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Digital Signage Report is the premier site to get information related to the Digital Signage industry. We source Press Releases, News Articles, and other information related to Digital Signage and put it all together in one easy to view source. We also write our own industry articles about e-signage and other digital signage related material.


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3 thoughts on “About Digital Signage Report

  1. Dear Digital Signage Report Webmaster,
    We are a Web consultant for Signera Digital Signage.

    We’ve been verifying some links throughout the web and noticed some inconsistencies.

    Can you please make sure the article for Signera’s Solo Stick, shows the correct Signera Digital Signage link of http://www.signera.net

    The link to the specific article is here: https://www.digitalsignagereport.com/2016/04/12/signera-introduces-its-new-signera-solo-stick/

    Thank you so much for your time!

    ~ Sarah

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