followed on Twitter at http://twitter.com/Touch_Systems.

Carson-Dellosa Taps Local Community Talent for 2012 Catalog

Greensboro, NC (PRWEB) March 27, 2012

Soon, teachers across the country will be receiving their 2012 Carson-Dellosa product catalogs and the company has more to offer than ever before. In addition to over 280 innovative new products, this year’s catalog also features new digital offerings and twelve months of coupons.

Page three of the catalog displays Carson-Dellosa’s new Learning Spot™ Lessons with instructions for a free, full unit download. Learning Spot™ Lessons, comprehensive digital lesson plans for interactive whiteboards and computers offer teachers a variety of tools to promote engaged learning and simplify classroom management. The catalog also premiers new bulletin board sets featuring the one-and-only OLIVIA™, several new items added to the award-winning Guinness World Record® line, and much more!

In order to help teachers save money on the products they need for their classrooms, for the first time ever, Carson-Dellosa has also included twelve months of valuable coupons.

The publishing company was also thrilled to include local, North Carolina talent in the catalog artwork. The cover and several inside pages include photography shot by local photographer Stacey Haines, on location at Diggs-Latham Elementary School in Winston-Salem. The photos feature real teachers, parents, and students from Diggs-Latham and other area schools.

This year, catalog recipients will also find a variety of insightful teaching tips and ideas throughout the pages, contributed by Carson-Dellosa’s highly engaged Facebook fan community.

“This catalog paints a full picture of our relationship with teachers, parents, and students,” said Judy L. Harris, CEO of Carson-Dellosa. “We actively seek out and include teacher and parent input in all we do, from product development to our catalog and even our website. This customer-centric, insight-driven approach helps us to create the kinds of innovative products and programs teachers and parents need to successfully motivate and educate students today.”

Download your free Learning Spot™ Lesson Unit. To learn more about Carson-Dellosa click here.

About Carson-Dellosa

Carson-Dellosa Publishing, LLC, based in Greensboro, North Carolina, is a leading supplemental curriculum solutions provider for both educators and parents around the world. Founded by two teachers, the company boasts a 35-year history of enhancing a child’s learning potential and environment through quality curriculum, supplemental learning materials, and classroom resources.

Carson-Dellosa proudly provides teachers, parents, and children around the world with the best possible educational materials produced by the industry’s most recognized and respected award-winning brands including: Summer Bridge Activities™, Mark Twain Publishing, Key Education, HighReach Learning®, Frank Schaffer®, Spectrum®, Judy® Instructo, American Education Publishing™, and Brighter Child®. To learn more about Carson-Dellosa, visit carsondellosa.com, Facebook.com/CarsonDellosa, Twitter.com/CDPub, YouTube.com/CarsonDellosaPub, or Pinterest.com/CarsonDellosa.

JBG and TransitScreen Partner on Real-Time Transportation Displays

Washington, DC (PRWEB) August 21, 2014

TransitScreen, a Washington, D.C.-based transportation technology firm, has signed its largest-ever real estate agreement with The JBG Companies, a fully integrated investment, management and development firm located in Chevy Chase, MD. The agreement will provide real-time transportation displays in JBG properties across the Washington Metropolitan region, making it possible for residents and office tenants to see live information on public transit conditions in their areas.

The large display screens will be mounted in building lobbies and will track current schedules and conditions for Metro, Metro bus, car2go service, as well as Capital Bikeshare. TransitScreen recently completed a successful six-month pilot with a live dashboard in JBG’s corporate headquarters.

“The TransitScreen service quickly became a tool for our staff,” said Rod Lawrence, a JBG partner. “We were able to judge things like whether Metro would get us to a mid-day meeting on time or if we should adjust an evening commute. Given our transit-oriented portfolio, this real-time information will prove invaluable to our residents and office workers. It is a great support in our work to create active and sustainable destinations, and we’re excited to add this reliable service.”

Last year, JBG created its own real-time transit displays at four residential buildings that operated with mixed results. The search for external solutions led them to TransitScreen.

To date, TransitScreen has worked primarily with city transit agencies, large employers and property management firms. This agreement represents the largest real estate project for TransitScreen and is an enormous validation for the growing company’s products and services.

“We are thrilled to work with JBG, the preeminent D.C.-area’s investor, owner and developer,” said TransitScreen cofounder Ryan Croft. “Given JBG’s commitment to transit-oriented developments and sustainability, we think it’s a natural fit. We will work together to improve access to sustainable transportation and promote walkable, bike-friendly, and transit-oriented communities.”

The JBG installation will be conducted in phases. The first phase will begin this fall and expects to have TransitScreen displays in dozens of residential and commercial properties by early next year. JBG’s portfolio includes 23.6 million square feet of office, residential, hotel and retail space.

About The JBG Companies

Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Md., The JBG Companies is a private real estate development firm that develops, owns and manages office, residential, hotel and retail properties. The company has more than $ 10 billion in assets under management and development in the Washington, DC area. Since 1960, JBG has been active in the communities where it invests, striving to make a positive impact. More information can be found by visiting the company’s website: http://www.JBG.com, or by calling 240.333.3600.

About TransitScreen

TransitScreen is a privately held transportation software and digital signage company and a pioneer in providing real-time transit information displays. The TransitScreen service is a live, real-time display of all transportation options at a specific location (including subway, bus, train, bikeshare, and carshare). Founded in 2012, TransitScreen makes transit information more accessible, viewable and engaging so that commuters, visitors, residents and employees can make informed transit decisions. TransitScreen is a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) solution to create sustainable, walkable, bike-friendly cities of the future and inform citizens, promote behavior change, and reduce parking and traffic on city streets. Today, thousands of people live and work in institutions, organizations, companies and shops displaying TransitScreen’s multimodal transit information. TransitScreen is based in Washington, DC with offices in San Francisco and Chicago.

The Right Message Gets the Right Results

As a telemarketer, you probably have dozens and dozens of experience of answering machines that answer your calls instead of real people. This may be very depressing on your part since you really want to make that sale. Nowadays a lot of people don’t spend much time in their own homes that’s why you get that “Please leave a message after the beep” message all the time. So how can you make that sale knowing most of your calls will go through an answering machine that will answer your call? All is not lost. As a telemarketer from a respectable call center, you just have to leave the right message to the right kind of people. For example, you call someone from a reputable company with intent of selling some of the products that you have on your product line-up. Don’t let them immediately know that you want to sell them something. Instead, try to tell them that you’re interested in talking about their company like what they do or what are their goals. Try to sound something like this: “Good day, I was looking around the internet and saw your website for your company. I’m interested in what your company does. Maybe we could meet sometime, just give me a callback. Thanks!” As you can see on this message that you would sound like you just wanted to meet the person and talk about their company. Most prospect customers, especially those with companies and businesses, would not be able to resist the opportunity to deal business transactions with other people, especially if it’s a chance for the company to financially gain with the outcome of the transaction. If you can, try to tell them about what you are offering them only when they ask. Also, here’s another example: “Good day, my name is —– and I represent a company called —- We cater to the needs of people especially with your stature. We have a lot of products in store that you may be interested in. Just give us a callback anytime so that we can discuss the business deal. Thanks.” The example above is not a very good way to start selling something since you already want to sell the product even at the start of the call. Most people, with business or not, will just stop your message half-way through and just skip to the next one if they hear this type of message. So always remember to plan what you’re going to say to get that necessary sale. You can also try teleprospecting first before you do any actual telesales ventures. When we say teleprospecting it means that you will first gather information about possible leads for you to sell your products and services effectively and to the right kind of people. This can also act as your research material so you would know how to rub your potential clients the right way. Remember that most people hate the idea of other people trying to sell them something but love the feeling and power of buying something. Most people are natural born shoppers. You just need to know what they want to shop. Just build a strong relationship first by leaving a message, then when your client calls back you can now build rapport in order to find out their needs so that you may be able to find a solution to their problems by the use of your product. Who knows, you might even get strong referrals from that company along the way. Just always remember to stick to the facts.

Belinda Summers works as a professional consultant. She helps businesses increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through telemarketing. To know more about this visit: http://www.callboxinc.com/

Blue Frog Books of Howell, MI Wins “Best New Retail Business in Livingston County” in the People’s Choice Awards Held by the Livingston County Press and Argus

Howell, MI (PRWEB) August 21, 2014

The newly opened independent bookstore has made a name for itself by offering different types of events featuring local authors, musicians, poets and photographers. On any given weekend you will be sure to find something to attend at Blue Frog Books. They also offer Story Time for the kids, Writing Workshops for budding authors, thousands of titles in-stock, millions of titles available to special order, and a level of service that is hard for larger retailers to compete with.

Blue Frog Books also offers photographic services including scanning of images from pictures, film, or slides, photo restoration, digital corrective artwork, creative project help, custom design of cards, invitations, collages, and signage, large format printing on canvas, art paper, photo paper and adhesive backed material. Blue Frog gives its customers a place to take their precious images when quality and accountability matter. Another thing the big box stores have forgotten about.

The idea is simple, try to make a place where the customers matter and are a growing part of the equation. Whether it be curating the book selections or bringing in a new sideline or photo service. Owner Penny Coleman has been quoted saying, “It’s a conversation, not just a transaction,” offering a real idea of what you can expect when you walk through the door of the “Best New Retail Business” in Livingston County.    

To see the whole story, please visit this link.

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