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Digital Signage Report is the premier site to get information related to the Digital Signage industry. We source Press Releases, News Articles, and other information related to Digital Signage and put it all together in one easy to view source. We also write our own industry articles about e-signage and other digital signage related material.


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2 thoughts on “About Digital Signage Report

  1. Hello Digital Signage Report team,

    Our agency works with The Marlin Company – helping with all of their digital marketing efforts. Starting off the new year we’ve been been reviewing mentions of the brand online to identify link reclamation opportunities (where we can help reduce friction for users trying to learn more about Marlin’s products/services).

    Marlin is featured in an article on your website (see here: http://www.digitalsignagereport.com/2014/10/06/patent-awarded-to-the-marlin-company-for-qr-codes-in-workplace-digital-signage/), but the links to the Marlin website are currently prompting downloads on your website vs. linking to http://www.themarlincompany.com/. Is there a way we can get this updated/fixed?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    James Bowen
    [email protected]

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