Digital Signage Advice: Content May Be King, But Who’s Doing The Coronation? Part III

Content is king, so the saying goes. And while “it’s good to be the king,” as funnyman Mel Brooks famously observed in “History of the World Part I,” achieving that status can be complicated and treacherous.

In the kingdom of digital signage, things aren’t much different. Creating fresh, compelling content worthy of regal status, is no simple task. Large businesses often turn to outside creative agencies or full-time in-house creative resources to build the graphics, text, video and effects that capture viewer interest and hold attention.

Small businesses, too, recognize the benefits of digital signage but often lack the time, money and personnel to create fresh content on an ongoing basis. Fortunately, with a little planning and creativity, it’s possible to sidestep these impediments and create a fresh stream of digital signage content on an ongoing basis.

In a preceding column on this topic, I laid out in detail five tactics businesses can employ to reduce the expense of content creation, including: the use of templates; relying on digital signage software with automatic data import capability; leveraging existing creative resources; integrating RSS feeds into digital signs; and taking advantage of cable or off-air TV reception. Here, I explain five more powerful tactics that can be of help in reducing the strain of creating fresh digital signage content.

Tactic 6: Consider offering internships to graphics arts students from local community colleges and universities. Both paid and non-paid internships are a staple of the college experience, and local colleges and universities offering graphics arts programs are filled with students looking for a chance to let their talent shine. Often, institutions will have requirements for companies offering internships to ensure their students are properly supervised and receive a quality experience. But for a small business with a marketing manager who’s able to invest the time to direct a student, offering an internship to a graphics arts student to create fresh digital signage content can be a winner.

Tactic 7: Select digital signage software carefully. How difficult is it to use? Does the software use a timeline or Web browser-type interface? Companies with limited time to devote to digital signage content creation should carefully evaluate how easy content creation software is to use. Additionally, remember digital signage software tasks often fall into a handful of major categories, including: content creation, scheduling and management. Sometimes there’s an overlap among these categories. Be sure to consider the learning curve and ease of use for each.

Tactic 8: Leverage existing maps, architectural drawings and other non-promotional information. The good news for small and large businesses alike is they’re probably sitting on a mountain of existing material that can be repurposed for use as digital signage content. Often these resources will need to be reworked to fulfill a specific requirement for digital signage use -something most business people don’t have the time or talent to do. However, a graphics arts intern should be able to make quick work of repurposing these sorts of resources as digital signage content.

Tactic 9: Subscribe to a data services for news tickers, sports scores, weather conditions, stock data and more. Cable news channels aren’t the only media entities that can crawl text across their screens. Businesses employing digital signage also have access to these resources. Best of all, unlike cable news channels that seek to offer a broad range of news headlines, businesses can subscribe to feeds that more narrowly match their areas of endeavor. Doing so will make the digital signage content relevant and elevate the stature of the business in the minds of those viewing the signs.

Tactic 10: Add video from a Webcam or weather camera. Many digital signage controllers make it easy to integrate video from a live video camera. Imagine the possibility of a retailer at a ski resort using this capability on its digital sign to show the length of lift lines or views from a mountaintop lodge. Or, those responsible for signage at an airport might wish to integrate video from a camera mounted atop the control tower to display takeoffs and landings. Like integrating off-air or cable TV, Webcams and weather cameras offer a regular source of fresh content without having to devote personnel to the task -aside from setting up the camera in the first place.

Using some or all of these tactics can reduce the burden creating fresh digital signage content places on a business. After all, businesses deciding to add digital signage are doing so to advance their success, not to create a distraction that can become an impediment to success. Any approach that can keep content fresh without taxing limited personnel and financial resources will prove in the long run to be an important element of succeeding with digital signage.

David Little is a digital signage enthusiast with 20 years of experience helping professionals use technology to effectively communicate their unique marketing messages. For further digital signage insight from Keywest Technology, visit our website for many helpful tips and examples.

The Key Reason Why the Led Signs Are the Ideal Investment as Part of Your Business

Are you interested in returning more costumers to your business? Would you like to attract individuals to your business that are specifically interested in your product or service? Well certainly you choose to do! There isn’t any business owner on this planet that may say no to this idea. I want to inform you of this brilliant marketing product that was recently introduced to the public. Are you ready to make a use of the brilliant led displays on the front of your business?
Led signs outdoor are not going to attract your audience sight, and mind only, but they will offer your business a unique credibility. After you build your business and get ready to introduce it to the public, you will have to make a use of a fantastic LED Display Sign to provide a professional and powerful impression to your customers about your business. All Successful investors and business owners agree on the saying “A business without a sign, is a sign of no business”, how true does this sound to you. Precisely what would led signs appear like on your business, what view will you be projecting through these signs to walking-by-customers? With LED Signs, you can promote for all the sales you have, all items you have on shelves, and announcements you would like your community or audience to know about.
Led signs Chicago can be a creative choice for you. But if the electronic message boards is with your business premises you are entitled to obtain full motion video clips. Consider how you could market your product or service to each and every driver or pedestrians that are passing by your business. Visualize the quantity of opportunities that will be missed by the lack the best led signs for business.
If a company decides to get scrolling led signs or may be programmable led signs, it is usually seen as a costly expense. The Led signs indiana may be marketing strategies, you may notice them that way it’s not necessarily something special you choose to do, it truly is something critical you choose to do for your business’s longevity. Available as one year nearly all businesses may make back the 1st investment they’ve already produced in clients and returning buyers who definitely are buying products or services they wouldn’t have obtained with the sign.
The assortment of making your promoting and advertising seen are comprehensive today. For anyone who is thinking for the led signs milwaukee they could find numerous styles and sizes to assist themselves to increase sales together with just their business on the whole. Led sign display makes the promoting and marketing certainly be noticed despite if dark.
While you are thinking about this display you may need to take into consideration programmable cheap led signs. By using option will let you make changes towards signs while not having to replace the bulbs or even anything already exists. The comfort of this is perhaps you can operate the show for whatever you decide to might select.
Choosing the led signs that can work effectively for you may very well be an issue that is stimulated by the all inclusive costs. While there could possibly be alternatives for renting the same, you really should consider buying for efficient selection. There are various ways you can have a superb price level on these at present.
Find more information relating to led signs, and led signs for business here.

Find more information relating to led signs, and led signs for business here.

Digital Message Board – Set up, part 2 – Offered by HD Sign Design

Digital Signage have been around for a few years, but just within the last year the consumer displays and TVs have been using much more advanced technology at much better price point.

From Full Array (True LED) Technology Running @ 500 Nits Brightness with 1920 x 1080 Resolution in Sizes 32? / 42?/ 47?/ 55?/ 80? OR 90? to Mini Net book running 720P / 1080P Format HDMI output Interface. at prices from 0 to ,000.

We can help you utilize these affordable cutting-edge technology displays to get more business in your door 24/7. We can put an advertising campaign displaying as many massages as you want; thru the LED Window Display. driving more business into your store.

This is the most powerful digital board, yet the easiest to edit; you can edit it to your specification in less than 60 Minutes. Useful in any business, retail, wholesale,or services.
You can write it in your native language, to display a price lists, items description, services highlights, or just simply a rotating picture and video slide show.
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Digital Signage Hardware: Integral Part of Signage solutions

Information can be relayed to consumers and potential customers in real time using out of home advertising. Digital signage hardware, software and content together make up the solution used for this form of advertising. Using this technology, a retailer can control and display the information quickly and effectively and can target a specific audience at specific locations in real time. Content can be rapidly updated without any additional investment offering higher rate of returns than in static forms of advertising. Since content can be updated quickly without additional costs, this technology is a more preferred medium over the static technology used in advertising.

Both software and content cannot work independently until there is a medium to display the information. This is where the hardware plays a major role in digital signage technology. CRTs, plasma displays, LED, DLP, Video walls and LCD displays can all be used to display the information and content which can be in the form of data, animations, images, video and multimedia. Software on the other hand comprises the core of the solution. It supports the most popular industry standard file formats such as Flash files, Video, HTML, QuickTime, Microsoft Office, and JPG. It can be customized based on the nature of targeted information and used to control either a single or multiple interfaces. Content can be regularly updated manually, through a scheduling system, or by linking in with an outside feed so that appropriate messages are displayed.

An amalgamation of digital software and digital signage hardware and content, the digital signage solutions require a thorough understanding of the network and bandwidth availability for successful deployment. These solutions can be controlled through IP and content can be changed and updated from any location by just using a web connection. Two important points to be kept in mind while using this solution are that the system which is being used for this technology should be able to operate on the network without affecting normal operations and should also have the capacity to accommodate growth irrespective of how diverse or complex the future requirements may be. Due to their flexibility and profitability, these solutions are being used globally, increasing the demand for the digital signage hardware products.

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