Internet Alarm Monitoring System Delivers No-Fee Email and Text Alert Services

Albuquerque, New Mexico (PRWEB) December 31, 2013

Phantom Data Services, LLC is pleased to announce the redesign of the website, and the introduction of the PhantomLink Watchdog adapter for do-it-yourself internet alarm monitoring and remote sensor monitoring applications. has discontinued its line of internet security cameras, and will focus exclusively on sales and support of the PhantomLink Watchdog adapter.

The PhantomLink Watchdog is designed as a no-fee, no-contract, no-subscription solution for internet alarm monitoring. The Watchdog uses the existing alarm system and internet connection, so no new equipment or subscriptions are required.

The Watchdog device is a small but powerful electronic adapter that can bridge nearly any sensor or alarm to the internet, providing users with instant email and text message alerts, as well as a web-based status display and configuration manager. The Watchdog’s on-board microprocessor and integrated web server makes the device a truly self-contained solution. Users can easily configure server settings, email settings, trigger thresholds, trigger delays, and notification intervals through the simple web interface.

The current version of the PhantomLink Watchdog supports up to 5 trigger inputs (up to 15VDC), and can notify up to 2 email or text message accounts. The device is powered by any 5-15VDC power supply.

Applications for the PhantomLink Watchdog are not limited to security systems and alarms. The device can be triggered by any voltage up to 15VDC, which allows the device to be used for many other remote monitoring applications. The Watchdog has been used to monitor sump pumps, water heaters, temperature sensors, freezers, and industrial machines. Complete installation and application instructions are continually maintained on the PhantomLink website, providing users with convenient tips and tricks for installing and using the Watchdog device.

Information about the PhantomLink Watchdog is available at is owned and operated by Phantom Data Services, LLC, a limited liability company in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. is an innovator in the field of remote security monitoring solutions, with an emphasis on self-monitored security systems.