Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signage is exactly what it sounds like: signs that help you find your way around cities, buildings, and offices. First coined by architect Kevin Lynch in his book entitled “The Image of the City” that was published in 1960, the term “wayfinding devices” was first used to refer to maps, street numbers and directional signs. Nothing is so frustrating as arriving on-time for an appointment and then being late for a meeting because it is impossible to find the location of the conference room. If you add to that physical and visual handicaps that also impair the ability of some people to successfully navigate unfamiliar territory, you will easily recognize the need for logical, clearly printed signs.

That is why today’s leading designers of directional signage need to be masters of a variety of disciplines: art, engineering, architecture, social science, law, marketing, and project planning. A well-executed signage plan incorporates the branding, logo, and marketing mission of a company into a unified whole that instantly creates an aura of success, expertise, and dedication to quality for everyone who walks through the door. Many of these signs have to follow legal parameters in design as well as location and installation. It is important to provide visually-impaired clients and associates a safe place to tactilely read the sign, out of the way of swinging doors and pedestrian traffic.

All of the signs your company uses should be part of this unified presentation from the architectural signage outside to window and door graphics, to ADA signage as well as all of your interior signs. Done well everyone who walks in your door will know what you do, your guiding philosophy, the attention you pay to details, and the value you place on your customers without your sales force even having to say a word. A unified branding across all the signage your company uses will allow your representative to create a space on a gymnasium floor that is uniquely branded as yours.

A successful implementation of wayfinding signs as part of your branding signage will:
* insure that a visitor can easily see the starting point and can conceptualize the destination;
* identify the current location at points along the way;
* offer reassurance that the visitor is going in the correct direction along the way;
* help the visitor identify any potential hazards along the way;
* and will identify the destination upon arrival.

Kaiser International is an established sign company that really knows signs and wayfinding signage(s) .

Tips For Posting on a Christian Message Board

Actually, these suggestion would help on any Message Board. Give them a try.

1. It is OK if your post is a one liner like “I’ll be praying” or “You made a good point”. What is a poor practice in posting is making one liner statements like “That’s just plumb dumb” or “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard”. All you will get out of statements like that is a bad response and most likely a warning from a Moderator.

2. Always consider what you’ve written before you press the post button. You may never know what you may have omitted from a sentence that may make what you are saying totally opposite to what you really wanted to say.

3. If you’re angry with the person you are posting to, is right now the time to post or would after a bit of reflection be better. If the reason you are angry is personality conflict, maybe posting back to them isn’t the best course of action. Someone may be rough and not even realize it. Maybe asking a Moderator or Admin to talk to them for you or maybe some other person not involved being a mediator will be the way to make peace. Each situation is different and you what may work in one situation may not in another.

4. Try not to wonder far off the beaten path when participating in conversations. Keep the conversation in the area related to the Original Post (OP). If you go down too many rabbit trails with the conversation, you are doing a dis-service to the one who started the threads original intent. If you want to go down another pathway, start a new thread addressing that rabbit trail.

5. Don’t assume anything if there seems a problem with another poster. Ask them to clarify what they are saying before you do anything else. You may even send them a private message before you continue on… If you find the poster you have a problem with is just being plain out mean or unChristian like, Report the post…

These are just a few suggestions to have a peaceful visit to these places.

Pastor Tim Davis is an ordained Baptist Minister and Police Chaplain and has been dealing with online ministries for the past twelve years. Some of his online ministries include the Glory Christian Network Chat at http://gcnhome.net and the PCIM Christian Fellowship Message Board at http://parsonscorner.org/pcimunity

Restaurant Digital Signage ? Digital Menu Boards

Corn Digital provides restaurant digital signage that transformed static menus to dynamic displays with a variety of contents to attract customers, and allows other advantages such as web-based editable menus, schedulable playlists, scrolling text messages with RSS feeds and many more that provides flexibility for restaurant managements to change menu item, price, and promotions faster and easier.


Traditional static menu board before digital signage requires the rotation from one sign to another when needing changes from one daypart to another, and items that are sold out or no longer carried were often still left on the board, covered by tape, or crossed out by marker. However, since the beginning of digital signage, not only have restaurant menu boards been transformed from static to dynamic displays with a variety of contents to attract customers, but they also have other advantages such as web-based editable menus, schedulable playlists, scrolling text messages with RSS feeds and many more that provides flexibility for restaurant managements to change menu item, price, and promotions faster and easier.


One of the fast growing yogurt chain stores has been adopting Corn Digital’s digital signage not only as their menu board but also as their in-store marketing display for promotions and launching product awareness campaigns. With Corn Digital’s Ceres-88 media player and a low cost 42-inch display mounting on the wall behind the counter, the space which they can only place one poster can now display multiple images and videos.


Moreover, with the web-based content management platform, they can make changes to the display anytime from anywhere. Jihane Mahani, one store manager states “. . . I wanted to . . . share the great experience Yogurt Blast had working with Corn Digital. We are very happy with our Digital Menu Board and personally extremely satisfied with the wonderful customer service. I would absolutely work again, and again, with Corn Digital. Thank you . . .”


Another Japanese ramen franchise in the Los Angeles area is also giving Corn Digital’s digital menu board a try at their newly opened food court location inside a shoppong mall. With three 42” LCD displays mounting on the walls behind the cash registers as digital menu board, and another one at the front entrance as welcome sign and marketing display with promotions, specials, and store events. Customer have been extremely satisfy with Corn Digital’s web-based content management interface which requires no installation, is easy to use, allows one-click remote web updating, and menu editing features. Without hiring any additional staff, the store manager has been able to utilize current staff to update menu items, pricing, and images for these digital menu boards.


These are just two examples of Corn Digital’s successful restaurant digital signage deployments. Almost all of our clients who installed digital menu boards are satisfied with their attention-grabbing appeal which leads to increase in overall customer experiences and sales amounts.

For more information Digital Signage please visit http://www.corndigital.com/

Global 3D Animation Market (Services, Hardware, Software) to see 14.1% CAGR to 2019 Says a New Research Report Available at RnRMarketResearch.com

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 15, 2014

Global 3D animation market is estimated to grow from $ 21.06 billion in 2014 to $ 40.78 billion in 2019 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.1% from 2014 to 2019. Geographically, North America is forecasted to be the biggest market for 3D animation technology, while other regions such as Middle-East and Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific (APAC), and Latin America (LA) are forecasted to experience a rise in this market with high CAGRs in the due course. The CAD software offers an easy, cost effective method for designing quality 3D models for architects, engineers, and designers for various industrial spheres such as civil and infrastructure construction, plant design and engineering, aerospace engineering, oil and gas and more. The increasing adoption of CAD is responsible for the growth of this market in manufacturing and design, and architecture, building and construction. The adoption of on-demand software or storage is not very high in this market but is expected to grow at a CAGR of 31.3% in the forecast period.

Complete report is available at http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/3d-animation-market-by-hardware-workstations-video-cardgpu-mocap-system-software-packaged-softwareplatform-sdk-plug-in-software-service-consulting-support-maintenance-development-in-market-report.html .

The 3D animation market is segmented on the basis of components such as hardware, software, and services. The hardware consists of dedicated workstations, video card/GPU, motion capturing systems, and other hardware equipment. The software market is inclusive of packaged software/ platforms, SDK, plug-in software, and other workflow software. The services market comprises of consulting, development and integration, support and maintenance, and product training and certification. The market is also segmented on the basis of deployment, application, verticals, and geographic regions. The total market size is estimated by adding up the individual market sizes of all the components and services of 3D Animation market.

There are a number of prominent players in the 3D animation market, and a whole lot of start-up companies that are providing software platforms to cater to the continuously rising demand of 3D animation software market. Companies profiled in this research include Adobe Systems, Advanced Micro Devices INC., Autodesk, Corel Corporation, Intel Corporation, Lenovo Goup Ltd., Maxon, Nvidia Corporation, Newtek, INC., and Side Effects Software.

Order a copy of this report at http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/contacts/purchase?rname=172002.

The drivers for this market are listed as flourishing 3D entertainment, multi-industrial 3D application, and 3D character merchandise. The restraint for this market is the price sensitivity. The opportunities such as scope for 4D technology, increasing acquisitions, and stereoscopic 3D gaming have been evaluated in the report. The report will help the market leaders/new entrants in this market in the following ways –

    This report segments the market into hardware, software, and services, covering this market comprehensively. The report provides the closest approximations of the revenue numbers for the overall market and the sub-segments. The market numbers are further split across the different verticals and regions.
    This report will help them better understand the competitor and gain more insights to better position their business. There is a separate section on competitive landscape, including competitor ecosystem, mergers and acquisition, and venture capital funding. Besides, there are company profiles of 10 top players in this market. In this section, market internals are provided that can put them ahead of the competitors.
    The report helps them understand the pulse of the market. The report provides information on key market drivers, restraints, and opportunities.
3D & 4D Technology Market by 3D Product Type (IC, Printer, Gaming, Cinema Screen, CAD, Navigation, Animation, Camera, Medical Imaging (3D & 4D), HMD, Smart-Phone, TV, Projectors), Application, and Geography – Forecast and Analysis to 2013 – 2020 research report is of 258 pages and published in May 2014. Companies like 3D Systems Corporation, Dolby Laboratories, Inc., LG Electronics Inc., Barco N.V., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Autodesk, Inc., Stratasys, Inc., Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation and Dreamworks Animation SKG, Inc. are profiled in this report available at http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/3d-4d-technology-market-by-3d-product-type-ic-printer-gaming-cinema-screen-cad-navigation-animation-camera-medical-imaging-3d-4d-hmd-smart-phone-tv-projectors-application-and-geo-market-report.html .

Three-Dimensional (3D) Technology Market (2011 – 2016) by Products (3D IC, 3D Printer, 3D Display – HMD, 3D Smartphone, 3D TV, 3D Digital Signage), Applications (3D Animation, 3D Printing, 3D Medical Imaging, 3D CAD, 3D Gaming, 3D Cinema) & Technology (Stereoscopy, Auto-Stereoscopy, Volumetric) Focus, Global Forecast & Analysis – Features Introduction to 4D Technology research report is of 292 pages. Companies profiled in this report include Autodesk, Inc., Barco Nv, Dolby Laboratories, Inc., Dreamworks Animation Skg, Inc., Electronic Arts, Inc., Htc Corporation, Imax Corporation, Lg Electronics, Liteye Systems, Inc., Nintendo Co. Ltd.¸ Nvidia Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Planar Systems, Inc., Reallusion, Inc., Real D, Sony Corporation, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Vuzix Corporation, 3d Systems Corporation, Solidscape, Object Ltd, 3d Icon Corporation, Harkness Screens And Masterimage3d Inc.

Complete report is available at http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/three-dimensional-3d-technology-market-2011-2016-by-products-3d-ic-3d-printer-3d-display-hmd-3d-smartphone-3d-tv-3d-digital-signage-applications-3d-animation-3d-printing-3d-medical-market-report.html .

Explore more reports on the 3D industry at http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/reports/information-technology-telecommunication/electronics/consumer-electronic/3d .

About Us:

RnRMarketResearch.com is a database of syndicated market research reports and in-depth studies covering 5000+ micro markets.

Standalone Digital Signage Or Networked Digital Signage

Digital signage hardware comes in many guesses from indoor and the much more expensive outdoor digital signage, there are even more differenced the location.

Standalone digital signage.

This can be an indoor digital poster or an outdoor LCD enclosure that is equipped with a standalone media player. These range of products have many advantages, firstly the cost is very attractive and secondly they are easy to configure with little if any technical knowledge required.

Working from a media player that has the adverts loaded on to a memory card and it locked into the player allows for fast and affordable signage solutions, to update the content you can either add fresh content to a new memory card and then swap them for the old memory card or the content can be added to a flash drive that is then plugged into the media players USB port and the copy the content to the memory card already in the player.

Networkable digital poster.

As the name suggests this hardware is more expensive as it has built in extra technology such as the ability to connect to either a wired or wireless network making updating content simply and fast. These are ideal for multiple locations in a mall for instance as the labour time to update the content would cost more than the added network technology.

Just like network cabling an office, all you need is an outlet near the location of the digital sign and then just plug the hardware into the network and then from the central network office you should be able to see the IP addresses of the new signs and from here you can add the content.

Now updating contnet can be as easy and simple as FTP’ing a page to a website, using these new wireless LCD advertising displays, these are more convenient than the USB units and only cost around 15% for the convenience of remote updating content as well as being able to schedule the ads to run and update at set times throughout the digital signage network. Every business person can see the advantage of digital signage and how it can be used, now can you see how it could help you?

Graham is a technical author on the topic of digital signage as well as owning one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LCD enclosures, this range of LCD enclosure are used throughout the world.

Revolutionary Message Boards Ideal for Displays and Presentations

You may not have seen message boards which do not require pins, clips, or magnets to stick on. The board simply sticks as it draws paper or plastic. This revolutionary board is of tremendous use in schools and offices where boards are used for displaying notices and memos.

Technology behind Message Boards

The technology behind the message boards is simple. It is an alternative to the conventional methods of adhesion. It has a very unique adhesion surface. Electrical energy passes through the surface of the board creating sufficient Coulomb forces. This causes it to attract light and flat articles. The surface of the board is smooth, not sticky and polymer-based. The board is made such that it can hold light objects including business cards, credit cards, CDs or DVDs and plastic or even thin cardboard.

You only have to use a battery in the slot of the presentation board and it draws objects when brought close to it. All items are held securely and can simply be pulled off without any effort. You can position your clippings or memos wherever you want on the board. It will not get damaged even if it is used several times as long as the battery has power. A light signal will alert you to change the battery.

Types of Message Boards and its Uses

The presentation board can be used anywhere such as at events, for a trade show, in the office and even in schools and colleges. Although its usefulness is best seen as display boards, there are unlimited areas where they can be used. There are small boards for offices and desktop units for your own personal use.

There are panelled boards which are ideal for a trade show display. They are very light and easy to set up. There are others with a display stand which can be used in hotels and restaurants. You can get white or black colored boards.

Benefits of Using the Message Boards

The electro-adhesive boards are very easy to use especially for an event. The trade show display boards can be used to change your pictures, posters, brochures or the inventory list. You can change them in seconds as visitors approach your stall. Since there is no need for pins, clips or glue, you can save a lot of time. They are ideal for training sessions and presentations in your office as you can write on them.

If you are planning an exhibition in your school or college, you can use the Science fair boards which will prove to be extremely useful to explain the diagrams to the visitors, at the same time add on new clippings.

For more information about trade show display and presentation board you may visit: http://www.justick.net/

Whitlock Announces the Acquisition of Certain Business Operations of Xerox Audio Visual Solutions (XAV)

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) July 14, 2014

Whitlock is pleased to announce the acquisition of certain business operations of Xerox Audio Visual Solutions (XAV) from Global Imaging Systems (GIS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox.

While XAV had built a strong audiovisual business with increased emphasis on enterprise and government customers, after strategic review, GIS decided that XAV did not align with the rest of its extensive business services portfolio.

“Whitlock has a strong commitment to culture and a long history of organic growth, but this opportunity with XAV matched perfectly with our core business principles and values,” states Doug Hall, Whitlock’s CEO.

In deciding to transition out of the business, GIS sought a company that could ensure its audiovisual customers would continue to enjoy excellent service and its employees could continue to develop and grow their careers. Whitlock is able to offer great benefits to both, including a proven track record, financial stability and an expanded footprint for improved service and support nationally and globally.

A number of XAV operational employees will become Whitlock employees, with customer relationships and existing contracts being assigned to Whitlock. XAV business operations in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania will further strengthen Whitlock’s national service delivery to enterprise customers.

“Whitlock’s mission is to retain, acquire and develop mutually rewarding customer partnerships and the most respected workforce in the industry,” Doug explains. “The XAV addition has provided an opportunity for Whitlock to acquire some exceptional employee talent and customer relationships which are complementary to our existing business.”

“The more we met with XAV leadership, mutual respect grew into excitement about our common cultures and strategic direction,” adds Roger Patrick, Whitlock’s COO. “We were more aligned than we could have imagined, and the merging of our teams will allow Whitlock to quickly scale in key markets and offer the talented XAV workforce a place to develop their career paths, contribute to best practices and continue to deliver outstanding customer experiences.”

As of today, Whitlock has 20 U.S. locations and more than 700 employees.

About Whitlock

Whitlock is a Global Audiovisual (AV) and Unified Communications (UC) Solutions Provider, specializing in collaborative technology design, integration and managed services. The company helps customers meet goals, drive action and improve efficiency by streamlining interactive technologies and standards. Areas of expertise include enterprise videoconferencing, unified communications, digital media, digital signage, video walls and projection technologies. Whitlock also offers follow-the-sun 24×7 service level agreements as well as onsite and remote AV/NOC support. Whitlock serves customers from 20 U.S. locations, plus a worldwide delivery partner network through the Global Presence Alliance.

About Xerox Audio Visual Solutions

Since 1981, Xerox Audio Visual Solutions (XAV) has been a premier provider of Audio Visual and Digital Communication Technology. XAV has offered a comprehensive portfolio of collaboration solutions, changing dramatically the way education, commercial, military and government communicate and share ideas. XAV was a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Imaging Systems, a Xerox Corporation company.