Casting Back; Store is snapshot of summers past

Casting Back; Store is snapshot of summers past
She doesn't have to go far to recall her customers' faces — they smile down at her from snapshots posted on the bulletin board on the front porch. "These are people that came back and got … That still left a porch across the front of the store …
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Communities in the making: Penn Staters come together through Yammer
A digital bulletin board and a connection point for 1,300 OPP staff, Up for Grabs is a good example of how Yammer can be used. Since 2012, group members have used Up for Grabs to sell such items as furniture, cameras and cars as well as meet new OPP …
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Bigfork team competes at international event
After pin exchanges and pin purchases Hoveland said she has about 200 pins displayed on a bulletin board at home. Hubbard said one of the highlights of the trip was sightseeing at the World's Fair Park and taking an elevator ride up the Sunsphere …
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Smart Women Have a Clear Message

A few weeks ago, while vacationing with my family in Park City, I injured my low back ice-skating with my daughter Jenna.  It was quite painful and required me to lay low for a couple of days.  I watched a few movies, did some reading and caught up on emails.  Some of the email promotions really “pulled me in” and got my full attention, while I found others far less interesting, causing me to leave the promotion quickly.  What was the difference?  What caused me to “linger” or “leave”?  This got me thinking about how Smart Women have a clear marketing message.

With all of the information we receive each day, it’s critical that you keep your message simple and easy to understand.  Getting laser clear on who benefits from your product or service (i.e. your ideal client) is key to your success.  When your ideal client reads your marketing message, you want them to understand quickly how you can help them.

Here are three tips to help you hone your message to your ideal client and ensure that when they open your email, letter, postcard or video they understand what you have to offer is exactly what they need:

1.  Offer Specific Benefits – You can go to Google or other search engines and obtain almost any “general” information you want online.  The days of offering “general” information and getting paid well for it are over.  In your marketing message, you need to share specific benefits or outcomes that your ideal client will get when they work with you or use your product.  Remember “WIIFM.” (What’s In It For Me?)  Your client has a problem and they want it solved.  Period.  I found myself “lingering” on promotions that were clear how their program or service could help me.

2.  How does it work? – Be very clear about how your program or service works.  Is it by phone?  In-person?  Online?  Let them know when the program begins, how long it will last and what they can expect.  If they can visualize your process, it will make it easier for them to make a decision.

3.  Make it a “no-brainer” – When you have an offer, make it easy for them to buy or sign-up right now on the spot.  Give them clear instructions on how to contact you or your team for more information.  I found myself attracted to certain promotions when I had easy to follow instructions on how to take the next step.

That afternoon, lying on the sofa reading my emails was a helpful exercise.  It gave me time to pause and reflect on my own marketing message and discover how I can serve women entrepreneurs more effectively.  I invite you to schedule some time for this as well.  It will make a huge difference in your marketing message, which in turn means more of your ideal client and greater income.  

Anything is possible.  Everything is waiting for you.


© 2010 Joy Chudacoff


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Voice message broadcasting

As there are a lot of vantages to utilizing Voice message broadcasting to big audiences since you could take benefit of these automobile telephone dial for mass communications to thousands of call receivers at once. Although, a voice electronic messaging service is the most excellent manner to reach to your possible customers by these surveys or present time clients with an individualized or same massage to allow them experience concerning forthcoming consequences, discounts, sales event or new merchandise releases. Additionally, there are choices that could make your calls more fertile, perhaps becoming them into gross sales, hinging upon how you assemble your system.

There are two types of Voice message broadcasting systems. The beginning is an on location organization which necessitates you to purchase the computer with negotiation phoning voice cards increased to a computing device’s CPU board & particular calling software to act together with the voice cards.  This could get extremely valuable, especially if you calculate the preservation of the system plus may have to employ a special person to work at it whenever it breaks down. This is how come the second selection is so beautiful and attractive.

The next alternative is to employ an on-line system. A web-altered voice broadcast system devotes you the entire elasticity you demand. You reimburse exactly for the long-distance call and that is it. There are no worries to concern about it.

Moreover, most companies are on a tiered determining scale which could hurt littler businesses. You may desire to attempt to struggle on in large quantities voice broadcasting which will provide you directly the rating nearer to one penny per moment.  The Voice message broadcasting software system would make available you with custom-made accounts, establishing you a numbered of finished plus deliver. Thus the information could give you whole the selling information you demand to modify and get improved consequences on future campaign.  

Message broad casting could be an extremely cost efficient if exercised appropriately. It will definitely give you with the several of the aimed superiority extends for your business Voice message broadcasting is turning more well-liked & being utilized through various businesses, campaigns, charity systems, & security interest companies.

Voice message broadcasting could be planned to deliver the communication to electronic device or live someone’s but in most cases explore demonstrates that a blended campaign workings preeminently.

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What Are The Benefits Of Internet Control Message Protocol?

similarly, this second data message pdu is also the above pdu 210. The bandwidth utilization may be calculated and obtained through the following equation: Bandwidth utilization=(1-ber)pdu length(pdu length-pdu header)/pdu length, which is not limited in this embodiment. The receiving terminal 120 calculates bandwidth utilizations of the available pdu types of pdu lengths that are configured in the RRC message when the connection is established, selects a pdu length corresponding to the maximum bandwidth utilization as the length of the changed second data message pdu. After the receiving terminal 120 determines the length of the second data message pdu, it informs the transmitting terminal 110 about the length of the second data message pdu through the pdu change request.

Finally, in Step (D), the transmitting terminal 110 transmits data to the receiving terminal 120 by utilizing the second data message pdu mentioned in the pdu change request, and the transmitting terminal 110 generates the second data message pdu according to the record of the pdu change request, and sets the data length reset bit in the second data message pdu as 1 when transmitting the second data message pdu for the first time, so as to inform the receiving terminal 120 to receive the subsequent pdu with the updated pdu length. After receiving the second data message pdu, the receiving terminal 120 changes the used pdu length.

It should be noted that, besides the circumstance that the transmitting terminal 110 changes to transmit data to the receiving terminal 120 with the second data message pdu according to the pdu change request transmitted from the receiving terminal 120, the transmitting terminal 110 may automatically generate an appropriate pdu length of a third data message To sum up, the data transmission system and method for dynamically adjusting the pdu length in the present invention, applicable for dynamically adjusting and achieving the most appropriate pdu length according to the ber or the BER of data transmission, has the following advantages. pdu according to the ber or the BER fed back from the receiving terminal 120. The third data message pdu, similar to the second data message pdu, is a kind of the data message pdu. The transmitting terminal 110 uses the third data message pdu to transmit data. The steps for the transmitting terminal 110 to transmit data with the third data message pdu are similar to those for transmitting data with the second data message pdu, which thus will not be further described herein any more.

To make the above data transmission method be more clearly understood, a timing chart is taken as an example for illustration. FIG. 4 is a timing chart of the data transmission system and method according to this embodiment. Referring to FIG. 4, first, a connection is established between the transmitting terminal 110 and the receiving terminal 120. Next, the transmitting terminal 110 sequentially transmits the first data message pdus with the sequence numbers (SN) as 0, 1, 2 to the receiving terminal 120, wherein the used pdu length is 18, and the initial value of the data length reset bit is 0. After receiving the first data message pdus, the receiving terminal 120 performs the check sum operation, and feeds back the checking result to the transmitting terminal 110 with the data acknowledgement message pdu. In this example, the receiving terminal 120 found that the first data message pdu with the sequence number of 2 needs to be retransmitted, and at this time, the receiving terminal 120 calculates an appropriate pdu length.

After the calculation, the receiving terminal 120 informs the transmitting terminal 110, with the data message length change requirement pdu, to transmit data with the second data message pdu having the pdu length of 25. After receiving the data message length change requirement pdu, if the transmitting terminal 110 cannot get read to transmit data with the second data message pdu in real time, it transmits the data with the original first data message pdu. If the transmitting terminal 110 got ready to transmit data with the second data message pdu, it transmits data with the second data message pdu, and at this time, the transmitting terminal 110 sets the data length reset bit as 1 to inform the receiving terminal 120 to change the predetermined pdu length for receiving.

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Terms of Service

Terms of Service
By placing material on, including but not limited to posting content or communications to any bulletin board, forum, blogspace, message or chat area, or posting text, images, audio files or other audio-visual content to the …
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Osage Middle School/High School library gets a makeover
Next year, there will be bulletin board space specifically designated to a new digital arts class that will combine digital photography with graphic design. “The space will be a place to showcase the printed art work of the students' digital creations …
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Kelley Drye Announces New Partners and Special Counsel
A regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, he authors articles related to litigation, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing, and internal investigations. Mr. Luzadder has been recognized as a 2014 Client Service All-Star by …

Learning Next-Gen Digital Signage at HITEC 14

Learning Next-Gen Digital Signage at HITEC 14
22MILES (Booth#1643) will host learning sessions of their interactive, digital signage, and kiosk content software, Swift Publisher, with NEW enhanced next-generation features for cross-platform content development, at HITEC 2014 hospitality technology …
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Useful DSP-100E Digital Signage Players From China Digital Signage Supplier
Recently,, a renowned digital signage supplier, has released its new designs of DSP-100E Digital Signage Players. Also, the company is now launching a promotion for its useful players. All the company's current and prospective …

Registration Open for SKIMs Spring 2013 Marketing Research Webinar Series

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 22, 2013

SKIM, an international market research agency, will kick off its 2013 Spring Webinar Series with “Using social media in a ‘brandless’ category,” presented by communication and social media research expert Sourabh Sharma on Thursday, February 28. Registration for the entire series is available at

1) Using social media in a ‘brandless’ category

February 28, 2013

1pm EST

Presenter: Sourabh Sharma, communication and social media research expert

Digital communications is today’s leading marketing force, owing to the fact that consumers have candid conversations about brands online. Yet, it is especially challenging to derive insights in a category where there is brand saturation, or where the category overpowers the brands themselves, making it virtually “brandless.” Illustrated by a butter/margarine category case study – and touching on the fundamentals of social media research – Sharma will show attendees how to revitalize digital communications with greater effectiveness in “brandless” categories.

2) Menu-Based Conjoint: A new method

March 14, 2013

1pm EST

Presenters: Eline van der Gaast, new venture director, and Christopher Fotenos, project manager consumer goods

Consumer choices are getting more complex in the face of wide-ranging options and opportunities to personalize. This poses an ongoing challenge for marketers seeking to offer the right product configuration at the right price. We can now model and predict complex consumer choices, such as through menu-based or personalized offers. Menu-Based Conjoint (MBC) is an optimal methodology marketers seeking an optimal product configuration. Featuring an entertaining fictional, non-technical case study, attendees will learn about this new methodology, the special insights it yields, and the scope of its application.

3) Marketing medical nutrition

March 28, 2013

1pm EST

Presenter: Laura Dekker, project manager healthcare

Increasingly, medical nutrition solutions are being developed to treat or prevent diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, sarcopenia, HIV and obesity. Previously, drugs have been predominantly prescribed for these conditions, while medical nutrition has been traditionally used only to address malnutrition. Medical nutrition is therefore not yet perceived as an obvious solution to treat or prevent diseases. Successfully marketing these products presents numerous challenges. Join the presenters as they share how you can take on the challenges of marketing medical nutrition.

4) A consultant, researcher & client walk into a bar: An unfiltered look at the consumer insights process

April 11, 2013

1pm EST

Presenter: Juan Andres Tello, regional director consumer Americas

The consumer insight process brings together multiple stakeholders working towards one goal: making better business decisions affecting consumers. However, interactions between practitioners can hinder the process. Differing skills, individual agendas and conflicting visions of “success” can sometimes make the process rocky and less effective. This story brings together three unfiltered views of the insights world – from a client, researcher, and consultant – providing an honest look at what we should learn from each other to make the process seamless, become more well-rounded practitioners, and ultimately drive impactful decisions and strategies.

5) Online moderating around the clock

April 25, 2013

1pm EST

Presenters: Hannah Baker Hitzhusen, director healthcare, and Daisy Lau, project manager healthcare

SKIM recently implemented and managed a global online bulletin board in 10 different countries with the goal of generating new product ideas and marketing solutions for a client. Full respondent engagement combined with total moderator immersion resulted in a deep exploration of the respondents’ working environment and daily activities. Hitzhusen and Lau will share and discuss what continuous online engagement can offer over traditional qualitative research.

6) Pricing beliefs uncovered: A meta-analysis of 200+ price elasticity studies covering 7,000 SKUs and 500 brands

May 9, 2013

1pm EST

Presenters: Juan Andres Tello, regional director consumer Americas, and Daniela Piacenza, account director

Setting the right price is vital for every company. It allows you to communicate your brand’s value in relation to competitive offerings and is therefore a major marketing lever. The question remains: How far can one go in increasing price while still maintaining the perceived value of the brand? Over the past five years, SKIM has carried out more than 200 pricing studies covering 18 different countries, more than 7,000 SKUs and about 500 brands in 45 product categories. Tapping into this wealth of information we have sought to create a database to leverage knowledge and identify behavioral trends on pricing. Join Tello and Piacenza for this webinar in which they will reveal the three main factors that drive price elasticity.

About SKIM

Founded in 1979, SKIM is a dynamic and rapidly growing market research agency with offices in New York, San Francisco, Rotterdam, Geneva and London. Combining market-specific expertise and knowledge of advanced research methodologies, SKIM is a valued partner for multinational companies in consumer packaged goods, healthcare, consumer health, telecommunications, technology and financial services. Leading companies around the globe rely on SKIM researchers for strategic guidance on pricing, communication and new product development. Visit for more information.