Should I Only Use My Message on Hold to Promote My Products?

If you are creating an on hold message for your business than its tempting to use it purely as an infomercial about your products and services.  On hold messages are a great way to educate your callers about your product line and the benefits they can bring, but you can also use this time to help your callers in other ways.

An on hold message first serves to let your caller know that they haven’t been disconnected or abandoned.  If left with just silence, a caller will be unsure whether their call is being directed to the correct person or has been forgotten about.  Use the message to thank your caller for making the call and that you appreciate their business and assistance is only moments away.

Also use your message on hold to inform your callers about your business opening and closing times – and if these are affected by any holiday periods.  Include your full business location and directions as to how to find you.  If your customer service team have any frequently asked questions that can easily be included within your on hold script than this could save them time and increase their efficiency.

Why not notify your callers if your company has any employment opportunities.  Satisfied customers could potentially be an excellent addition to your work force. If you’re able to fill your vacancies through your on hold message then this could save your company recruitment and advertising costs.

Why not use this opportunity to show your company as the leader in its field.  Tell your callers about any industry awards and recognitions.  Publicize your credentials and mention any professional associations and memberships that you belong too.  Mention how long you have been working in the industry, tell callers about your experience you have gathered from your years in the business. 

You could also offer your callers expert hints and tips – share your knowledge and suggest they sign up to a newsletter for weekly/monthly updates.  Giving professional advice and tips will show your callers that you know your business and have the experience that will inspire your customers with confidence.

Use your on hold message to educate and inform your callers.  Your callers will appreciate it and so will your bottom line!

Alison Pitman
Professional Voiceover Artist. Provider of audio recordings for business including, podcasts, website audio, phone system recordings, training and presentation narrations, corporate video narrations, product tour audio, radio and television commercials and much more. Please visit my website to hear my demos 24% Discount on On Hold Voiceovers During July!!