The Right Message Gets the Right Results

As a telemarketer, you probably have dozens and dozens of experience of answering machines that answer your calls instead of real people. This may be very depressing on your part since you really want to make that sale. Nowadays a lot of people don’t spend much time in their own homes that’s why you get that “Please leave a message after the beep” message all the time. So how can you make that sale knowing most of your calls will go through an answering machine that will answer your call? All is not lost. As a telemarketer from a respectable call center, you just have to leave the right message to the right kind of people. For example, you call someone from a reputable company with intent of selling some of the products that you have on your product line-up. Don’t let them immediately know that you want to sell them something. Instead, try to tell them that you’re interested in talking about their company like what they do or what are their goals. Try to sound something like this: “Good day, I was looking around the internet and saw your website for your company. I’m interested in what your company does. Maybe we could meet sometime, just give me a callback. Thanks!” As you can see on this message that you would sound like you just wanted to meet the person and talk about their company. Most prospect customers, especially those with companies and businesses, would not be able to resist the opportunity to deal business transactions with other people, especially if it’s a chance for the company to financially gain with the outcome of the transaction. If you can, try to tell them about what you are offering them only when they ask. Also, here’s another example: “Good day, my name is —– and I represent a company called —- We cater to the needs of people especially with your stature. We have a lot of products in store that you may be interested in. Just give us a callback anytime so that we can discuss the business deal. Thanks.” The example above is not a very good way to start selling something since you already want to sell the product even at the start of the call. Most people, with business or not, will just stop your message half-way through and just skip to the next one if they hear this type of message. So always remember to plan what you’re going to say to get that necessary sale. You can also try teleprospecting first before you do any actual telesales ventures. When we say teleprospecting it means that you will first gather information about possible leads for you to sell your products and services effectively and to the right kind of people. This can also act as your research material so you would know how to rub your potential clients the right way. Remember that most people hate the idea of other people trying to sell them something but love the feeling and power of buying something. Most people are natural born shoppers. You just need to know what they want to shop. Just build a strong relationship first by leaving a message, then when your client calls back you can now build rapport in order to find out their needs so that you may be able to find a solution to their problems by the use of your product. Who knows, you might even get strong referrals from that company along the way. Just always remember to stick to the facts.

Belinda Summers works as a professional consultant. She helps businesses increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through telemarketing. To know more about this visit:

Blue Frog Books of Howell, MI Wins “Best New Retail Business in Livingston County” in the People’s Choice Awards Held by the Livingston County Press and Argus

Howell, MI (PRWEB) August 21, 2014

The newly opened independent bookstore has made a name for itself by offering different types of events featuring local authors, musicians, poets and photographers. On any given weekend you will be sure to find something to attend at Blue Frog Books. They also offer Story Time for the kids, Writing Workshops for budding authors, thousands of titles in-stock, millions of titles available to special order, and a level of service that is hard for larger retailers to compete with.

Blue Frog Books also offers photographic services including scanning of images from pictures, film, or slides, photo restoration, digital corrective artwork, creative project help, custom design of cards, invitations, collages, and signage, large format printing on canvas, art paper, photo paper and adhesive backed material. Blue Frog gives its customers a place to take their precious images when quality and accountability matter. Another thing the big box stores have forgotten about.

The idea is simple, try to make a place where the customers matter and are a growing part of the equation. Whether it be curating the book selections or bringing in a new sideline or photo service. Owner Penny Coleman has been quoted saying, “It’s a conversation, not just a transaction,” offering a real idea of what you can expect when you walk through the door of the “Best New Retail Business” in Livingston County.    

To see the whole story, please visit this link.

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IK Multimedia Announces iRig BlueBoard Wireless MIDI Pedalboard is Now Shipping

Sunrise, FL (PRWEB) October 10, 2013

IK Multimedia – the world leader in mobile applications and accessories for musical creation – is proud to announce that iRig® BlueBoard a new revolutionary wireless MIDI pedal for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac, giving guitarists, bassists singers and players handsfree wireless keyboard application control mobile music and Mac, is now available from the instrument and electronic music retailers worldwide.

Handsfree – Free Cable

BlueBoard iRig is the first MIDI Foot Wireless iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac which uses Bluetooth technology to transmit MIDI messages the application of control functions and software and features. Musicians can use iRig BlueBoard to control parameters in their music making favorite applications – such as effects pedals on / off, preset patch-the-fly switching, volume or wah control, or any other MIDI controllable function. Installation is as simple as powering up and application launch companion iRig BlueBoard and assignment pads against the light to the function you want command.

iRig BlueBoard uses 4.0 (LE – Low Consumption) technology Bluetooth to transmit the actions of its four switches on board, backlit and its two optional external devices to the mobile device or Mac. Then, using the iRig BlueBoard Application (download from the App StoreSM) and the software (download from the website user’s region IK), Bluetooth signals are converted into MIDI messages and routed internally music application which is running on the device.

control the ultimate application

Any music application or Mac application compatible music software (the standard communication protocol for musical instruments) MIDI – IK as AmpliTube, VocaLive, SampleTank, iLectric Piano, Piano iGrand – or any other Core MIDI-compliant Apple GarageBand application as may be controlled wirelessly. iRig BlueBoard is also extensible – musicians can add up to two pedals or pedals additional term standards via two TRS 1/4 of the unit “made expansion, which allows you to control functions such as continuous rotation wah, volume, EQ, gain control, etc.

For a guitarist or singer using a mobile multi-FX app like AmpliTube or VocaLive as a sound processor provides functionality iRig BlueBoard foot control and convenience of a pedal, but with a compact form factor if and portable that it can easily slip into a backpack, a laptop or camera body computer bag.

Because it is wireless, iRig BlueBoard puts musicians on stage without being tethered to their mobile device. The range of the device is 10 meters (over 32 feet), giving players a high mobility to travel the stadium that would be impossible with a wired device. Because the pedals are backlit, they are easy to see in all lighting conditions, even on a dark stage.

The fact that iRig BlueBoard uses wireless Bluetooth lets all wired ports free device, so they can be used simultaneously by interfaces or controllers that have 30 pins or lightning, as iRig IK PRO , HD iRig, iRig MIDI and iRig KEYS and adapters or microphones that use the mini-jack device like iRig, iRig Mic iRig PRE or.

Ultra compact, ultraportable

iRig BlueBoard is extremely compact, lightweight and portable, measuring only 27 inches wide x 9 inches deep (10.6 “x 3.5”) and only 2 cm (0.8 “) high. This is very light but with a solid chassis and four pedals stageworthy soft touch rubber and designed for durability.

iRig BlueBoard is battery powered using 4 standard AAA batteries (included), and because it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), it draws very little power that gives the battery life for very long extended use.

iRig BlueBoard is compatible with the iPhone 5 and 4S, iPad 3rd and 4th generation, iPad Mini and iPod touch 5th generation. For Mac, it is compatible with any model that supports Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth Low Energy, like any MacBook Air, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, or was issued after June 2012

As with other accessories IK iRig BlueBoard is made in Italy at the plant of IK for the highest quality and reliability.

Pricing and Availability

iRig BlueBoard is priced at $ 99.99 / € 79.99 MSRP (excluding taxes) and is available now from the network IK music and electronic retailers worldwide and from the IK online store.

For more information, please visit: http: / / .

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Pittsfield Community Television Enhances Cable Network Operation with Tightrope Media Systems

Saint Paul, MN (PRWEB) March 28, 2012

Tightrope Media Systems is helping Pittsfield Community Television (PCTV) in Massachusetts more efficiently automate content across three cable channels using the company’s range of Cablecast automation and video server solutions.

PCTV, serving the Pittsfield, Dalton and Richmond communities, produces and broadcasts programming for three distinct channels: Access Pittsfield, a public access channel; Pittsfield ETV, showing educational programming; and government programming channel Citylink. Each station offers interactive bulletin boards, video-on-demand and live web streaming — all enabled through Tightrope Media solutions.

A longtime Cablecast customer, PCTV added Tightrope Media’s new Cablecast SX2HD platform to incorporate high-definition programming. The Cablecast SX2HD video server supports three channels (one in, two out), multi-format SD/HD encoding and decoding, and built-in content storage (16TB). PCTV has also established file-based workflows using Cablecast SX2HD, allowing the facility to work more efficiently by moving away from tape-based studio operations.

In addition to program scheduling and playout, Cablecast SX2HD incorporates Tightrope Media’s Carousel digital signage application to manage program graphics, channel logo insertion and bulletin board content created both in-house and from the community.

“Cablecast SX2HD is the central heart-pumping system for everything that runs through here,” said Shawn Serre, chief engineer, Pittsfield Community Television. “That seamless integration means we’re not dealing with a lot of different components and vendors that don’t work together. It makes the entire operation very reliable.”

The Cablecast SX2HD video server supports native playout of many different file formats, including MPEG2 I-Frame only (up to 100Mbps) and DVCPro HD and SD. This helps PCTV retain video quality and eliminate cumbersome content transcoding processes that many facilities experience upon migration to file-based workflows.

Serre adds that the efficiencies extend well beyond internal processes and onto the greater community through the interactive capabilities of Carousel.

“The built-in Carousel Framework allows viewers, as well as educational and government users, to create and submit messages for broadcast on the bulletin boards,” said Serre. “These are displayed to 20,000 households along with community info, weather data, RSS feeds and other content. Carousel also informs viewers about upcoming programs and schedules. It’s very vital to the workflow.”

Serre notes that Tightrope Media Systems has grown along with PCTV as it moves away from being strictly appointment television. Cablecast SX2HD’s automated operation extends to Cablecast video-on-demand (Cablecast ProVOD) and live streaming (Cablecast SX Live) solutions to help viewers consume content in new ways.

“The rise of new media means that people are hungry to consume content in non-traditional ways, so being able to provide television in different manners gives our viewers more options,” said Serre. “People are more likely to think of us a forward-thinking organization, which is important in community television. Tightrope has made it very efficient for us to automate channels and bulletin boards while moving to HD and file-based workflows.”

About Tightrope Media Systems

Founded in 1997, Tightrope Media Systems is the pioneer of web-centric digital signage and broadcast automation systems. It provides station automation, video servers, internet video on demand, live streaming, the Carousel Digital Signage system, and ZEPLAY, a multi-channel instant replay machine for stadiums, arenas and Outside Broadcast vehicles. Tightrope’s award winning systems are used throughout the world. You can reach Tightrope Media Systems at (866) 866-4118 or visit them on the web at

Quartet 2364i – A Great Type Of Enclosed Bulletin Boards

If you often find problems with the work of the open not display cork board, you can consider getting a joint billboard model. It will surely help you secure your information so that the information displayed is not damaged. Usually this model billboard is featured with frame to protect the board from weather, tear and fall.

Prices boards range from very affordable to least affordable. You can also find bulletin board that cost less than $ 300 and you can find one that cost more than $ 800 Cost is always depending on the size, materials, designs, features, and many others. You need to determine what type of card you need before buying one.

There are large selections of enclosed bulletin boards on the market. Boards are varied in design, size, material, and much more. There are models that are designed for commercial and personal use. Commonly large billboards are used in commercial places. Bulletin boards are generally used to inform people about upcoming events, notifications and messages.

Some models have a clear door combination which is useful for making information can be accessed easily, but still protected. This model reduces the possibility of torn by the weather page.

To find the best model billboard, you should take a look at where you plan to put the board. It is important to measure the length of the location because you can not buy without knowing what size you need to fit in place. Simply measure the location using a tape measure to the rapid measurement. If you get the information about the size of the task that will be used to place the card then you are ready to buy one.

Keep in mind that any board can not match the style of the room. You can select different models that could match your room decor. Since building a very unique design, you can select the display table that suits the color of your building. It can be placed both indoor and outdoor. It would be much easier to find the card that suits the exterior decoration.

Quartet Enclosed Fabric Bulletin Board 2364I is an example of good board quality that is perfect for business locations. This is an important communication card that allows you to send messages while protecting messages from potential damage from the outside. Its transparent window allows people to see the messages while its door lock to protect the position and make sure it is not damaged.

This is a display panel assembly which is very useful and very high quality. This unit will surely last longer usage and you will not have a problem with it. It is perfect for high traffic areas such as lounges workers. Nobody will be able to capture the information displayed inside the board, but they will surely be able to see the message clearly.

If you are interested in getting the enclosed bulletin boards, you must follow our advice. The advice we said before is very helpful to get the right model scoreboard. You can also select dry erase board for the best long-term use.

Hot Stocks Under 5.00 – Over the Counter Bulletin Board Stocks

hot Shares under 5.00

There are not many listing requirements to trade on the OTCBB. Counter Netherlands is a stock market or a stock exchange. Therefore, to become listed or remain listed requirements are minimal. If a company does not meet the minimum requirements, they move from the penny stocks rose leaves. OTCBB companies must file with the SEC in order to remain in good standing and must continue to file on time or they will be moved to the PINKSHEETS. Companies that can not stay current become delinquent. The symbol “E” is added to the delinquent commercial symbols companies. There is a grace period of 60 days where the company can regain its status as a reporting company and have the “E” symbol removed. After this period, the company is delisted.

“pump and dump” schemes are often hired on the OTCBB exchange. This system is to buy cheap over the counter stocks, the current share price for no reason, then the sale of such shares to unsuspecting investors. There are many methods used to raise the price of a OTCBB stock. The most common method is forums. There are many penny stocks forum where traders meet to discuss stocks. The OTCBB stocks are sold everywhere from 5.00 to less than a penny, with some as low as.0001 trading, these stocks can run up to hundreds of thousands of percent in one day. These large sets are not uncommon and forums are full of traders waiting for an action to perform. The criminal element and then purchases a large amount of shares at a low price and the stock starts to push through the forums driving up its price. At a time when companies are also involved and pay for “promotions” of their businesses so they can sell their shares at a higher price. hot Shares under 5.00

Not only micro cap trader have to worry about companies profiling their stock for gain, hot stock picks forum that push the price, but they also have to worry about internal fraud. The best way to trade OTCBB stock is knowledge, to take the time to read the documents from the SEC by calling the transfer agent to learn more about the structure of the action, and to contact the service companies in relationships with investors. Even when you complete all these steps and feel comfortable about the company, you look at the chart and buy what you feel is a good price, you can still be the victim of fraud.

Several times insiders control attic shares in companies they issue press releases touting how their business is and what a great future they have. The company has a solid share structure but behind the scenes, insiders are diluting shares while planning on filing or filing later wrongly. While prices soar, they “throw” the shares on the market. Nobody understands what happened, but all investors are left with nothing. This happens very often when OTCBB stock trading. If fraudsters are not caught, they will apply for consolidation, elimination of most or all of the shares they just dumped on the market while creating a beautiful structure of action seeking the society. Then they file a name change and symbol when planning to commit fraud again. These are not small-time crimes, some of these scams rake in millions of dollars.

Stocks OTCBB consist of penny stocks, gray leaves, rose leaves, micro cap, nano cap stocks, small caps etc … you can make money trading these shares on the counter you just need to be careful and do your homework! hot Shares under 5.00

Always dream of being Rich? Never able to make a profit through trade line?

Get your hot Shares under 5.00 and be successful forever!

Try this Penny Stock Prophet and be Financial Free in 6 months!

We Care Chiropractic Gaining More Attention With New LED Sign From KC Sign

Downingtown, PA (PRWEB) August 18, 2014

We Care Chiropractic is a family owned office that offers full chiropractic and weight loss services. At their location in Downingtown, PA, they are situated along a major route running from town to town. They have approximately 20,000 cars that pass their location on a daily basis. Their existing sign was a changeable letterboard and it needed to be replaced. It took a lot of work to consistently change out the messages. They decided to purchase a completely new illuminated ID sign with an integrated full color LED sign from local sign company, KC Sign and Awnings.

“Not only did we have tons of people passing by our office, but traffic also comes to a complete stop during rush hour in the morning and afternoon which is a perfect opportunity to read all our messages; our old sign only allowed one!” stated Dr. Vince Fraumeni, owner of We Care Chiropractic.

KC Sign and Awnings met with Dr. Fraumeni and listened to his concerns and ideas for a new sign. They drafted up a new design; an internally illuminated ID cabinet with an integrated full color LED sign that allows their client to put up multiple dynamic messages at any time of the day. The scheduling feature even allows them to play specific messages during rush hour.

“[KC Sign and Awnings] did a great job, the sign really turned out great,” stated Dr. Vince Fraumeni.

Joe Clark with KC Sign stated, “This sign is a perfect example of what our company can accomplish for any business looking to attract the attention of everyone who drives by their location with a digital sign.”

Clark continued, “And, we recommended using Vantage LED for the LED display because of the quality they produce. When you put a large investment into a sign like this you want it to work and Vantage provides displays that carry a 5 year parts and labor warranty.”

Integrating LED signs with architectural signage can be challenging, but KC Sign & Awnings delivered with smart engineering, production, and quality components. They produced a landmark sign for We Care Chiropractic that will directly advertise to their target audience and bring that traffic straight to their doorstep.

KC Sign and Awnings has been providing interior and exterior signage to the Mid-Atlantic Region for over 20 years, and have seen steady growth over that time. Originally in a single 2,000 square foot building, they now operate 3 locations serving the PA, DE, NJ, and MD areas, and manufacture signage at their 25,000 square foot facility in Aston, PA. They offer a wide variety of sign products, including awnings, channel letters, digital printing, electric signs and more. Additionally, they provide a full range of services like permitting, design, installation, project management, and service calls both locally and nationwide.

CBTS Moves Call Recording to the Cloud with CTI Groups Hosted SmartRecord Solution and the BroadWorks Call Center Application

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB UK) 11 October 2013

CTI Group (Holdings) Inc. (OTCQB:CTIG), a leading developer of carrier-grade telecommunications solutions for fixed, mobile and converged communications, today announced that Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions (CBTS) has chosen to add SmartRecord as their preferred call recording solution for customers as they roll out new hosted call center services based on BroadSoft’s® BroadWorks® Call Center Solution.

SmartRecord, delivering a rich feature set of call recording and analytics capabilities, provides telecommunications service providers with a call recording solution that they can host and offer out as a value-added service, complementing their core hosted PBX, and increasing annual revenue per user (ARPU). CBTS selected SmartRecord to complement their new BroadWorks Call Center solution, as CTI’s SmartWorks has completed BroadSoft’s interoperability testing and shares many of the same platform architectural principals.

SmartRecord is a market-proven call recording solution currently deployed in over 60 service providers utilizing the BroadWorks Call Center solution across four continents. SmartRecord enables service providers to offer their indirect and direct customers with a solution that is suitable for regulatory recording for companies that need to meet compliance standards such as PCI DSS (Global), ISO 9001 (Global), FCA (UK), MiFID (Europe), HIPAA (USA), and SAS-70 (USA). It also provides recording for the purposes of liability protection for call center environments, where a number of additional value-add modules are also available on top of the core recording system.

“We are delighted to be partnering with BroadSoft to help CBTS launch their feature-rich hosted call center solution,” said Randy Sorensen, VP of Sales & Marketing, CTI Group. “As the latest addition in CBTS’s robust portfolio of Cloud Solutions, the new capabilities powered by CTI and BroadSoft will enable CBTS to effectively offer hosted call center services perfectly tailored to meet the growing needs of small and medium businesses.”

“We evaluated many different platforms to deliver a cloud-based call recording solution for our Hosted UC customers,” said John Burns, President and General Manager of CBTS. “CTI’s combination of features and BroadWorks integration will allow us to meet the growing demand for this business-critical application.”

“BroadWorks Call Center solution provides the extensive Unified Communications services including voice, collaboration, messaging functionality and automatic call distribution and routing – in a flexible, easy-to manage hosted model that is perfect for small and medium businesses,” said Leslie Ferry, vice president marketing, BroadSoft. “CBTS now has a compelling offer for customers migrating from on-premise platforms to a Cloud-based call center infrastructure. By moving to CBTS’s Call Center Cloud Solution, businesses of all sizes can not only reduce the cost and complexity of managing their legacy call center systems, but will also have all the sophisticated features and capabilities that can vastly improve the call center experience for customers.”

For more details on SmartRecord and BroadSoft Integration visit:

About CTI Group

CTI Group (Holdings) Inc. is an international provider of electronic invoice processing and management, enterprise communications management software and services solutions, and carrier class voice over internet protocol (VoIP) management applications. CTI Group’s Analysis, SmartBill®, SmartRecord® and Proteus® product suites offer Carriers a full array of Cloud-based, real-time solutions for traffic analysis, post-billing call analysis, customer care and call recording. CTI Group’s products are used by some of the top service providers in North America and the United Kingdom, and play a trusted role in managing telephony costs at major corporations internationally. Headquartered in Indianapolis, CTI Group maintains overseas offices in London and Blackburn, UK.

About CBTS

CBTS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell (NYSE CBB), combines the data networking capabilities of Cincinnati Bell with next-generation managed services that provide companies with flexible solutions for end-to-end IT deployment. The CBTS business model can help organizations increase productivity and operational efficiency while reducing costs and risks through solutions that focus on business continuance, compliance, security, and technology infrastructure. For more information, visit

Safe Harbor Statement

This release may contain “forward-looking” statements. Examples of forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to: (a) projections of revenue, capital expenditures, growth, prospects, dividends, capital structure and other financial matters; (b) statements of plans and objectives of CTI Group or its management or Board of Directors; (c) statements of future economic performance; (d) statements of assumptions underlying other statements and statements about CTI Group and its business relating to the future; and (e) any statements using the words “could”, “should”, “anticipate”, “expect”, “may”, “project”, “intend”, “will”, “believe” or similar expressions. CTI Group’s ability to predict projected results or the effect of events on CTI Group’s operating results is inherently uncertain. Forward-looking statements involve a number of risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those discussed in this document. These factors include, but are not limited to: effects of current economic crisis, ability to attract and retain customers to purchase its products, ability to develop or launch new software products, technological advances by third parties and competition, ability to protect the Company’s patented technology, ability to obtain settlements in connection with its patent enforcement activities and risks described in CTI Group’s periodic reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Issue of Customer Care Attracts the Highest Number of Negative Comments on the Internet, Reveals First Annual UK Banking Social Media Report by DigitalMR

London (PRWEB UK) 29 March 2012

social research specialist media DigitalMR publishes first ever annual report on the media in the UK Social Banking on what customers are saying about the UK major banks online. DigitalMR analyzed over 200,000 customer comments on banks high street in January-December 2011.

For the first time, British banks will be able to assess customer perceptions of their performance against that of their competitors across a range of criteria for all of 2011,

DigitalMR Group Managing Director, Michalis Michael commented: “This report provides a national reference point for how banking brands are perceived by customers online. Banks attracting criticism will be able to use the analysis to see how they can improve their competitive position. ”

Report Highlights

The top 5 most discussed topics online in 2011:

first loans
Credit cards

3 Customer Service
4th />
5th discovered

loans attracted about 15,000 entries on the Internet. However, banks are likely to turn their attention to subjects who received the highest number of negative comments. Top of the list was the issue of “Customer Care” with nearly 3,000 negative comments attributed to him in 2011 Customer service will be a major concern for 2012 that banks continue to close branches and reduce the number personnel. Other key topics to attract negative comments were: Loans, Bank employees and credit cards. These subjects each attracted more than 2,000 negative comments online customers.

Legal whole – Top 5 UK banks that receive the largest share of online mentions:

1) HSBC (14.4%)

2) Lloyds TSB (13.5%)

3) Halifax (10%)

4) RBS (9.6%)

5) Santander UK (9%)

There is a large difference in the positive and negative mentions that some banks attract. HSBC (9.5%), Halifax (9.5%) and Lloyds TSB (7.8%) received the largest share positive messages.

However, both HSBC (12.1%) and Lloyds TSB (10.8%) received a relatively higher proportion of negative comments. Conversely Halifax represented only 6.2% of negative comments over a much larger proportion (9.5%) of those positives.

Top 5 net sentiment score

DigitalMR not only the number of comments posted by consumers on the internet, but also sentiment – whether these posts are positive or negative. The difference in the number of positive messages to each bank attracts negative, giving it a score of net sentiment (NSS). NSS is an overall percentage of net positive posts. Top 10 banks measured in 2011, the five best results in terms of achieving the highest NSS were:

1) ING Direct 57.5%

2) Halifax 43.3%

3) Clydesdale Bank 41.7%

4) Barclays 37.4%

5) Santander 26.4%

The Royal Bank of Scotland was the only bank in the Top 10, which achieved a NSS with negative (-2.1%). The next lowest was Bank of Ireland with a NSS of 0.5%.

The full report includes:

Share of votes for all banks.
The monthly trend of the top 10 banks.
Top 10 Topics by number of mentions.
The disruptive forces that users of social networks have on banks.
Individual focusing of the 10 largest banks.
Social media presence.
Strategy Recommendations for the use of media for social research.

The report DigitalMR (powered by SociaNuggets ) analyzed thousands Guest comments posted via a range of relevant finance related and open access platforms of social media websites. It measures not only the number of comments posted by consumers on the Internet, but also the feeling – these posts are positive or negative.

Results are based on comments posted by consumers on the major UK banks, including Lloyds TSB, HSBC, Halifax, NatWest, Bank of Ireland, Santander, Barclays, RBS, ING Direct, Clydesdale Bank, Saxo Bank, American Express, First Direct, Bank of Scotland, Abbey, Northern Rock, Northern Bank and Alliance and Leicester.

For more information on the full report, content and other data click here


For further information on the UK Banking Social Media Report.

Michalis A. Michael

mmichael (at) digital-mr (dot) com

Tel: +44 751 571 0370

About DigitalMR

DigitalMR understands what people think and feel when they share views online. He is a specialist agency which provides a holistic approach to market research based on the Web. He specializes in the use of social media research, especially active web-listening, and online communities to enhance its business consulting approach. The agency has developed new methods in online focus groups as well as tools such as video diaries, bulletin boards and online ethnography. DigitalMR is headed by founder and Group MD, Michalis Michael and has offices in London UK, Nicosia Cyprus, and Columbus Ohio, in the United States.

About SocialNuggets

SocialNuggets technology provides real-time market intelligence for fast moving industries by analyzing data from various social media sources with a mission to liberate social media data and sentiment analysis for use in real-time research of brands, products and features. SocialNuggets delivered ready to use market intelligence for various industry sectors, including consumer electronics and banking. SocialNuggets data is delivered in bite size, ready-to-consume, infographics and is also available as full access to our data warehouse for analysis and integration with customer data . SocialNuggets, a company Serendio, was founded in 2011 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California For more information, please visit

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