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Where To Live When You're A College Student

Where To Live When You're A College Student
"The bottom line is the cost of room and board at colleges have gone up far more than the cost of rooms in the private economy," says Richard Vedder, director of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity. The total cost of living and eating …
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Feds: Axle from duck boat in deadly crash 'sheared off'
National Transportation Safety Board Member Earl Weener said the axle will be sent to a federal lab for further examination. It's too soon to know how the axle was damaged, Weener said. Witnesses have said they saw the duck boat's left tire lock up …
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Wake County school budget to fund teacher pay raises
The Wake County school board revised its 2015-16 operating budget Tuesday to fund pay raises for all 18,000 school employees. The budget includes $ 16 mllion in raises for teachers, $ 1.8 million to raise pay for teachers who do extra duties and $ 6 …
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Digital Signage Player, Software and Templates for displaying Menu Boards, Advertising, Schedules, Events, Product Promotion and Live Weather on any LED, LCD or Plasma HD TV

Digital Signage Player, Software and Templates for displaying Menu Boards, Advertising, Schedules, Events, Product Promotion and Live Weather on any LED, LCD or Plasma HD TV

Digital Signage Player, Software and Templates for displaying Menu Boards, Advertising, Schedules, Events, Product Promotion and Live Weather on any LED, LCD or Plasma HD TV

  • 1,000+ Customizable Templates for Digital Menu Boards, Product Promotion, Events and Schedules, Slideshows and LIVE Weather (Current Conditions, Short Term and Weekly Forecast)
  • Remotely Manage TV Screen Content using any device (PC, Tablet or Phone) with any operating system (Windows, Mac, Android)
  • No Monthly / Annual Fees – Display Templates, Weather, Images, Video, Web sites and Scrolling Banner (Custom Messages and RSS Feeds)
  • The Media Player is easy to setup and can be operational within minutes
  • Runs Full Auto – Displays stored content, even if internet connection drops off

Remote Management Manage content, playlist and screen settings remotely through www.doPublicity.com, using any device (PC, Tablet or Phone) with any system (Windows, Mac, Android). – Add / Edit / Delete content – Check screen update status – View content display proof of play 1,000+ Customizable Templates Create content from a selection of 1,000+ Customizable Templates, by personalizing with your pictures and text. Templates available for: – Digital Menu Boards – Product Promotion – Events and S

List Price: $ 399.00


Live Social Data Visualization Sculpture the H

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

The [email protected], a state of the art inflatable social space with the ability to display a variety of, real-time social connections and data visualizations inspiring you to “Look Up” will be located inside The Entrepreneurship Conference Headquarters, 149 Kent Avenue at North 5th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The HÜ[email protected] is the social town square and meeting place that connects innovators by enabling them to use social media to connect in a live environment, with others with similar interests. Contained inside the HÜB will be special events, a pitch space, and unique content not available at other festival venues such as one on one interviews, autograph sessions and contests. Inspired by the need to make meaningful connections at live events.

The HÜB has partnered with award-winning social discovery app Sonar to power a real-life, real-time social network among conference attendees. Sonar is the best way to connect and share with people nearby, and they share the HÜB’s vision for inspiring people to “Look Up” from mobile devices and connect face-to-face. 

You can download Sonar before you arrive at Northside, to know more about and connect with the other people around–people you’re already friends with and people who share your interests and connections.

“We wanted to curate a better way of connecting with others in the context of a live conferences. We asked ourselves, how can we help participants find their next co-founder, funder, or client and make sure they shake hands and not just tweet about it? How many times have we all stared at our mobile devices, endlessly looking for that magic connection, almost like a modern version of the Magic 8-Ball? How can we make sure they leave a venue with a connection that is truly valuable to them? The HÜB is our answer.” – Peter E Raymond – CEO ÜBERANGST

The HÜB will be unveiled at the Northside Festival, NYC’s largest and most accessible discovery festival. Hundreds of bands, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, innovators, and over 80,000 fans converge on Brooklyn over eight days to witness the most incredible showcase of “what’s next” in music, film, entrepreneurship, and art.

The Northside Entrepreneurship Conference is focused on design, technology, and business innovation. It consists of a series of major keynotes as well as over 50 panel discussions, a trade show pavalion, and the Startup Campus at NYU-Poly. Hear stories from the CTO of Etsy, Bre Pettis of Makerbot, Brett Martin CEO of Sonar, Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, Charlie O’Donnel of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, and GZA founding member of Wu-Tang Clan. Meet network, interact, and collaborate with the names and faces of design, innovation and tech in NYC.

Some of the unique content that the HÜ[email protected] will curate are specific trending Twitter hashtags; living tag clouds, brilliant real time social data visualizations; curated festival film, music and art content; attendee submitted content “mashed up” live; networking & meet-ups, a live Pintrest bulletin board; and more.  The HÜ[email protected] is accepting submissions through its website http://www.hubatnorthside.com to showcase the new innovators and unique startups of NYC.

As part of the special content being curated, the HÜB will accept speakers and content on-site during its “Feasibility Slam”: A hour long, heads up low-risk high-yield ideation event that enables participants to leverage their intellectual capital, while orchestrating and recontextualizing mission statements in a real time/live crowd sourced social network.  Project and implement thoughts on how to seamlessly fuse branded customer interactions with holistic content creators like yourself in the evolving cloud ecosystem. Learn how to fast track key enablers and analyze performance enhancing matrices. Understand how SEO keyword rich trend tracking can lead to ROI while on-boarding the pain points of your stakeholders . This out-of-the-box, non-proprietary, open sourced event with no brandcuffs, absolutely no brandcuffs that will produce concept deliverables via a mash-up, in a real time, live gameifed feasibility slam curated into a compressed format of 30-second intervals. Audience engagement will rearward additional time units. This streamlined format allows for tip of the iceberg thinking, with user-centric cross functionality, agnostic of A-B testing paradigms. This event is sure to be a win-win, best-of-breed, world-class event that is the tipping point among outliers that increases your bandwith and will drive the bottom line.

Really? No, but If you can’t stand the jargon above come and talk about it, you have 30 sec to pitch or bitch, gain more time if the crowd likes you and become the next trendsetter.

After Northside the HÜ[email protected] will continue to curate connections at other conferences and special events such as SxSW, AllThingsD, Comic-Con, CES, international auto shows, consumer and industry event and other unique venues around the globe.

THE HÜ[email protected] is Made in NYC and is a project of Brooklyn-based ÜBERANGST and Human Condition, in collaboration with Brooklyn-based Northside Media Group during The Entrepreneur Conference of the Northside Festival from June 14-15. HÜB partners include, Sonar, East River Ferry & Clear Wireless.

Learn more: http://www.hubatnorthside.com


ÜBERANGST is a high-end design, production and App agency. We push the envelope,  and need to be challenged. We have digitally brought the Mojave to Brooklyn and raced cars through Times Square. We design the future of consumer interaction. We are reinventing vehicle navigation. We are designing augmented reality glasses to change the way we view the world. We develop innovative brand and product interactions for Fortune 500 clients, sometimes even simulators.  We design custom apps for our clients and games for ourselves.

http://www.uberangst.com / @uberhub_hub / @uberangst

About Human Condition:

We are an innovation, R&D, think and do tank.

We steer the strategy of innovation through communication, R&D, and technology. We work with the socially conscious enterprise large and small, universities, governments, and nonprofits to solve their pressing challenges.

Human Condition is certified as a emerging biotechlology company by the City of New York.

http://www.hcxdesign.com / @hcxdesigntweets

About Northside Media Group:

Brooklyn has become an international adjective meaning “What’s next.” The Northside Media Group’s mission is to define and showcase that adjective through media, digital and large-scale events.

http://www.northsidemediagroup.com / @northsidefest

For media inquiries please contact:

Jesse Wachtel

Executive Producer – ÜBERANGST

jesse (at) uberangst (dot) com



AEG Network LIVE to Broadcast Future Live Concert Events in MAXD HD Based on Success of the Global Citizen Festival

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 16, 2012

AEG Network Live and Max Sound (MAXD) joined forces to distribute the audio broadcast for the 2012 Global Citizen Festival which aired on September 29, 2012 in Central Park, New York City becoming the largest syndication of a live music charity webcast and broadcast in history.

With the audio being broadcast flawlessly in MAXD HD, fans around the globe were able to access a constant stream of live content powered by AEG Digital Media’s Online Broadcasting Center to ensure a flawless viewing and listening experience.

“Anyone who heard the concert event from a live stream was able to close their eyes and think they were at the actual show. We were truly able to take audio streaming to a new level of excellence,“ said John Blaisure CEO of Max Sound Corporation.

MAXD is a the audio processing technology of Max Sound Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: MAXD) the HD Audio Company that is bringing life back to concerts, music, movies, video games, television and mobile devices.

“I am thrilled that AEG Live implemented Max Sound’s HD Audio process for this history making event and I look forward to future events to provide the best sounding output to audiences everywhere,” said John Rubey, President, AEG Network LIVE.


MAXD is to audio what HD (High Definition) is to video. The MAXD™ Audio Process makes everything sound better and can convert any audio file to high definition quality while significantly reducing the file size. Visit us http://www.maxsound.com

Max Sound® and MAXD™ are registered trademarks and Patent Pending technologies wholly owned by Max Sound Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About AEG Network Live

Network LIVE is the industry‘s largest provider of live, digital and 3D entertainment, offering fans unparalleled access to the artists they want—when and how they want it—via broadband, TV, radio, wireless, theatrical and retail. AEG Network LIVE has completed successful tour and album launch campaigns for AEG Live clients including Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart, Prince, Linkin Park, Garth Brooks, and many others. More information on AEG Network Live can be found at http://www.networklive.com.


The Global Citizen Festival was a free concert with the sole purpose to generate global awareness and help put an end extreme poverty. This historic event was a part of the ongoing effort of the Global Citizen Campaign, who’s goal was to bring together the top leading non-profit organizations, musicians and 60,000 change makers to raise awareness for this cause worldwide. Performances included; Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Foo Fighters, Band of Horses and K’Naan. The event was Hosted by Katie Couric, Jeffrey Sachs, Jack Dorsey, Olivia Wilde, Minka Kelly, Sophia Bush, Selena Gomez and Katharine McPhee.

PR Contact for AEG Network LIVE

Axis Entertainment, Inc

Sarah Miller, smiller(at)axis-entertainment(dot)com

Thao Le, thao(at)axis-entertainment(dot)com


Max Sound Corporation

John Blaisure Phone: 888-777-1987

Email: john(at)maxsound(dot)com

Flyte Systems Travel Information Service Goes Live at Hyatt Place Flushing/LaGuardia Airport Hotel

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) June 19, 2014

Flyte Systems announced that the Hyatt Place Flushing/LaGuardia Airport Hotel installed the FlyteBoard real-time airport flight information display solution. FlyteBoard at the Hyatt Place shows airline arrivals and departures for the JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark International Airports for greater guest convenience. Flyte Systems is the leading provider of cost effective airport travel information displays and digital signage content for the hospitality industry, digital signage, convention centers and related businesses. Click here to request information on Flyte Systems’ airport travel and guest information services.

Guests get reliable glance-and-go travel information without apps

“Guest love the travel convenience FlyteBoard provides. They trust their travel plans while they are on property because of the FlyteBoard’s familiar arrival and departure display,” said Tony Schatz, general manager of Hyatt Place Flushing/LaGuardia Airport Hotel. “Our guests can easily see real-time airline flight information for our three airports without using a third-party app. Plus, the three-airport capability is valuable since most of our guests travel by air.” Flyte Systems is the only full service flight information display solution that provides real-time departure information.

Schatz noted that the property’s parent company recommended the FlyteBoard implementation for his property. “Our biggest demand generator is LaGuardia Airport for our business travelers. When group meeting planners do site visits they are impressed we provide this service.”

With its opening on May 29, 2014, the property became the first Hyatt-branded hotel in Queens, New York. “Hyatt Place Flushing/LaGuardia Airport is centrally located in the heart of one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in New York City, and we’re looking forward to creating a positive experience for each and every guest that walks through our doors,” said Schatz.

Flyte Systems provides real-time flight information

Flyte Systems offers a suite of products that serve the traveling public: FlyteBoard, FlytePass, FlyteChannel, FlyteTouch, FlytePad with handheld mobile airline information, and EventBoard. The company’s latest innovation is InfoBoard, which combines airline flight information with total property way finding, weather, traffic, area attractions, and much more.

    FlyteBoard is a wall, floor, or ceiling mounted high-definition, flat panel screen for lobbies, restaurants, bars, and other public areas, displaying flight information for one or more airports.
    FlytePass combines FlyteTouch with free, secure boarding pass printing. It can be provided as a standalone unit, or neatly packaged in either an all-wood kiosk or an integrated metal kiosk to match your décor.
    FlyteChannel permits guests to view live airport flight information conveniently and comfortably from their in-room television.
    FlyteTouch enables individual guests to search flight information using an interactive touch screen that displays real-time flight arrivals and departures for one or more airports.
    FlytePad is a mobile-ready service that delivers real-time airline information via the iPad, enabling hotel staff to provide guests with airline information anywhere and anytime.
    EventBoard displays user-configurable meetings and events on screens shared with flight information or its own dedicated screen.
    InfoBoard is a cost effective touch screen display that saves labor, provides greater guest service, and generates revenue with flight information and so much more.

Many hotel properties also use Flyte Systems’ applications to increase revenue with innovative marketing approaches for distressed travelers. For tips on how to generate revenue by providing guests with Flyte Systems airline information, please log on to the Flyte Systems website at http://www.flytesystems.com.

About Flyte Systems

The Flyte Systems Division of Industrial Television Services (ITS), based in Chicago, Illinois, is the leading provider of subscription-based environmentally responsible airport flight information displays for the hospitality, convention center, and digital signage industries and related businesses. It delivers accurate, instant, airport-centric updates of flight information – not FAA-regulated scheduled departure times that may omit last minute changes. Properties are able to differentiate their products and boost customer loyalty and repeat business with ‘glance-and-go’ content critical to a traveler’s day. Flyte Systems’ product suite builds upon ITS’s 50-year history as the leading provider of live flight information to airports, airlines, government agencies, port authorities, and other travel-based businesses. Flyte Systems was formed in 2007 to offer new web-based travel technology and product lines. In addition to using Energy Star-compliant digital displays, Flyte products help significantly reduce energy consumption by eliminating unnecessary trips to the airport. Customers include Marriott, Hyatt, Westin, Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Hilton, Doubletree, Hotel Sofitel, Adam’s Mark, Renaissance and Crowne Plaza hotels, independent properties, convention centers, and transportation centers.

Hyatt Place Flushing/LaGuardia Airport Leadership

Hyatt Place Flushing/LaGuardia Airport is under the leadership of General Manager Tony Schatz and Director Of Sales Maria Maloney. Schatz is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the hotel, including overseeing the hotel’s 60 associates and ensuring guests encounter the authentic hospitality experience for which Hyatt Place is known. Maloney is responsible for providing sales service and support to guests and meeting planners frequenting the Queens and greater New York City area, as well as serving as liaison to the community and local organizations. Please click here for more information.