Award-Winning Digital Design Agency Launches Website Service for Schools and Colleges

Colchester, Essex (PRWEB UK) 24 July 2014

Surprisingly, it is not just teenagers who are computer savvy. New data from Futuresource Consulting shows that 44% of British children aged between three and 12 now own a tablet, with 30% of the infant age age of three to four.

As we move up in age, the smartphone becomes the instrument of choice and we see 25% of every nine to ten years have one, to 46% for 11-12 years. By the time we reach 16 to 24 years, the proportion of owning a smartphone is 77%, with the average consumer in the UK now have 5.4 mobile devices.

There is a clear message here for the education sector: the commitment of paper is a thing of the past, and if you want to reach and connect with your audience, digital communications are the way forward and your website is an important investment <. / P>

According to Alex Ward, head of digital awards at Zero above, the technology agency of web design is at its best when they are well planned. “The key to doing it right is to focus on users,” says Alex. “It is very important to engage at all levels, students, parents, staff and the wider bodies.”

“What public Age, gender and cultural diversity play an important role in determining the type of interaction that you design to make the initial research to get it right is extremely important;?. Technology can do almost anything, but if your users are not engaged, it’s a waste of time. ”

With the increasing constraints on resources in the education sector, being able to automate tasks and create paperless information flow can be useful in the search for the profitability of a website. Having forms online for download, the real-time creation of new ads and display event calendars, key information and online calendars and manage payments online can save valuable resources such as time of administration, paper and printing and relieves the issue of lost forms.

In the broader context, a can do much more, as Alex explains well designed: “Technically, you can do almost anything, managing payments line for meals and school activities to create online forums and portals interactive assignments. School announcements can be made via the website and delivered via email, MMS and SMS, with real-time monitoring on messages received and actioned. “

It has a great concern for the safety of interactive websites in the education sector and Alex says it’s an important part of the initial planning. “Access is critical, so we expect different levels of access and overall safety in the initial planning stages. Along with the visible presence on the Web, we can add multiple layers of security for personnel access, online payments and restricted documents. We use safeguards incredibly resilient that offer a lot of strengthening the security of a locked cabinet in the school office. “

For more information on a website for your nursery, school or college contacts above zero on 01787 267 949 or visit .

About Zero above:

Zero above is a multi-award winning sustainable design agency based in Essex which was balanced in carbon since its inception two and a half years ago. Established by its working partners, each sharing a vision for sustainable business, the agency offers comprehensive services for the brand and marketing strategy, digital marketing, design and printing, web design and development, exposure and signage, and of course the mobile application development.

Zero above approaches each project as a unique work for its clients, and with the skills, commitment and experience of the team, they are able to offer a multidisciplinary service designed to provide excellent results each time.

“We call Develop-Design-Deliver -., We can offer you the entire process from beginning to end, or any stage of isolation to suit your needs”

Visit http: // www. tweetszeroabove or for more information.

Surveillance carbon App (CMA):

This innovative marketing tool has been developed by zero above to create something completely unique that no other agency had done before, while at the same time spreading their sustainable business philosophy through United Kingdom.

In the philosophy of “simple adult could use it to hire someone wants”, the application allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to monitor and improve their carbon footprint. This in turn will help to:

Improving efficiency and streamlining processes
Gain a competitive advantage
Risk management and responsibility and compliance with environmental legislation
Attract socially responsible investment
Improve communication with employees, customers, investors, regulators and other
Reducing emissions and reducing costs

Quick and easy to use, monitoring carbon App focuses on the three key areas of home, work, and travel, while providing useful tips on improve your carbon footprint. After verifying your energy consumption, you can track how you are doing and even share via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Download track carbon App through the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace, or visit for more information.


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